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Tony Dinozzo had just felt the lamp hit his head. He was laying on the concrete floor waiting for the backup and thinking that he really needed to stop going off on his own. At that moment Gibbs came in. "Put the weapon down." Gibbs said. McGee who was closest to Tony squatted and checked Tony's pulse. Tony who was conscious felt those fingers and it felt like Fire on his skin. Which at that time felt good. "He's got a pulse." McGee yelled to Gibbs. Gibbs nodded and got the gun from petty officer. "Someone get Dinozzo to the hospital." Gibs said.



McGee stood in the corner as the doctor looked at Tony's head and Neck. "There don't seem to be any concussion. Glass cut your neck but not to bad." The doctor said.

"Thank you." Tony said. The doctor nodded and left. Tony straightened his collar and looked at McGee.

"Let's go before Gibbs decides to come and let them do a really painful procedure on me." Tony said standing. McGee nodded and walked behind Tony out of the room.



Tony was eating his 3rd round of Advil and grimacing at the taste. "Headache Tony?" Kate Todd asked him.

"Yes. Getting hit with a lamp over the head ain't pleasant. Kate" Tony said smirking at her.

"Dinozzo Todd McGee meet me in MTAC now." Gibbs said. Tony stood and almost passed out.

"Whoa there Tony maybe you should take it easy on the aspirins." Kate said smiling. Tony nodded and kept on walking. Neither Tony nor Kate noticed Tim standing looking at the older male agent worriedly.



Tony was laid out on the couch switching channels when someone knocked on his door. "Coming." Tony said getting up and going to the door. "Probie?" Tony asked surprised at seeing the youngest agent there.

"Sorry to come by so late Tony. I just wanted to make sure you were ok." Tim said.

"Come in." Tony said smiling at him and letting him in. Tim sat down on the couch and Tony sat beside him.

"I'm fine just my head hurts." Tony said leaning back.

"Good to know." Tim said.

Tony could see Tim was uncomfortable. "Ok Probie spill it. What's wrong?" Tony asked.

"How would yo go about telling someone you were in love with them?" Tim asked.

Tony looked shocked. "Wow. Never had anyone ask me for love advice." Tony said.

"Well I am. See I fell in love with a co worker. And the said co worker doesn't know it. And I was wondering how you would go about telling someone that you were in love with them." Tim said standing.

"Well Abby I think probably suspects it." Tony said clueless that McGee was talking about himself.

"It's not Abby." Tim said.

"Well if it ain't Abby then I guess just tell em how you feel and see if your feelings reciprocated." Tony said.

"Ok." Tim said and walked to sit beside Tony.

"I don't know how to say this but." Tim said.

"Just say it." Tony said smirking.

"I think I'm in love with you." Tim said. Tony was shocked.

"Oh god I knew this was a bad idea." Tim said but was shocked when he felt Tony's hands grip his face and pull him into a kiss. When they broke apart Tony smiled at the shocked looked.

"Y you feel the same way?" Tim asked.

"Have for a while." Tony said rubbing his thumb over Tim's cheek.

"Why all the talk about the women?" Tim asked.

"Well working under Gibbs and his rule number 12 I figured it would be safer to say I dated a lot of women. Instead of saying I was gay and get my ass chewed out." Tony said.

"Oh you're right there. But why didn't you say something sooner?" Tim asked leaning back into the couch and sighing.

"Just figured since you were always looking at Abby that you were straight. And I didn't want to put you in an awkward position." Tony said laying his hand on Tim's leg and looked questioningly at him.

Tim took it and held it there. "Me and Abby are just friends. Man how could we both been so blind." Tim said.

"I have no clue. But I do know if I stay awake any longer it's gonna be a miracle. Whatever aspirin has in it makes me sleepy." Tony said.

Tim smirked and stood up. "I'll leave so you can get some rest." Tim said bending and placing a chaste kiss to Tony's lips but was more surprised and when Tony stood up and kissed him more passionately.

"Bed is big enough for 2 . Stay." Tony said.

"Gladly." Tim said kissing Tony again. That was how they spent the night.