06. Gibbs and DiNozzo play
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Gibbs strapped the now naked Tony DiNozzo down to the saw horse, using leather cuffs. Tight enough for him to be able to wiggle, but strong enough so that the built Italian couldn’t rip them off the eyelits. Gibbs walked to the bureau drawer and pulled out the wartenberg pinwheel.
“ We haven’t had time together.” He dragged the pinwheel against Tony’s taut youthful skin. A hiss escaped Tony’s mouth, as he pulled against the cuffs. “ Have you missed me Tony? Have you missed the way I touch you? Make you submit to me?” Gibbs whispered into his ear, all the while stroking the pinwheel across the slave’s scrotum.
“ Yes, Master. Oh yes.” He grunted, wanting to escape the feeling of pricks on his sack but wanting the pleasurable pain to continue.
“ Did you enjoy watching me fuck Abby?” Gibbs asked, now placing kisses where the pinwheel had marked Tony. “ Where you jealous? Did you want that to be you? Did you want my hard, thick cock in your tight hole?” Gibbs had now placed the pinwheel on the table, just beside the sawhorse and was probing Tony’s asshole with a slicked finger. Tony threw back his head and moaned, bucking towards the source of pleasure.
“ Yes Master, I was jealous of Abby, I wanted it to be me. I’m a dirty, filthy slut whore. I wanted to rip you off of her and beg you to fuck my worthless hole.” He debased himself, but Tony loved humiliation, it made him hard, and it made him come even harder.
Those words were met with six hard slaps on each as cheek. “ Who do you belong to? Who’s dirty, filthy slut boy are you??” Gibbs said with clenched teeth.
“ Yours Sir!” Tony yelped, surprised as Gibbs handprint and the wartenburg pinwheel marks stung.
“ That’s right Tony boy. You’re mine. To fuck, to use and to make beg. But you love it don’t you?” Gibbs languidly probed Tony’s hole using the precum from his leaking cock, which now was in his other hand peaking out from his trousers. Jethro undid the cuffs and Tony stood still, awaiting orders.
“ Position yourself on the bed, boy.” Gibbs said gruffly.
Tony turned around and walked to the full size bed. He was glad that the rooms in Abby’s house were big enough to accommodate lots of stuff. He propped himself on all fours and waited for Gibbs to use his body. His cock was so hard, he could hardly think straight, all he wanted was for Gibbs to fuck him to oblivion. Tony finally felt the bed bend under Gibbs’ weight and he let out the breath that he was unaware that he was holding in. He silently prayed that he would get his wish.
“ Are you ready my beautiful boy?” Gibbs teased. He propped the tip of his cock between Tony’s ass cheeks and pushed in gently. Tony moaned and instantly thrust back.
“ Please Sir, I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck me now!”
Gibbs chuckled at his boy’s eagerness to please and to be used. “ Easy pretty boy.” He thrust in and moaned at the tight muscles that clenched around his manhood. He began slowly stroking in and out, soaking in the moans and purrs emanating from slave Tony’s throat. Strong hands wrapped around Tony’s chest, and pinched his nipples. Tony hissed with pleasure as he, himself reached around and fondled his balls, wishing, wanting, waiting for release.
“ God, you’re so tight. So. Blissfully. Tight.” He punctuated the last three words with hard thrusts into Tony so his balls slapped against his ass cheeks. He took his hand and gripped Tony’s ass, riding him hard. Tony would be sore after, but he would be blissfully happy.
“ I’m almost there Sir!!” Tony said, struggling to hold back, wanting to spill his ‘worthless’ seed all over his hand.
“ Wait, darling boy.” Gibbs barked through gritted teeth. His balls began to ache, and with one final thrust he spilled his hot sticky man juice into Tony’s puckered pink asshole. They fell to the side on the bed in one tangled man puzzle, panting and mewling. Basking in the afterglow of orgasm.
“Thank you Sir, that was amazing.” Tony kissed Gibbs hand, and was surprised when Gibbs turned his head and kissed him on the mouth.
“ Take a little rest. I’ll wake you up when Ziva and Abby get here.”
“ Yes Sir.”