Big Twist
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"Caraline, he's really dead and you know what killed him. Don't you," Paul Kellerman said into the phone.
"Your little alien buddies," He continued
"Paul shut up! don't you ever speak of that again do you here me?!" She yelled.
"Sorry it just slipt out," Paul said quitly.
"But we need to find Lincoln and the others so we can get them back into prison," Paul said.
"I was thinking on getting someone fit for the job. Mahone is really getting on my nerves. I'm sending you to Veagas to tell Dr. Gil Grissom
that he has this case" Caraline said quickly
"Caroline they are Crime Scene Investergaters and lower down the ranks. Why don't we get someone higher up the food chain like Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team of NCIS agents?" Paul asked confidently.
"Paul they may be higher but Dr. Grissom is wise we need someone like that on this case," Caroline was getting annoyed.
"Why don't we split them up? They get there pick on who they want to chase. Grissom and Gibbs. Working together"
"You know what, Paul, that actually sounds like a great idea" Caroline said happily.

"Ma'am there is somebody here to see you," Donna, Jenny's Secutery, said.
"Send him in," Jenny said looking up from her laptop.
"Hello Ms. Shepard. My name is Paul Kellermen and I'm from the secret serves. We want NCIS to hunt down the fox river 8 including LJ Burrows," Paul explained.
"Why LJ Burrows? He's just a kid," Jenny asked.
"Miss. Shepard if don't want to do this.."
"Yes I do" Jenny said quickly
"Good. There's just one more thing, your working with LVPD's CSI team"
"Which one? Conrad Ecklie's or Gil Grissom's?" She asked wearly.
"Gil Grissom's," Paul replied.
Jenny face dropped.
Gibbs is going to freak! He hate's Gil Jenny thought
"Is there a problem Miss. Shepard?" Paul asked.
"No. No problem Mr. Kellermen. Thank you for the oppotunity" Jenny smiled.
This was going to be tough. Gibbs had a bad row with Grissom years ago, now they had to share a case.
Jenny went out of her office. "Jethro, I want to see you in my office now!" Jenny yelled down to where everyone was working.
Gibbs rose and went into her office
"Was it just me or did Gibbs' face brighten when she said that?" DiNozzo said in that normal 'I'm the man' Tone.
"It was just you Tony," Ziva smiled.

Chapter 2
"Griss there someone here by the name of Paul Kellermen that wants to see you," Nick said with his Texan twang.
Grissom put the file down. "Send him in," He said in the usual deep caurse voice.
"Hello Dr. Grissom. My name is Paul Kellermen, I'm from the secret servese. We want CSI to hunt down the Fox-River eight including LJ Burrows," Paul said having a little DuJa Vu.
Grissom gave him a weird look.
"Look I know what you're goning to say or thinking LJ just a kid. Well we are after him so..........Dr. Grissom are you listening?"
Grissom's eye's were out in the corridor. Paul looked.
Unless this guy is gay he's looking at that sexy young lady which is way out of his legue Paul thought.
"Dr. Grissom, please Ma'am President sent me here to put you on this case"
Grissom shot back into reality and looked at Paul.
"Sorry, so we're after the child as well. How old is he?" Grissom asked dazed.
"He's sixteen going on seven...........DR.GRISSOM!"
Grissom was looking out the corridor again.
Paul turned. It's deffinitly that hot bruennett cos' the guy's changed Paul thought. he went to the door and shut it.
"Dr. Grissom he is sixteen going on seventeen, but I must warn you he is brainnyer than he looks," Paul said annoyed.
"Yes. Is that all Mr. Kellermen?" Grissom asked.
"No onemore thing, you are working with NCIS on this case"
Grissoms face went pale.
"Is that Leroy Jethro Gibbs' team?" Grissom asked glumly
"Well yes sir it is," Paul smiled.
"Thanks" Grissom said Dully.
"Is there a problem Dr. Grissom?" Paul was having major DuJa Vu
"No. Thanks fro this wonderful oppotinity Mr. Kellermen." Grissom forced a smile.

"Jethro, Tony, Timmothy, Ziva! meeting room now!" Jenny yelled.
"Yes Ma'am!" Abby exclaimed running out of the elovator.
"Meeting room. No actually go get Duckey and Palmer then get to the meeting room"
" Director you could page them" Abby smiled.
"Just go and get them," Jenny said.
"Okay!" Abby skipped off to get them.
Gibbs come up behind Jenny.
"Jen whats th matter you're getting all worked up?" Gibbs said calmly.
"Nothing Jethro I......" Gibbs was breathing on her neck.
"Jethro" Jenny warned.
"What? Oh am I doing the thing you like?" He said cheeckly.
"Jethro s-s-s-sit d-d-down" She stutted.
"Okay Jen!" Gibbs said smoothley then sat down. Ducky, Palmer and Abby walked in
"What is this about Jennifer?" Ducky asked.
"Just sit down Ducky" She said annoyed.
"We are working a case, but this time there is no DB we are looking for the Fox River including LJ Burrows," Jenny explained.
"But Director there is only four, maybe five of us and nine of them how do we catch them all?" DiNozzo asked.
"That's it we are........." Jenny stopped.
"Working with Gil Grissom's CSI team," She continued quietly.
"What?!" Gibbs yelled he was outraged.
"Like hell I'm working with that scowdrel!" Gibbs yelled.
"Would you shut up Jethro!" Jenny screamed.
"Fine!" Gibbs stomped off.
The team looked gob-smacked.
"Someone needs to go to McDonalds!" Ziva said.
"It's someone needs a Happy Meal, ZIva," DiNozzo grinned
"Oh same differnts!" Ziva growled.
"Well we're still doing it even if that boso doesn't want to" Jenny said pointing at the door with her thumb.
"And...." Jenny's phone started ringing.
"Director Jenny Shepard," She answerd.