Blind Date Take Two
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Tony stared at the small package sitting on his desk. He looked around the fairly empty bullpen, checking for spies and practical jokers. He had come into work early to finish up some paperwork - shocking he knew.

They had been working non-stop for the past few weeks or at least it seemed like it to him. The past week had been really hectic. He couldn't even remember when he last had a 'soul searching God I want to fuck you right now' kiss from Gibbs. Last night they hadn't gotten home until after midnight. He had sat on the couch just to take off his shoes, and woke up there at six in the morning covered in a blanket. He had taken a quick shower, changed and headed back to work.

His goals were to finish his paperwork get out early, surprise Gibbs with dinner and a striptease. Then if all worked according to plan be fucked through the mattress till morning.

But it seemed his little plan had a snag.

He dropped his backpack on the floor, walked around his desk eyeing the small package. He sat down and leaned in his chair studying it. He took a deep breath and grabbed the package, looking at it more closely for any sign of where it came from. The outside wrapping told him nothing. He threw caution to the wind and un-wrapped it; peering inside.

"What you got there?" McGee asked as he walked by to his desk.

"Don't know," Tony shrugged as he moved away the tissue paper. His eyebrows rose when he saw what was inside. He whistled as he pulled out a set of silver cufflinks.

McGee walked over to Tony's desk, "Those are nice."

"What's nice?" Kate asked walking up to the two men.

"Tony got a present," McGee smiled up at her, "Silver cufflinks."

"They're my initials," Tony held up the cufflinks.

"Who would give you cufflinks," Kate took the cufflinks from Tony's hand. "These are quality. It's not Valentine's Day."

"Don't know," Tony dumped the packaging out of the box. "There's no note."

"You sent this to yourself, didn't you?" Kate dropped the cufflinks back into his hand.

"No," Tony looked appalled. "I don't have to resort to such tactics."

Kate rolled her eyes and walked back to her desk. She powered up her computer, ignoring Tim and Tony's conversation trying to figure out who sent the cufflinks. She pulled up her email.

"OBDTT: Operation Blind Date Take Two is officially on its way."

Kate smirked, then sobered up. "Better not let Gibbs catch you"

"Catch what?" Gibbs asked as he walked by coffee cup in hand.

"Tony got a gift this morning," Kate grinned over at Tony

"Tony," Gibbs turned towards him. "I thought I told you stop sweet talking the secretary pool?"

"I did," Tony grinned at him, "I moved up to human resources."

Gibbs sent him a glare; Tony set the package aside and went to work.


"I can't believe you bought me cufflinks," Tony eased up next to Gibbs.

Gibbs looked at him with a look of confusion, "What?"

Tony paused, "The cufflinks they are from you right?"

"No," Gibbs answered. "DiNozzo if I was going to get you jewelry it wouldn't be cufflinks it would be handcuffs."

"Promise," Tony purred.


Tony slumped into his chair, glaring menacingly at everyone. His great plans of getting Gibbs to fuck him into the mattress had failed miserably. Another dead marine - can they not stay alive for a few days?! They had been working non-stop for two days. He was horny, tired, horny, dirty, and did he mention horny? He signed into his computer determined to get through the paperwork head home to shower, sleep and hopefully jump Gibbs.

He looked up at the elevator ding, forehead scrunched in confusion as a delivery guy headed his way with a bouquet of flowers. Tony just looked at the guy, "Yes?"

"Tony DiNozzo?" The delivery man looked at his clipboard.

"IF you break out in song I'm shooting you," Tony glared at him.

The delivery man looked at him over the flowers, "Sorry sir, hate to disappoint you, no song."

"Thank God," Tony took the flowers out of his hand.

"Have a nice day," The delivery guy walked off.

Tony just waved his hand and managed not to growl. He set the flowers down and studied them much like he had the package earlier in the week.

"Flowers?" Kate asked.

"No card," Tony sighed leaning back in his chair, "Any idea?"

"Someone who knows you," Kate eyed the flowers. "Aren't you allergic to most flowers?"

