Maybe we were ment to be
by Kelly
DiNozzo/Ziva // Action, Romance, Series // PG-13 // Rape, Violence
Summary: Ziva had a bad break up and Tony says I Love you to her that leads to Sex then Ziva gets pregnant and tony ask Ziva to marry hem Ziva and tony put a pic of there baby on there desk
Ziva had a bad break up with her ex Michael,he told her that he was going to kill her when she got home.

Ziva was crying and walking in the rain to Tony's apartment.

Tony was getting ready for bed,and then he heard a knock at the door.

"Ziva is that you" Tony asked?
"Yeah" Ziva said
Tony opened the door for Ziva.
"Hey Tony" Ziva said.
"Hey Ziva" Tony said.
"Tony we need to talk" Ziva said.
"About what" Tony asked?
Tony kinda Thought to hem self for a minute 'maybe i should tell Ziva i love her''i will tell her after'
"Michael" Ziva said.
"What about hem" Tony asked?
"He said he was going to kill me when i got home" Ziva said.
"Ziva stay here" Tony said.
"Thanks" Ziva said.
"Ziva i need to tell you something" Tony said as he sat on the couch.
Ziva sat down next to tony.
"Okay tell me" Ziva said.
"Ziva I LOVE YOU,since the day we first meet" Tony said.
"I love you too Tony" Ziva said.

Later that night Tony and Ziva had sex.

3 weeks later.

"Ziva are you okay" Tony asked?
"I'm fine" Ziva said.
"Are you sure you look pale" Tony said.
"I think i am going to be sick" Ziva said as she ran to the bathroom.
Tony was rubbing her back while she was throwing up in the toilet.
Ziva had stopped puking.
"Are you okay" Tony asked?
"I have been doing that for 2 weeks and i dont know why" Ziva said.
"Well it's almost 12:00 so we should kinda get to sleep we have have work tomarrow" Tony said.

Ziva and Tony lived together now.

3 weeks later at NCIS....

"Hey probie" Tony said.
"Hey Tony" Mcgee said.
"How is Ziva" Mcgee asked??
"She is fine but puking every 5 minutes" Tony said.
"Wonder what it is" Tony said.
"You too are dating right" Mcgee asked?
"Yes" Tony said.
"Have you had sex" Mcgee asked?
"Yes" Tony said.
"Well maybe Ziva is pregnant" Mcgee said.
"MCGEE DONT EVEN GO THERE" Tony yelled!!!'
"Tony you never know" Mcgee said.
"I have no clue how to be a father" Tony said.
"It is very easy Tony you just do what you think" Mcgee said.
Ziva came up next to to Tony and Mcgee.
"Hey guys" Ziva said.
"Ziva are you okay you look pale" Tony asked?
"I think i am going to be sick" Ziva said as she ran to the ladies room.

Ziva had finshed throwing up and she walked out and saw tony.

"Are you okay" Tony asked?
"I'm fine" Ziva said.
"Mcgee thought that you were pregnant" Tony said.
Ziva kinda thought to her self for a minute 'I am 4 days late'
"Tony i might be pregnant,i have missed 4 days of my period" Ziva said.
"Ziva you should take one of them test things" Tony said.
"You mean a pregnantcy test" Ziva asked?
"Yeah one of them" Tony said.
"I should" Ziva said.
"Tony can we go home i do not feel good and we can pick one up on they way home" Ziva asked?
"Sure lets go" Tony said.

Tony and Ziva walked passed Mcgee,Abby,Ducky and Gibbs holding hands!

Abby walked up to Mcgee

"Hey Mcgee" Abby said.
"Hey Abby" Mcgee said.
"Are Tony and Ziva dating" Abby asked?
"Yep" Mcgee said.

Gibbs saw Tony and Ziva walking down the hall holding hands.

Gibbs walked up to Abby and Mcgee

"What was that all about" Gibbs asked?
"Ziva and Tony are dating" Abby said.
"How nice" Gibbs said as he walked away

Tony and Ziva were at the apartment.

"Tony throw me the pregnantcy test" Ziva said.
"Okay" Tony said as he threw it to Ziva.

Ziva went into the bathroom.

Tony was thinking he really did not wanna be a father,but at the same time he wanted to be a dad he was confused

Ziva walked out of the bathroom.

"Are you pregnant" Tony asked?
"Look for yourself,plus means i am minus means i am not" Ziva said.
Tony looked at the test and there it was that pink little +.
"I'm pregnant Tony" Ziva said.
"Wow i am gonna be a dad" Tony said.
"I'm gonna be a mother" Ziva said.

Tony has a ring in his pocket and he is gonna ask Ziva to marry hem

Tony got down on one knee and pulled out the ring

"Ziva David will you marry me" Tony asked.
"You know i will" Ziva said.

Tony got up and went to kiss Ziva and she put her arms around his neck and that is always one great kiss.

Tony picked up Ziva and her arms where still around his neck.

"I love you Ziva" Tony said.
"I love you too" Ziva said.
"You thinking about anything" Tony asked?
"Yes i am" Ziva said.
"What is it" Tony asked?
"Since i am going to the doctors tomarrow we can both get pictures of the baby and put them on our desk" Ziva said.
"Yeah we should" Tony said.
"Well I am tired" Ziva said.
"You ready for bed" Tony asked?
"Yes i am" Ziva said.

Ziva and Tony went to bed

.....Next day at NCIS after the doctors....

Ziva and Tony both had pictures of the baby on there desk it said Ziva David/DiNozzo

"Hey Tony" Mcgee said.
"Hey Pobie" Tony said.
"Hey Ziva" Mcgee said.
"Hello" Ziva said.
"Whats that picture on your guys desk" Mcgee asked?
"You wanna tell hem Tony" Ziva asked?
"You should tell hem" Tony said.
"Okay then,Mcgee thats mine and Tony's baby" Ziva said.
"Well congrates" Mcgee said.

News travled very fastly.

"Ziva and Tony congrates on the kid" Gibbs said as he walked down the hall.
"Thanks" They both said.