United We Stand
19. 6 Months
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Tony and Ziva were in the nursery painting the walls, a nice pastel pink. Their guts both told them it was a girl.
Tony was on a ladder painting the arch on the window with a white paint while Ziva was working on the wall that was dry where the crib was going to be, designing it very carefully with painted butterflies and and a rainbow from the boarder at the bottom of the wall to where the wall shelf was set up on the left of the baby's crib place.
" Wow Ziva! That looks fantastic! " Tony said in aw.
" Thank you... whew, hard work huh. " Ziva said wipping her forehead and then rubbing her 6 month pregnant belly.
" I can finish if you want to take a break? " Tony offered.
" No, I'm alright, just sweating a lot. " Ziva said but insisted she was fine.
Tony smiled at her and then continued his painting.
After 2 days of re-painting coats and designing the nursery had dried they were working on building the crib and the change table. The dresser had already come a while ago.
Tony was getting frustrated with the crib and starting to get mad.
Ziva came in the house and after she took off her thong sytle, jewel embroided black sandals, it was more comfortable for her to walk around barefoot after walking around, she came upstairs and saw Tony was frustrated and bent down from behind him and hugged him and told him everything did not have to get done now. But Tony insisted at least the crib get done and Ziva offered to help him and got up to move.
Tony stopped Ziva and got up and kissed her then bent down and kissed her belly, which soon kicked and made Ziva bend over a little in pain.
" What's wrong? " Tony asked holding her arms.
" Nothing, *she smiled* the baby kicked. " Ziva said smiling, Tony looked up at his wife, who had beautiful brown sunglasses on her head and wearing her mesh, pink with blue flowers, multicolour babydoll top with an open stomach and a pair of stretch black capris. Tony bent down again and put his ear to her belly and listened to the soothing sound of his unborn baby moving while his other hand was on top of her hand that was on her belly.
Ziva looked down at him as she held Tony's hand at the side of her belly and she placed her other hand on his head stroking it gently.
Before they knew it they were done the nursery it took a couple more hours, they had been working on it all afternoon taking breaks here and there. Ziva had told Tony she was going to start dinner and he offered to clean up for her so she would not have to bend over. That was beginning to get difficult for her at this stage.
Tony walked downstairs to the kitchen where Ziva was cooking dinner and he leaned over her shoulder and kissed her.
" Mmmmm, something smells really good honey. " Tony said smelling the pot on the stove. " What's in the oven Ziva? " Tony continued.
" It is my recipie for my homemade Lasagna and in the pot is my --- " Ziva strated to explain.
" CousCous with lemon *sniffs*, garlic, tomatos, *double sniffs* and green onions and an Italian Salad. " Tony finished and Ziva held out a spoon with some CousCous on it and put it in his mouth.
Tony playfully kept the spoon in his mouth and would not let it go, that made Ziva start laughing.
Tony enjoyed the sound of his wifes laughter, it made him happy knowing she was content.
" Yes, that's it. " Ziva said as Tony continued to chew the food and he went to sit down.
As they were eating Ziva noticed Tony was sad.
" What's wrong Tony? " Ziva said before putting a fork full of food in her mouth.
" I am just scared Ziva... I have never been a father and I am scared of my child not loving me or not being a good father. " Tony started to say before Ziva cut in after swallowing her food.
" Tony, this baby will love you, you will be a good father and yes I am scared too, but not just of that, but because when my sister had her baby he died because he was to small. Tali was 9 months pregnant and she looked like was 7 months. It scares me to think this could happen to me as well. " Ziva said before she started to cry.
Tony got up and stood her up and held her in his arms as she cried scared.
" I don't want to lose our baby Tony... *she continues crying and put he face in Tonys shoulder* I don't want it to die. " Ziva mumbles from her face in Tony's shirt.
The only thing Tony could tell Ziva is he was there for her. Tony did not want to tell her everything would be okay, not every thing turns out that way.