National Champs
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Tony DiNozzo was not a happy man at the moment. Not at all. Not my any stretch of the imagination. There was no way in hell anyone on the face of the planet could say he was in a good mood. Now, the reason for this would be readily apparent to any sports fan, but to most normal people, Tony just seemed pissed. Or, they thought he'd switched bodies with Gibbs and it was currently the older agent walking around in Tony's skin. Well, outlandish theories aside, Tony was still Tony and he was still angry as hell.

He stomped into the squad room and flung his backpack at the drywall partition that separated his alcove from the one behind it. He went about setting up his work space with more force than necessary, causing Kate and McGee to throw him strange looks. He dutifully ignored them and went on with his temper tantrum.

"What's the matter, Tony?" Kate said, her voice overly sweet and most definitely smug.

Tony's head snapped up and his eyes widened for a fraction of a second before he looked down at his desk again, his expression surly. "Nothing, Kate." He tossed her a fake smile.

"Oh, I don't know about that." Kate got up from her desk and sauntered over to Tony. She grinned at him, her smug expression intensifying. "One would think you were angry because of last night's game-"

"Don't go there!" Tony tossed her a comical glare that was meant to intimidate but only served to make her laugh.

"Hey, DiNozzo." Gibbs breezed into the office space, a smirk on his lips. "You owe me twenty bucks."

"Why does Tony owe Gibbs?" McGee asked Kate, who was valiantly trying to stifle her laughter.

"The Gators won the National Championship title over Ohio State twice in a row, McGee." Kate's shoulders shook. "Once in basketball and once in football."

"I said ‘Don't go there'!" Tony exclaimed. He sent another comical glare Kate's way.

The female agent lost the battle with her laughter. She laughed all the way to her desk as she sat down. McGee was grinning and Gibbs shoulders were silently shaking, though no noise was coming from him.

"It's not funny!"