Watching Them All
06. chapter 6
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Hours later Ducky ran the doorbell then walked in, "Jethro Abigail?"

"We're in here, Duck." Abby called out.

"What on earth?" there curled up on the floor were Tony, Abby, and Jethro. They were watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There where plates stacked up on the coffee table and a gigantic bowl of popcorn on what turned out to be one of the mattresses from one of the rooms.

"Have a seat duckmister this one's almost done. We actually got Gibbs to watch TV."

"I can see that Abby but why?"

"In a sec."

Ducky sat back on the couch and watched the trio. Tony was absently rubbing Abby's leg that was tangled up in his and Gibbs had a hand draped over her back and was tracing a small spiral on Tony's arm. After about ten minutes, the episode finished.

"That is Spike." Tony pointed at the TV like it was some kind of revelation.

"Alright, alright. I concede Tony, Spike it is."

"Would someone please tell me what is going on now."

"Rock paper scissors for it guys?" Tony asked hopefully.

"No." they both said.

"Can't blame a guy for trying."

"Yes we can." Gibbs said.

"What pals, drive a man to drink you two."

"Tony," Gibbs said in that tone only Gibbs had, "you're stalling."

"I know."

"Anthony if you have a problem, you know I can't tell anyone doctor."

"I know Duck."

"If you want to talk in private."

"Little late for that duckster." Abby said chuckling.

"Dear boy please…"

Sucking in a deep breath Tony said, "I'm a vampire, I think. I have to drink blood a few times a day, but I can be in the sun, churches and I still have a heartbeat. I think I can eat, my senses and reflexes are little stronger and little more well everything. I'm faster but not that much, I heal quicker, but not so fast you can watch it. No, I don't know how, why, or for sure when, except that it was about six months ago and no I can't drink or whatever of bagged blood. If I go to long, it's bad um really bad."

Ducky watched Abigail pulled her legs under her and begin to rock when Tony mentioned going to long.

"How long is to long my boy?"

"I'm not sure the longest I've gone was um…"

"13 hours." Gibbs supplied, "and I think that was about 5 to many."

"How bad was bad if I may ask?"

Abby pulled into a tighter ball but laid down on Tony's leg when he shifted closer to her.

"Bad Duck he looked like he lost 100 pounds and his color was way off," Gibbs answered, Tony was just soothing Abby, running his hand over her hair.

"His hair was wrong to Duck." he heard Abby whisper.

"Anything else Tony?"

"Wicked head ache."

"And double vision." Gibbs said.


"I didn't know Ducky honest, I didn't. I didn't want to hurt them."

"So instead you hurt yourself."

"There's more Ducky." Abby said.

"What else?"

"When he drinks there is a connection," Gibbs said, "I don't know how to put it other than bluntly."

"Alright I am a doctor."

"Its erotic Ducky," Tony said, "they we we have to."

"We have to have sex, Ducky." Gibbs said.


"Yeah I bit him yesterday in the elevator and we didn't and well…"

Gibbs was face was red but he pushed on, "I jacked off twice and was still hard it wasn't till he showed up here that I was able to get some relief."

"How many times have you drank from them Tony?"

"Abby once earlier today, Jethro twice well three times with the elevator, but I know I didn't take very much then. I don't want to hurt anyone Ducky but I am also getting really tired of screwing in an alley like some tom cat."

"Oew in the ally Tony?"

"I don't always have Time for a hotel Abbs."

"Find a broom closet at least."

"Abby I haven't been drinking at work I didn't want to take a chance at getting caught."

"Okay well we will figure out something dear boy. Let's check your blood pressures shall we. So may I ask what was with the Buffy marathon?"

"Jethro started calling me Lestat, I told him I didn't like Lestat that he was a jerk. So he asked who I wanted to be and I said spike and Abby agreed but our fearless leader didn't know who Spike was."

"Ahh yes I myself much prefer angel actually."

"Way to go duckman you watch Buffy?"

"Mother got me hooked some time ago; I dare say the plot lines are thin but entertaining none the less.