"Yeah," Tony leaned forward touching the soft petal of one of the red roses.

"Passion," Gibbs voice came from behind Kate.

Kate jumped, "What?"

"Red rose," Gibbs looked at the bouquet. "It means passion and love."

Tony smiled up at Gibbs, and then frowned - Gibbs didn't send them. Great now he had a secret admirer to deal with on top of everything else.


"Tony," Gibbs called out to the dark house. He walked down the hallway towards the bedroom. "Tony?"

Tony was curled up in the middle of the bed, dead to the world. Gibbs smiled at the sight. He undressed, took a quick shower and joined Tony in the bed. His eyes caught the red roses; he wondered who was sending the gifts to Tony. He needed to find out who and put a stop to it, Tony was his.


"Another one?" Gibbs stepped up behind Tony, who was staring at a box of chocolate on his desk.

"I don't know who's doing it," Tony turned and slumped against his desk. "I'm not encouraging it."

"I know," Gibbs looked around the bullpen. "No note?"

"Wait," Tony picked up the card. "Meet me at Vinci's Friday at 8pm. I promise I'm not a psychotic stalker."

Gibbs groaned, "Kate and Abby."

Tony looked sharply at Gibbs, "You think" Tony's mouth dropped. "Those sneaky little"

Gibbs smiled at him, "Two can play at this game."

Tony grinned, "What do you have in mind?"


"DiNozzo!" Gibbs glared at the young man across the pen. "I thought I told you stop this ridiculous admirer stuff."

"I have no control over it boss," Tony shrugged. "Can I help it if some girl thinks I'm hot."

"No hanky panky in the office," Gibbs sat down in his chair.

"Who me?" Tony smiled innocently. "Besides I'm meeting her tonight."

"What?" Kate looked up from her desk.

"The card that came with the boxer shorts said meet me at Le Paris tonight at 7pm," Tony smiled at Kate.

Kate tried not to look shocked, "Boxer shorts?"

"Yeah," Tony smirked, holding up a pair of red silk boxer shorts. "Maybe I should put them on before I go." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Kate stared at the boxers, "Men." She huffed as she stood up and headed down to the lab.

Tony winked at Gibbs.


"Silk boxers?" Abby sat back, "I didn't send those."

"With a note, to meet tonight at Les Paris," Kate leaned against the wall.

"Fate is working against us," Abby narrowed her eyes. "But I won't let her win. This is what we do," Abby grinned as she planned out her attack.


"Gibbs," Kate walked up to his desk. "I'm concerned."

"About?" Gibbs looked up at her.

"This secret admirer thing," Kate hesitated looking around the room.

"Why?" Gibbs looked back down at his paperwork.

"I think it's a trap," Kate explained.

"Who would want to set a trap?" Gibbs looked back up at her.

"A few ideas come in mind," Kate sighed. "I've asked aroundOkay I was curious to see who would send him the gifts. No rumors Gibbs, none - so ifs not someone in NCIS then it's possible that it's outside and who knows then?"

Gibbs rubbed his temples sighing, "What do you want me to do?"

"Go with him," Kate suggested. "Or at least tail him."

"You want me to follow a co-worker while he's out on a date?" Gibbs verified.

"Gibbs!" Kate hissed, "And what if it turns out to be a murderer. You both attract that type of woman."

Gibbs raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me?"

"Nothing," Kate smiled. "Please, at least go and make sure he's alright."

"Fine," Gibbs went back to his paperwork.


"Exactly what are we doing here?" Kate asked as Abby pulled into the Les Paris parking lot.

"We are finding out who Tony's mystery woman is, then we are going to get rid of her, so when Gibbs show up Tony will be alone and yoila." Abby explained horridly as she got out of the car.

Kate just looked at her, "You scare me sometimes."

Kate and Abby entered the restaurant looking around for the unknown woman. Abby frowned, "Excuse me," She turned to the hostess. "I'm looking for Tony DiNozzo's table?"

