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Title: Epilogue Reviewer: Samm Eugene Signed
Wow. I loved the stories you've created in this series. I would love to read the next one, but i've noticed that the last story was posted early '08, and this is the tail end of '09 :( And the overall addiction I've had to reading these since last night, yeah, that's really saying something. As a general rule, i stay as far away from slash or mpreg as possible, but my curiosity got the better of me and once i started, i couldn't stop. The dynamic between Tony and Jethro was beautiful, and i loved your Tim. The kids were the cutest kids ever, and i found myself saying "Only Tony could father children like that." :) There were a few times where you switched things like "Payed" out with "Spent", and i'm not sure that it worked everytime :/ Heres to hoping you continue though!
Date: 12/30/2009 14:30 [Report This]
Title: Epilogue Reviewer: KB22 Signed
I love these stories!!! Please keep writing
Date: 11/04/2008 22:53 [Report This]
Title: Epilogue Reviewer: Ilerre Signed
My god!You finishing this story is like..........a benediction, i don't know, lol. THANKS YOU VERY MUCH! Go girl!
Date: 03/20/2008 1:14 [Report This]
Title: Haunted Reviewer: Ilerre Signed
Are you going to continue this story??? Pleasssse!!
Date: 01/29/2008 19:50 [Report This]
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