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Title: 6 Reviewer: julieuax Signed
I am enjoying this story very much and i am very much looking forward to reading more.Julie
Date: 07/17/2008 21:45 [Report This]
Title: 5 Reviewer: julieuax Signed
Great story i will look forward to reading more soon.Julie
Date: 07/13/2008 21:36 [Report This]
Title: 19 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
YAY! So loving this! Gads, I thought Gibbs got the fact that Levon and Joe were lovers earlier. He's still got his head up his ass, but he's getting better. Great job!
Date: 10/08/2008 0:45 [Report This]
Title: 18 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
Wow. Just got caught up on this story today and you've got me choked up. I can feel Tony's hurt and confusion as well as Gibbs' guilt and it's just written so wonderfully! Gads. Lovely! Really great job!
Date: 09/27/2008 23:32 [Report This]
Title: 13 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
I love you and want to have your virtual babies just for the line where the guard told Gibbs to shut and and sit down. Not to mention Levon's handling of Gibbs. I SO love him for that. This was a great freaking chapter! WONDERFUL! Good job!
Date: 08/17/2008 2:24 [Report This]
Title: 12 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
Oh holy crap!!! MEEP! I am so biting my nails now. I'd forgotten about that plot point in cannon and holy jeeze it doesn't look good for Tony! And how the hell did Fornell miss that Tony moved? Sheesh. Gads. I'm on the edge of my seat! I can't wait for the next bit!
Date: 08/08/2008 4:43 [Report This]
Title: 11 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
YAY! Update. And somehow I missed one so I got to read two at once! Double yay! I can't help but think that Abby is still in for a rude awakening. And I love how Tony is fitting in with his new family! He has so much more and I think once he gets over his regrets he'll find himself way happier. He has family and friends and a social life and people he can trust backing him up. Gads. I know the confrontation is coming soon and I can't wait till Gibbs tries to do something to Tony and Levon will set him straight. That's gonna be so damn cool! Great update!
Date: 08/06/2008 7:14 [Report This]
Title: 9 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
Yet another great chapter! I hope Ducky doesn't feel too bad about giving Gibbs that clue. It is something someone should have noticed, I wonder why they didn't? I'm hoping that someone finds out that the Director had a lot to do with Tony's abrupt departure. I can just see Abby being the first in line for the tar and feathers. Any chance for some ST or UST with Roberto for Tony? Come on, two cops, one of Italian decent and one Mexican, working together? That's gotta be seriously hot. There could be glasses porn! Sorry, my mind goes to smutty places sometimes. And I really want Tony to have a happily ever after.
Date: 07/28/2008 8:31 [Report This]
Title: 8 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
Poor Gibbs, that second B gets him in trouble every time. I can't help but think if he hadn't been such an ass, Lee would have spilled the beans. I wonder if Ducky is going to say anything. It's so great to see that Tony's fitting in down in Houston, and Levon and Joe are taking good care of him. Gives me the warm and fuzzies. Great update!
Date: 07/24/2008 5:01 [Report This]
Title: 7 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
Yay! McGee is finally catching the clue bus. And I can't help but giggle at the fact that no one can find Tony. I'm wondering if he did it on purpose or if it was just how things worked out. I can't wait to hear from him again. Great update, as usual!
Date: 07/22/2008 0:50 [Report This]
Title: 6 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
YAY! I'm so happy to see this. My internet has been down and when I got back online I about jumped up and down with joy seeing that you updated. Great chapter! I love how you've written Tony's leaving in Ziva's point of view, and how she sees it. You also show how Tony's leaving affected everyone, especially Abby. Is it awful I hope they don't find Tony right away? I kinda want him to be happy and in a new job somewhere. Why should he leave Houston to go to Gibbs and the others, when they could come to him? Maybe he could go to work with the ATF, out of Denver ... that way you could write Tony/Ezra and I would love you and stalk you forever. Yes, I've broke down and read your M7 stuff, even though I've never seen the show. I am now addicted and want more good Ezra fics. You've got me hooked!
Date: 07/19/2008 2:10 [Report This]
Title: 5 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
YAY!!!! New chapter! I'm so glad to see it! And damn. I don't like Jenny but she made some damn good points. And double yay for Tony getting out! Great update!
Date: 07/13/2008 6:22 [Report This]
Title: 4 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
YAY! New bit! Wonderful stuff. Levon and Joe are good for Tony. I find myself hoping that Tony's able to make a quick exit from DC ... but I'm not holding my breath. Still, I hope so, for Tony's sake. It would be nice if Gibbs finally tracked him down to Houston and Tony's working with the PD or something and totally happy. Great update!