"Oh yes," The hostess smiled. "Right this way."

Abby followed the hostess towards the back of the restaurant. Kate caught up with her, "What are you doing?"

"We have to see who it is, before we can get rid of them." Abby hissed at her.

The hostess led them to an empty table, Abby's frowned deepened. Kate picked up the note on the table.

"Kate and Abby - nice try. Do us a favor stop meddling in our love life and get on with yours! Tony and Jethro."

"Why those," Abby growled. "They were on to us the whole time."

"Which means," Kate looked over at the other woman. "The blind date worked."

"Those little rats," Abby huffed.

Kate looked at the table, "What do you say?"

"About?" Abby looked over at Kate.

"Dinner," Kate wavered her hand over the table.

Abby smiled, "Dessert back at my place?"

"Forward arent you," Kate laughed as she sat down.

Abby shrugged, "It's why you love me."

Kate blushed, "That, and the leather collar is hot."


Gibbs mouth kissed and licked a path down Tony's chest, nibbling at one nipple then moving over to the other. Tony moaned as the mouth began to move lower. "So do you think they got the hint?" Tony asked breathlessly.

Gibbs looked up at Tony, "Do you really want to talk about Kate and Abby?"

"I bet they're hot together," Tony leaned up and smirked.

Gibbs growled pushing Tony back down, "I don't share with anyone."

"So, you were jealous over the gifts?" Tony spread his legs farther apart.

Gibbs groaned and thrust downward causing their weeping cocks to rub against each other. "You're mine," Gibbs growled burying his head into Tony's neck.

Tony groaned as Gibbs began a slow grinding rhythm, "GodJethro Please just fuck me."

"Oh I plan on it," Gibbs's mouth began its descent once again. "We've got all night and I plan on making you scream more than once. Just let go, Tony."

Tony moaned as wet heat enveloped him. Tears were in his eyes as he thrust into the warm cavern exploding down Gibbs's throat, "I love you."

Gibbs lift his head and looked Tony in the eyes, he leaned forward devouring his mouth letting Tony taste his own passion. Gibbs pulled back his blue eyes full of emotion, "I love you too."

Tony's bright smile made his heart skip a beat.


Gibbs and Tony leaned against the wall waiting for the two women to get into work. The elevator dinged, both women were too occupied with giggling between each other that they didn't notice the guys until it was too late.

"So dinner went well I assume," Tony grinned at both of them.

"You lied to me," Abby pointed her finger at Gibbs.

Gibbs shrugged, "And?"

"So you knew the whole time?" Kate looked between the two men.

"Actually no," Tony shrugged. "I thought Gibbs was going to start interrogating the female personnel to find out who was sending the gifts. It wasn't until the note that we figured you two were up to no good again."

"You have to admit it was clever," Abby grinned at them.

Gibbs nodded. "Yes, Abby, it was."

"So why not just admit it worked?" Kate asked hands crossed in front of her chest.

"And let Abby have the satisfaction," Tony cocked his head. "She would be unlivable."

Abby's grin grew, "but it did work! Hah! McGee owes me money."

"Damn it," McGee growled as he walked up to the group. He handed Abby twenty bucks, then muttered and pulled out a fifty and handed it to Tony.

Tony grinned, "Thanks McGee." Kate, Abby and Gibbs looked at Tony, "What?" He shrugged. "I bet McGee that I could get Kate and Abby together in less time it took them to get me and Gibbs together."

"I really didn't think he could to it," McGee frowned upset he was seventy dollars poorer.

"Don't mess with the master," Tony smirked as he headed for the elevator.

"You can return him," Kate suggested to Gibbs.

Gibbs grins as he followed Tony out, "He makes up for it in bed."

McGee blushed, Abby laughed, and Kate's mouth dropped. Tony just smirked and pulled Gibbs against him giving him the 'how soon can we be alone so I can suck your brains out of your cock' kiss.

Later Kate noticed the elevator seemed to be stuck between floors. She didn't want to know. Abby just grinned, "I bet they're hot together."