the bet
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after agent kate todd been kills the new director of ncis show up & making a new chanes to ncis director bring in a new agent from isreal name ziva david dircetor sheppard was agent formally lover&partner then went to her offer called dowbn to the lab ask abby come up her offer asap abby got frrom the ncis crimelab up to dirctor sheppard offer fast dirctor sheppard told abby you must start to dress more better then the garbag you are wearing black goth clothes i,m the director here sheppard told abby i can have you fired anytime anyplace then dirctor sheppard told abby they are making a beat director sheppard told if i win you have to dress anywhy i chose but abby say fine then abby say if i win you have to step-down as ncis director & you have to be my slave for 24 hr&7 day 7 day a week i can do anything i want to you director sheppard got nervous about abby deal then director sheppard &abby skoke hand
then abby&ziva was working late director sheppard called abby back to her offer to play a card game director sheppard they dedsion to play 2 out of 3 hand in poker abby won the first hand
then director sheppard won the 2 hand of poker they play last hand both stake on the line director sheppard won the follow poker 2 to 1 thank to ziva help director sheppard win the final hand abby was mad she can,t believe director sheppard won the bet theri 2 hr ago before naming director jennifer sheppard as the boss of ncis then director sheppard order ziva her lover/enforcer to put abby into her black hummer before director sheppard have ziva bound&gagged her prize abby then ziva begin to bound tighty abby then gagged her then director sheppard thank ziva in herbrew then director sheppard drove to her house in washington dc then director sheppard help out abby from her hummer then director sheppard strip abby of her ugly garbage clothes gloth/black then took a bucket full of gasoline
throw abby clothes then lit it abby was crying& cold it was only @31 degress in washington then director sheppard shaved abby beautiful black hair off now abby was baled like a cue balled in pool then director sheppard give abby new clothes to wear more better looking more obident &submissive then drove abby back to her house took all of her gothic stuff from her house re did abby house then the next day@ ncis headquarter ziva was taking over director sheppard job for 1 day then dircetor sheppard show up @ 3:30pm with the new abby was humilated by losing the bet to her new boss jennifer sheppard stay tune for part 2 of the bet will abby get her revenge? or will director sheppard will contiune to humilated abby in front of the ncis member stay tune