I don't feel like dancing.... until i'm drunk. by Jenna In Wonderland
Summary: Gibbs, Abby, Tony, McGee and Ziva go out partying.
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Story Notes:
a little something i thought of when i heard i don't feel like dancing by the scissor sisters came on the radio....

1. I don't feel like dancing.... until i'm drunk. by Jenna In Wonderland

I don't feel like dancing.... until i'm drunk. by Jenna In Wonderland
Author's Notes:
Gibbs, Abby, Tony, McGee and Ziva go out partying.
–No,” Gibbs said for the final time.

–Come on, it’ll be fun,” Tony pleaded. Gibbs turned his back on the dance floor and ordered a bourbon. Tony walked back onto the dance floor.

–He can sit over there and drink his bourbon for all I care,” Tony said as he and Abby started to groove together. Ziva shook her head and walked over to Gibbs, tapping on his shoulder she got ready to say what she was thinking.

–NO!” Gibbs said angrily. She stalked back to the dance floor and joined Tony and Abby. McGee rolled his eyes, he wasn’t even gonna bother.

The song finished and Gibbs hoped that he could sneak away without been noticed. He looked out to the dance floor to see Abby, McGee and Ziva still dancing away, but Tony wasn’t in sight. Now was his chance, he stood up but somebody pushed him back down onto the seat.

–Drink,” Tony said as he pushed a shot glass in front of him.

–What is it?” Gibbs asked.

–A shot, now drink it,” Tony commanded. Gibbs picked the glass up and threw it back. There was a slight sensation of delight that ran through him. Tony ordered another beverage Gibbs didn’t catch the name of it but drunk it anyway. 4 drinks later Gibbs was feeling quite happy.

–We need to rest Tony, your turn to amuse us,” Abby said as they sat down at the bar.

–Sure, where’s Ziva?” Tony asked.

–Bathroom,” Abby said. Tony walked out onto the dance floor and started dancing with some beach babe.

–I just gotta go to the... Ahh... rest room,” Gibbs said, his words slurred slightly. He got up and headed for the rest rooms.

A scream came from the ladies toilets but was muffled from the sound of the music, laughing, talking and singing.

–Gibbs, what the hell!” Ziva yelled.

–I think you’re lost,” Gibbs said.

–You’re in the ladies room,” she said, her eyebrows raised.

–Oh, right,” he said as he walked out the door. Ziva chuckled to herself before going out and informing McGee and Abby of Gibbs’ little mistake. When Gibbs walked out of the restroom he was pinned against the wall by Tony.

–You... Will... Dance...” Tony said and with each word he pinned Gibbs to the wall tighter. Gibbs just nodded and let himself be dragged to the dance floor by Tony.

–10 bucks says Tony can’t get him to dance,” McGee said.

–Maybe,” Abby said.

–It’s Gibbs, there’s no point in betting, we all know he won’t,” Ziva said.
All their eyes widened when they saw Tony coming back onto the dance floor and Gibbs with him. Tony started to dance again and was soon followed by Gibbs.

–Oh my god,” McGee said as he ripped his phone from his pocket and started filming Gibbs and Tony dancing.

–Bet’s off,” McGee said. When the song finished McGee smirked and put his phone away. Gibbs and Tony walked over and sat down.

–You can do some serious dancin’ Bossman,” Abby said as she smiled.

–We aren’t at work, are we?” Gibbs said as he looked around.

–I think it’s time to go home,” Ziva said as they got up.

–What time is it?” Tony asked.

–About one thirty a.m.,” McGee said as they hailed a taxi. They dropped Gibbs at his house first and realised that it probably wasn’t a good idea to let him work on his boat if he’d gotten up and dance so they stayed with him.

When they woke up their arms and legs were entangled and items of clothing were strewn around the room. They searched around but couldn’t find Gibbs; he wasn’t in the basement either. They drove to work and found him at his desk. Seeing his agents he blushed slightly, did they remember what happened at his place?

–Morning boss,” McGee said, smirking as he pulled out his phone.

–Give us another chop,” Tony said as he hurried over to McGee’s desk. Ziva ran over and they
watched the video from the previous night. Gibbs was thankful that they hadn’t remembered.

–Remember this?” Tony asked as he shoved the video in Gibbs’ face.

–I was dancing?” Gibbs asked, slightly shocked at his actions.

–You don’t remember,” Tony stated as he walked back to his desk. Gibbs shook his head and walked to the toilets. He stood staring into the mirror for a few minutes before Tony walked in.

–I guess you remembered something other than the dancing,” Tony said as he leant up against the wall.

–What?’ Gibbs said, trying to look like he didn’t know what Tony was talking about.

–I remember it as well Gibbs, very clearly,” Tony said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

–You fucked me... hard,” Tony said as he stepped towards Gibbs.

–We all fucked each other,” Tony said stepping closer again.

–It was a once off, never to happen again, forget it,” Gibb said as he stepped back. Tony left without a word. The day passed and Tony didn’t say another word to Gibbs. 7.00pm came and Abby came in.

–Who wants to go partying again?” she asked, a wicked smirk on her face.

–Hell yeah,” Tony said but in the back of his mind he wanted the second part of the partying. He wanted the hard, rough sex on Gibbs’ living room floor.

And with that they left to hit the party scene.

So much for a once off, never to happen again thing.
End Notes:
a little something i thought of when i heard i don't feel like dancing by the scissor sisters came on the radio....
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