04. Sex and denial
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Playtime part four

Leroy Jethro Gibbs was all about order. As a marine, rules were tantamount to his moral standings - even if he had to bend a rule, it was for the justice of the cause, not for his own benefit. He wasn’t about to let his two sexually charged, eager slaves ruin his character for their own moral turpitude.

Gibbs pushed Tony away from his blood engorged cock, and was met with a whimper, big brown eyes stared back at his crystalline blue pools with wonderment and slight anger. Abby was just as confused, but she slid down from her position and pooled around his legs in a submissive manner. She knew when her Owner wasn’t happy, his demeanor had changed a great deal. The curves of his back had become rigid, and tense.

Abby licked his hand and looked up at Him with a purr.

“ You know you’re about to get punished don’t you?” He said, looking down at her big green eyes, that shown with anticipation and amusement. She relished the pain and the torment. With each crack of the flogger, or smack of his big calloused paw, Abby became wetter and wetter, until she was a big sobbing mess of pain and extreme horniness. “ You may speak.” Gibbs said gruffly.

“ Yes. Yes Sir, I know that we’re not allowed to fight, we won’t ever get any if we fight.” Abby said quietly, choking a sob. Abby was a good slave, a great submissive, she knew her place, but she hated waiting to be filled with that big luscious cock.

“ Do you have anything you’d like to say Tony?” Gibbs said, raising an eyebrow, amused that his lead agent, who was usually filled with quips had fallen silent.

“ No Sir.”

Gibbs grinned. “ Good. Abby, up on the bed.”

Abby slid onto the bed fluidly, face down, hands clasped behind her neck, facing Tony. Gibbs then grabbed Tony’s hand and positioned him so his hard cock was just about two centimeters from Abby’s pouty red lips.

“ Now. This is what you’re going to do.” Gibbs’ hot breathe tickled Tony’s ears, flittered through his body and sent a surge of erotic lust straight to his cock. “ You’re going to watch me fuck Abby, you’re not going to touch yourself, you’re just going to watch. Is that understood?”

“ Yes Master.” Tony said, he took a deep breath pushing down the strangling lust that was fighting to engulf him. He wanted to ravage his Master and his sister slave, but his submissiveness, the deep floaty head space that captured Tony DiNozzo at that moment cemented Him to the floor.

Gibbs spread Abby’s ass cheeks and applied some precum that had been forming around the head of his dick to her tight asshole. When Abby first came to Gibbs and fully submitted herself to Him she divulged a secret. She was terrified of anal. As the dutiful and ever caring Dominant and friend, Gibbs coached her and trained her into loving the pleasure of anal sex. Now, Abigail Scuito couldn’t get enough. Gibbs inserted one finger carefully into her hole, gently sliding it in, prepping her. She clenched around him instantly, pushing back with a want and need.

“ Easy Abby girl. I want you to imagine your lips around Tony’s cock, your soft fingers tickling, massaging and squeezing his balls.” Gibbs tempted Tony, and Gibbs could see that even those tantalizing words had an effect. With one solid thrust Gibbs entered Abby and was rewarded with her pushing her delectable hips back towards Him. Moans and groans filled the room, as Gibbs pounded his girl’s ass, filling her up and teasing her clit with his hand.

“ Oh please Master, I am so close!!” Abby said, as she stared hungrily at Tony’s hard cock that was inches away from her face.

Tony gulped air, as he watched his Owner, take his sister slave, his friend, and his confidant. She was so sexy, her ass filled, begging for permission to come. So badly, he wanted those pouty thick lips wrapped around his hard Italian cock.

“ Not yet Abby kitten.” Gibbs said, punctuating his decision with a hard thrust. He grabbed the side of her face and slipped a finger into her mouth, her expert lips slid up and down his hot skin, the taste of salt and sex tantalizing her taste buds.

“ Now.” Gibbs said, as he groaned, spilling his hot seed into her carnal cavity. Letting his dominance slip just a second as white lightening flashed through his body and exited his to his toes. Abby screamed, twisting under the weight of his body, panting all the while staring at Tony. With a slightly defeated moan, Gibbs slipped out of Abby and positioned himself against the headboard and languidly looked at Tony and Abby. Abby’s hair was mussed her lipstick a slight pink now, but her pale skin and a brilliant pinkish hue.

“ What do you say Abby?” Gibbs said patiently, letting her return from her trip from orgasm heaven.

“ Thank you Sir.” She said lazily, returning to her hands to the back of her neck awaiting instructions.

“ Good girl. Now. Tony.” Gibbs said, a tiny hint of amusement hidden in his voice. “ What shall I do with you. You did as I asked, didn’t say anything and didn’t touch yourself like a good boy. I have to say I didn’t think you could do it. I’m proud of you boy.”

Tony turned a slight crimson but nodded and waited for Gibbs to give him the go ahead to speak.

“ You may.”

“ Thank You Master, for allowing me to watch you fuck Abby.”

“ You’re welcome. She’s a mess though, she needs to be cleaned. Do not make her cum. Just clean her.” Gibbs said as he swung himself to the edge of the bed and rose to make his way to the bathroom.

“ I’ll be out in twenty minutes, I will expect you two to be done and downstairs in the kitchen waiting for me.” Gibbs nodded shut the door to the ajoining bathroom, to start his rituals.

Abby was now on her back, her legs spread exposing her sex, Tony walked to the night stand and pulled out a box of wet wipes and began wiping down the spent Abigail.

“ I’m sorry, Tony.” Abby said, her voice lilt with sex and satisfaction.

“ It’s ok, we know the Masters’ rules…it’s just been awhile…” Tony drifted off thinking of past sessions. How intense they were, during, the climax and the aftershock, each had been bliss, to be deprived had been a blow to his fragile submissive ego, but he understood that because of his place, and his actions he deserved the punishment.

“ Ooh. Be gentle.” Abby said, as he wiped her inner thighs, making sure the juice was cleaned up. I’m a bit sore.”

“ Did he whip you too hard?” Tony asked a bit concerned.

“ No, never, it’s a good sore.” Abby replied, the crafty smile dancing on her lips, You know better than anyone that I would use my safe word…but I’ve never needed to. Gibbs knows…you should know that.” Abby said

“ I do.” Tony said simply, as he handed Abby her clothes. “ Better get down there before Gibbs is finished, or he’ll tan our hides, and it won’t be the kind we like.”

Abby smiled and pecked Tony on the cheek. “ I know, maybe he’ll let me play with you later?”

“ Maybe.”