Date: 07/07/2008 23:56 [Report This]
Title: 3 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
You know, it's entirely you're fault I'm reading Houston Knights fan fiction now. You got me hooked with this story. I'm on your last chapter of Partners, Friends & Lovers and I'm about to cry. Damn good writing, I'm holding on to my trust in your happy ever afters to get me through. Reread the first bits of this story again too. Great stuff. I'm looking forward to more. Get me hooked on your writing too much more and I'll probably unbend enough to read the M7 stuff, despite the fact I've never really heard or it.
Date: 07/06/2008 11:31 [Report This]
Title: 2 Reviewer: Amejisuto Signed
Whoo! I don't know much about Houston Knights, but this is looking to be a great story. I love how you have Tony say enough and take a step back and thinks in your stories. I can't wait to see more!
Date: 06/26/2008 8:44 [Report This]
Title: 18 Reviewer: pureevil230 Signed
glad tony got to tell gibbs what he was feeling and that gibbs had a chance to defend or explain. i wonder what's going to happen next? will it be enough to mend the rift? will tony go back to ncis permanently. i wonder what he got abbs.
Date: 09/26/2008 4:16 [Report This]
Title: 13 Reviewer: pureevil230 Signed
glad gibbs finally got to houston. wish it was persnonal...but maybe personal can mesh with business. hope lundy and gibbs can help tony out.
Date: 08/16/2008 21:54 [Report This]
Title: 10 Reviewer: pureevil230 Signed
i hope they keep learning more about their friend. but im not sure it's going to be as easy as abby thinks. hope tony is making a life for himself in texas. update soon!
Date: 08/02/2008 0:27 [Report This]
Title: 9 Reviewer: pureevil230 Signed
yay another update! glad ducky was able to help gibbs see the light without betraying tony's trust/friendship. gibbs needed the ducky style head slap to wake up. hope gibbs gets the answers he needs to try to fix his wrongs and give the other members a chance to fix their mistakes as well. can't wait for a new update...really love this.
Date: 07/26/2008 11:22 [Report This]
Title: 8 Reviewer: pureevil230 Signed
glad gibbs is getting his head out of his butt. hope gibbs talks to ducky soon he's got a lot of groveling and learning to do with tony. was lee going to tell him where tony is? if gibbs wasn't such an ass. update love it! made my in pain, twisted a muscle in my back owie.
Date: 07/22/2008 9:22 [Report This]
Title: 7 Reviewer: pureevil230 Signed
yay u updated. glad mcgee is realizing there was more to tony than what he saw before and missing him. wonder what the next chapter is going to be...abby's pov or ducky's. hope they find him and bring him home. glad tony was wrong and that abby is memorializing him and his desk is untouched...or at least that's what it sounds like. update soon please! love it!
Date: 07/21/2008 9:48 [Report This]
Title: 6 Reviewer: pureevil230 Signed
*happy dance* yay you updated finally! ziva's introspection was interesting, wonder what the others will think. I'm curious to know what prezzies were wrapped and left for abby. glad gibbs isn't giving up tony's desk without a fight...hope it lasts. hope they can get tony back. please update soon!
Date: 07/17/2008 21:04 [Report This]
Title: 5 Reviewer: pureevil230 Signed
yay you updated! glad jenny put gibbs in his place, he needs to be gibb-slapped as do the other members of the team. wonder how the others take the news of tony quitting? wonder if gibbs or the team can fix this and if they do will not they turn again? update soon please! i really like this story and look forward to your updates.
Date: 07/13/2008 23:18 [Report This]
Title: 3 Reviewer: pureevil230 Signed
yay u updated! im glad ducky and abby both care about tony in their own way. i think the paper weight of tony's college foot ball helmet is cute. ugh jenny she needs a gibbs slap. if tony leaves wonder how the others are going to react. will they try to find him and work out their issues so they don't lose an important part of the team. I mean he was there first with gibbs, the team wouldn't be the same without him. Love it! Update soon!
Date: 06/30/2008 3:55 [Report This]
Title: 2 Reviewer: pureevil230 Signed
yay u updated! i had hoped ducky would be different from the others but i'm not sure... Wonder what the others are doing while Tony's with family. Do they realize how they've hurt him and treated him badly before its too late and he does a gibbs-walk away. update soon! love the banter between tony, joe and cowboy.
Date: 06/26/2008 8:43 [Report This]
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