Has No-one Told You She's Not Breathing?
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Chapter One
The elevator pinged and the elevator doors slide open. Anthony DiNozzo walked out, wearing his college varsity jacket and his fraternity’s personalized shirt underneath. He walked over to his desk, opened the drawers and put his gun inside. He sat down just as the elevator pinged again and the doors slide open. Ziva David walked out, wearing a big, bulky sweatshirt.
“That time of month, Zee-vah?” Tony sneered, as Ziva walked over to her desk, which was right across from Tony’s.
She turned to face him and narrowed her eyes. “No, Tony, not just yet, but I will let you know when I do have it,” she said.
Tony made a face, “Why?”
She put her hands down on his desk and her face was inches away from his. “So you can stay out of my way… Or you will be left with one eye, instead of two.” Ziva stood straight and walked back to her desk.
“Yeesh!” he exclaimed as she sat down at her desk. Then he leaned on his desk, “Isn’t it wonderful to come to work on a Saturday?” he said sarcastically.
Ziva grinned, “What could you have been possibly doing on a Saturday?” Then she looked him up and down. “College reunion?” she asked.
Tony looked down at his outfit. “As a matter of fact, I was meeting up with some of my brothers for breakfast.”
“Brothers? I never knew you had any,” Ziva said, looking confused.
“I meant fraternity brothers, Ziva.”
“Ma ze fraternity?” she asked herself out loud in Hebrew. (A/N: for all those who don’t know Hebrew. What is fraternity?) Then she looked up at Tony. “You know, I will never understand you Americans.”
“Please do remember I’m Italian,” he said proudly.
“And the difference is…? You still act like a 15 year old American boy,” Ziva said.
He ignored her. “So where’s McGeek?” he said, just as Timothy McGee walked in, talking on his phone.
“No Sarah. No, do not use that computer; it’s for business use,” McGee said, “Sarah… No, I know the other one’s slow…. I will fix it as soon as I come home…. Sarah… Sarah don’t…. If you touch that computer I will not fix the other one…”
Tony and Ziva looked at each other. Ziva raised her eyebrows and Tony shrugged his shoulders.
McGee sighed…. “Fine. Use it this once… Fine… Okay…” McGee caught Ziva and Tony staring at him. “Sarah, I have to go… Okay… Don’t open any doors… Love you. Bye.” McGee clicked off and put his iPhone in his pocket and sat down at his desk which was diagonal from Ziva’s, near Tony’s. He started clicking away at his computer when he caught Ziva and Tony still staring at him, both smiling.
“What?” McGee asked them.
“Girlfriend?” Ziva asked.
“No,” he sighed, “my sister.”
“Ahh… The infamous Sarah,” Tony said, “How’s she doing?”
“Well, they kicked her out of her dorm room, because they found mold and termites in there and so she’s at my house.”
“Let me guess,” Ziva said, getting up from her desk and walking over to McGee, “she is a real pain, yes?”
“Yeah, you have no idea,” McGee sighed again.
“No, no,” Ziva said, “I actually do,” she turned to chin point to Tony, who was trying to figure out how to use his computer. They both laughed.
“What?” Tony asked, looking up.
“Nothing,” McGee said.
“You know, Tony, you can always ask McGee how to use your computer,” L. Jethro Gibbs, their boss said, as he walked into their booths of desks.
Ziva scrambled back to her desk and sat down.
Gibbs continued, “So you don’t look like an idiot trying to use it,” he looked at Tony and it looked like he was smiling.
Tony could see Ziva’s shoulders shaking, holding back laughter. “Yes, boss,” he said.
Gibbs opened up his drawer and took out his gun and began walking to the elevator. He stopped to look at his team. “Are you waiting for an invitation?” he asked them.
“No, Gibbs,” Ziva said, getting her gun.
“Sorry,” McGee said.
“It won’t happen again, boss,” Tony said, as they all followed Gibbs.
The elevator pinged and opened up. “So where exactly are we going, boss?” Tony asked, as they filed in.
“Dead petty officer found at the base,” Gibbs said, as the elevator doors shut.

“Boss, when you said petty officer, I thought you meant a male petty officer,” Tony said, taking pictures of the dead female petty officer.
Gibbs got close to him, “DiNozzo, I think it’s better if you stop thinking and just follow my lead.”
Tony shut his mouth but then said, “Yes, boss.”
Ziva opened the petty officer’s home door and walked in.
“Her name is Jane Foster,” Ziva said, reading her notes. She looked down at the dead Jane Foster. She sucked in her breath. “Wow,” was all she said.
Jane laid in her bed, with a bag over her head, her hands tied to the bed head, with blood all around.
“Who called NCIS?” Tony asked.
“Neighbors. They heard muffled screams and then a loud gun shot,” Ziva said.
“That’s weird. The houses are so far away. How could they have heard “muffled screams”?” Tony asked, looking through the window.
The question was left in the air. Ziva leaned in towards dead Jane. Then she looked up at Gibbs. “Do you think that it was a neighbor?” Ziva asked.
“We’ll find out,” Gibbs said.
The door opened and in walked the medical examiner, Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard and his assistant, Jimmy Palmer.
“Hey Ducky,” Ziva said.
“Good morning, Ziva,” Ducky said.
Ducky leaned in towards Jane. He slowly and very gently pulled off the bag. “Okay, there’s a sign of head trauma, her head looks like it was hit against something, but also suffocation, hence the bag,” he said to Gibbs.
“Boss!” McGee called out.
Gibbs walked over to where McGee was, which was the living room. McGee pointed to a wall which one part of it was bent in. “I think I know what Ducky was talking about when he said head trauma,” McGee said, taking a picture of it.
Gibbs walked back to Ducky who was now testing at what time Jane died.
“So?” Gibbs asked.
Tony walked in. “Boss,” Gibbs turned to him, “No sign of forced entry.”
“So then she knew her killer,” Ziva said.
“She was murdered about eight to ten hours ago,” Ducky said.
“Okay, let’s go,” Gibbs ordered everyone.
“Wait,” Ducky called out to them.
Gibbs turned around.
“Jethro, our poor petty officer was raped.”