It´s Just an case
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"Its Just an case"


It was just an normal day in the end of November.

There where no Cases, As usual.

Tony was doing his job instead for disturbing the others.

Abby was sitting on Tonys desk, trying to come up with enything to do...

"I know!" She said as she stood up...

"we can play some sort of game!"

"Not me. Im catching up on paper work" McGee said with an smile...

"How boring, What abaout you Ziva?"

"Im thinking of going down to the gym for a while."Ziva said and went to the elivaitor.

"Tony cant you get in to some trouble or somthing?" Abby asked.

"thanx Abby, And no Im not up for being kidnapped."Tony said with an sarcastic voise.

"Oh come on! Maby not kidnapped but, druged? tortured, oh maby brain watch and get an amnicia or somthing!"

"Abby you whant me dead or somthing?"

"No, cinda but No." she said with an smile...

"Boss! Abby whants me dead!" Tony said as Gibbs entred the bullpen.

"Abby, havent Tony have enough of trouble already?" Gibbs asked.

"Well yeah, youre right." Abby said and lookt down on the floor.

"How abaout 20 guestions?"Abby asked Tony.

"Sure, but Im an investigaitor its my job to play 20 questions,somtimes 40, you do the asking thingi." Tony said with his charm smile.

"Cool! think of someone or somthing and then we start." Abby laughed.

"Already done. Shoot"

"Is it an animal?"


"Is it human?"


"Awsome, this far this could be eny one on this team." Abby said.

"Aha? tell me what animals we are then?" Tony asked intrested.

"Ducky is an oul. Gibbs.. hm.. Gibbs is an wolf. Ziva is an skorpion.Im an vipire No a Bat or maby an cat. And McGee is an Beaver." Abyy said.

"Im what!?"Mcgee asked and lookt up from his desk.

Tony was lauging and Gibbs where smiling and Mcgees face turned red.

"What did I miss?" Ziva asked.

"Abby thinks Im an beaver!" Mcgee anonced.

"Funny, what im I?"

"A skorpion"

"Cool." Ziva said and sat down.

"What Im I" Tony asked.

"A sait bernad." Gibbs said from over his desk.

[I will qontinue this story And it will turn up some troubels, Im just need to let it come by it self...]