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Big Twist by [ Not complete ]
Stories: 1 Chapters: 1 Word count 1005
Category: Slash >> Other slash pairings, Het >> Abby/McGee, Het >> Other het pairings, Het
Pairing: DiNozzo/Other, Abby/McGee, Gibbs/Jen, Ziva/Other, DiNozzo/Sara, Ziva/LJ
Characters: Abby Sciuto, Ziva David, Timothy McGee, T.C. Fornell, Other, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Jimmy Palmer, Jenny Shephard, Donald Mallard, Anthony DiNozzo
Genre: Action, Series, Crossover, Alternate Universe
Rating: PG Warnings: Dark story, Death story
Spoilers: Might be some if you havn't seen the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who but either than that nothing.
Added: 16/05/2007
NCIS is asked by the president to find the Fox River 8 including LJ Burrows and they have to work with the CSI team from Veagas. When things settle down A strange man, The Doctor, and his assistant Rose appear.