Missing Sketchpad by Kibbs1709
Summary: Gibbs helps Kate find her sketchpad in the NCIS truck.
Categories: Gibbs/Kate Characters: Kate Todd, Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Gibbs/Kate
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1. Missing Sketchpad by Kibbs1709

Missing Sketchpad by Kibbs1709
Author's Notes:
Gibbs helps Kate find her sketchpad in the NCIS truck.
The team just returned from a naval base. DiNozzo and McGee just grabbed their gear from the truck and walked back to their squad room while Kate searched the front seat for her sketchpad.

She felt a hand graze her back. –Kate, do you need some help?” Her boss stood behind her as she was bent over looking under the seat. She could admit she felt awkward, but not really uncomfortable if it were possible for her to explain the difference.

–I can’t find my sketchpad. I think DiNozzo did something with it.” He leaned over her, almost parallel with her body and pulled out the sketchpad from between the seats and the backrest and smirked his infamous smirk.

–That was difficult.”

–Thanks Gibbs…” She snatched it from him.

She huffed and walked off. She was so easily annoyed by him. Why did he have such a power over her? Before she had the chance to make a getaway, his voice stopped her.


She turned, annoyed and agitated, –What?”

Before she realized it, he was only a few inches from her. –You should really keep up with your things better. You wouldn’t want DiNozzo to see what’s in there.”

Her eyes widened with the realization that Gibbs had seen the contents of her sketchbook. –You… you saw inside?”


–Listen, it’s not what you think, I uh, I just.”

–No need to explain Katie. Next time, if you want to get it right, just ask me to take my shirt off, along with some of articles of clothing.” He walked past her, letting his chest lightly stroke past her arm. Her heart beat infuriately; she was embarrassed, yet somehow, willing to admit to herself she would love to take his offer.
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