Agent Gibbs Meets Jenny for the first time
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It was an ordinary day for Special Agent Gibbs and the rest of the agents at NCIS. Gibbs heard from Director Morrow that he needed to go undercover for a mission in Paris but Gibbs didn't know that he wouldn't be alone on this one. Later of the day, Gibbs got a call from his Director; he walked upstairs and knocked the door and got in.
"Wanted to see me Director?"Gibbs asked and walked in towards the chair and sits down.
His Director looked at him and nodded "Yes I want to talk to you about your mission Agent Gibbs" he said "One of our Agents killed the Russian couple we watching and we need you to pretend them, along with your partner "he looked at him and sat back on his chair.
"My partner?"Gibbs said and looked at him surprised cause he never had partners on his undercover missions.
Morrow nodded "Yes she is working at LA Navy. She is coming here to talk about the details of the mission"He said and looked at Gibbs.
Gibbs looked at him without saying anything and suddenly the door knocked.
"Come on in.."Director Morrow said and stood up. Then the door opened and a beautiful redhead woman walked in, heading to Director's desk.
She smiled softly at Gibbs looking at him for several minutes and then looked Morrow."I'm Agent Jennifer Shepard sir, you asked me to talk about a mission" She said and looked Gibbs with the edge of her eyes.
Director nodded "Yes Agent Shepard, please sit" He sat down and Jenny sat too.
Morrow introduced Gibbs to Jenny "Agent Gibbs, this is Agent Shepard, your new partner" Gibbs looked at Jenny and though that she is beautiful and she is a redhead, that made him smirk lightly as he looking at her.
"Nice to meet you Agent Shepard" He said. She smiles at him and with a soft voice replied "Nice to meet you too Agent Gibbs"She looked at him all the time thinking that, that man who was sitting in front of her was sweet and cute.
"You two leaving tomorrow for Paris" He said and handed them a file with all the details they needed or the mission. Jenny nodded and took the file and walked out, heading to the elevator and noticed that Gibbs followed her. She smiled a little and said as she waited for the elevator doors to open. "Are you following me Agent Gibbs?" She stepped in and looked at him. Gibbs just looked at her "I think that if we are going to work together, we need to read the file" He said with a light grin on his face. Jenny smiled "Ok then"
She replied and waited for him to step in. He got in and pushed the button and wait till the elevator starts. As it starts going down he looked at her few times with a smile on his face. They both got out and Jenny walked to her car as he followed her. She unlocked the car opened the door "Will you get in or what?" She asked him.
He smiled and got in and looked at her "I know a nice bar two blocks from here, we can get a drink and look at the file" He said. She got in and starts the car "Sounds good to me" She smiled and drove there. Once they arrived, they got out and walked to the bar. Jethro, opened the door for her to get in and got in as she did it first. He pointed a table at the corner and they sat down, ordered Bourbon as they both like it and they smiled each other.
Jenny opened the file and started to look at it. "Here it says that we are a married Russian Assassins and went to Paris for work" She said as Gibbs surprised hearing that they will pretend to be married.
Gibbs got married for times and divorced three. Her first wife Shannon died years ago along with his eight-year old daughter Kelly. They got murdered by Pedro Hernandez. Hernandez was a mafia guy who killed someone and Shannon was a witness of the murder, So he killed her. Gibbs was in Iraq when she got murdered. When he head it he almost killed himself. Mike Franks helped him to kill Hernandez leaving the his file on his desk and went away. Gibbs took the file and looked at the picture, then he went there and killed him when Pedro was driving.
"Married?" he asked. "Yea" She handed him the file and he looked at it "Well, do we have to practice on that?" He said and looked into her green eyes. She smiled and took a sip of her bourbon. "Try huh?" She smirked. "I think we will handle it" Smiled and stood up "Well I have to go now. I'll see you tomorrow at the airport" She smiled softly at him and walked to the exit. She got into her car and drove off.
Gibbs ordered another Bourbon and drunk it as he was thinking about Jenny and smiled. Then he payed and got up leaving the bar heading to his house.
The next day Gibbs and Jenny got all their things up and met each other to the airport. She smiled at him when he saw him coming "Good morning agent Gibbs!" She said. "Good morning Agent Shepard" He smiled and sipped some coffee. Then they both walked to their gate and got in the plane.The plane took off and they didn't talk till they arrive to their destination. Since they arrived, they got out and took a cab and went to their hotel. They got in the room and put their suitcase on the bed and opened the file and read it again.
They both read the file over and over again till it gets dark and the light of Paris light up the city like it was day. Then Gibbs took a deep breath and looked at Jen. "Wanna go and eat something?" he asked her and he's hoping she will accept his offer. Jenny looks at him and nodded "Sure, I'm kinda hungry" she smiled softly and got up "Just give me few minutes to get ready." She walked to the bathroom taking with her a nice dress to wear. Gibbs nodded and went to get ready too. After a few minutes she got out "I'm ready" she said and looked at him