Outsider by Kibbs1709
Summary: Tony's point of view on Kate and Gibbs, but are they really blind to his observations?
Categories: DiNozzo/Kate Characters: Anthony DiNozzo, Kate Todd, Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Genre: Character study, Established relationship, Friendship, Romance
Pairing: Gibbs/Kate
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1. Outsider by Kibbs1709

Outsider by Kibbs1709
Author's Notes:
Tony's point of view on Kate and Gibbs, but are they really blind to his observations?
I see them each day, why are they so foolish to assume they can hide their love from someone who knows them each so well? I see him always find an excuse to touch her; a hand on her shoulder, her back, her hand. It was always something. They’re always close proximity has never been unnoticed by me. They hover over each other constantly, acting as if their main focus was the case. Not that they were distracted from the job, but I could still see it.

Right now, I’m ‘working on a lead’, so they think, but I can see them each smiling and gazing at one another. She taught Gibbs how to IM a few weeks ago. Although their computers where silent, I still know. Kate will type with a large grin on her face, then look at Gibbs. He then reads, also with a smile, then looks at Kate.

It’s quite amusing honestly. Miss Caitlin, who prides herself on her almost prudent behavior, complete business, yet here she is at work sending her lover obviously naughty IMs. Not only her lover, but her boss.

McGiggle is clueless to it all, but he is a probie. His observational skills aren’t like mine, but how could he still not see anything? But then again, I am just that good. Abby doesn’t appear to notice either, not love anyway. She has noticed that, only with her, he’ll use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, but she never makes these gestures out to be anything more than respect.

I guess it’s just me who sees it.

–DiNozzo, I’m going to lunch, call me if you get any new leads.”

–Will do boss.” Let’s see how long before Kate decides so suddenly that she is hungry as well.

–So, I might as well go to lunch now, too, while the case is going slow.”

I’ll wave her off, though I can see right past it all.

Look at them down there. They aren’t even off NCIS head quarters, yet there they are. He leans her up against her car as she laughs. Kate is shy, but still enjoys public displays of affection. Everyone does deep down though. I wonder what they would do if they found out I could see them down there.

Look at that kiss. He is quite the charmer that I expected him to be. He holds her firmly, showing the classy signal of control, but soft enough to show his love. Very DiNozzo of him, really. I must applaud him that.

Maybe it’s better they stay secret for now. They seem to really enjoy the quiet glances and stares. Maybe they see it as a challenge. If I had a beautiful girl like Kate, I would boast. I don’t know, things are obviously different for them. I guess I will have to deal with just teasing Kate for attention. All I know it that I’ll be here for them when they do finally share their secret.

Tony walked back to his desk with a fresh cup of coffee and a file in his hand.

–Is he gone yet?” Gibbs asked as he finally released his lips from the comfort of hers.

She glanced up at the window at which DiNozzo had been standing, –I think so.” She turned back to evaluate his expression, –What do you think he thinks about us?”

He smirked, –He’s probably just jealous that I have the beautiful girl at the end of the day and he is not so lucky.”
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