Shower Talk by Kibbs1709
Summary: Kate and Gibbs talk in the womens shower at NCIS gym. Discovery of what her tat really is.
Categories: Gibbs/Kate Characters: Kate Todd, Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Gibbs/Kate
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1. Shower Talk by Kibbs1709

Shower Talk by Kibbs1709
Author's Notes:
Kate and Gibbs talk in the womens shower at NCIS gym. Discovery of what her tat really is.
–It’s okay Kate, the Air Force doesn’t train their men like the Marines do. Well, women anyway.”

Kate tightened her lips with anger, holding back as much as she could. Gibbs was evaluating her fighting skills. She knew she was good, damn good in fact, why was Gibbs being so hard on her?

–We will come back down here tomorrow if we don’t get a case, I’ll help you train. It will take some time, but we’ll get you there.” Gibbs’ smirk filled with accomplishment and control. –Alright, hit the showers. You’ve got 30 minutes to get back to the squad room.”

Gibbs walked off to the shower, leaving Kate, DiNozzo, and McGee standing there in awe.

–Kate, you know you’re not bad at all. He’s just pushing you to make you better.”

–Thanks Tony.” She walked off and headed to the women’s showers.

–Today should be interesting McGoo. Let’s go.”

Kate turned the water on and walked to the sink. Her hands rested on the cold ceramic edge while staring into the mirror. Her face had a small scrape on her jaw line by her ear. She could feel it beginning to bruise. –Damn you Gibbs.”

–Ah, come on Kate.” Gibbs’ voice made her jump as she twirled around quickly to see him standing there, propped against the frame of where she had left the water running.

–Gibbs, what are you doing in here?” She held her towel close to her body.

He threw his hands up in front of him defensively, –I was just coming to check on you.”

–What if I had been in the shower Gibbs?” She walked towards him with fierceness in her eyes, which seemed to burn him.

–Listen Kate, if you had been in there, I would have walked out, but you weren’t. Can I talk to you for a minute?” His voice lost all playfulness and became honest and loving.

With a deep sigh, she waved off all the anger. –Fine. Make it quick.”

He reached out a hand to her shoulder. –I’m sorry for earlier. I didn’t mean to make you feel like that. You’re a damn good agent Kate.”

–Did you just say you’re sorry Gibbs?”
He took his hand off of Kate and crossed his arms, –What?”

She became quite pleased with herself at this discovery. –You just said you were sorry.”


–Maybe? Uh, I’m pretty sure you said you were sorry.”

Her grin was beginning to piss Gibbs off, but he wouldn’t let her have any power over him.

”Yea, so what?”

She turned around and grabbed her shower supplies and went towards the door-less shower where Gibbs still stood. –If you don’t mind.”

–I don’t.” He continued standing there.

He cocked her head to the side, –Well. Are you going to leave?”

–I had no intention of doing so.” He joked as he stepped closer to Kate, invading her personal space, her nudity intensifying the situation. She couldn’t say she felt completely uncomfortable, but she knew that in the showers of NCIS was not the time or place for her to admit just feelings.

–Do you want me to?” His sudden change from controlling boss to this newly discovered flirt. This wasn’t helping Kate control herself.

–I think the question is whether you should, and I think you know that answer.” Her face was dangerously close to his as her breath tickled his cheek. Even after her strenuous work out, the smell of her perfume still rose off her skin. Kate was always the main focus of his attention, and the only reason he was so hard on her was to make sure that no one could see his liking for her.

–I’m not sure Kate, I think my moral ethic is being clouded.”

–Gibbs. Let me take a shower. Alone.” She backed up and pointed to the door.

–Alright.” He followed the path of her finger, his head lowered and he felt foolish.

–And Gibbs…” He turned around to see Kate loosening her towel. He watched her turn, drop her towel and walk into the shower. –Maybe we can continue this conversation a little later.”

–So, what does a dragonfly mean to you?”

Gibbs sat on Kate’s couch eating a cookie as he had an arm wrapped around her. She snuggled against him with her hand tangled under his shirt on his bare chest.

–What?” She laughed, her mind still flashing with the intimate photos of her and her boss. Their legs entwined with passion and the heat between them melted away any doubts they had, any worries. Neither could say they were ‘in love’ but they both knew that the way they felt today was something they would like to relive many times more.

–Your tat.”

–Oh. Well. You remember that photo Tony sent you.”

–Haha, yes, yes I do.”

–Well, when I was young, those kind of nights were quite often for me. I was drunk and my so-called ‘friends’ convinced me to get a tattoo. I want to say I completely regret it, but I kind of don’t. I like it.” She turned her face to his neck, allowing, just barely, their eye contact. –Dumb, right?”

–Nope. I like it.”

–Really now?”

–Yep, it gives me a reason to stare at your ass.” He leaned his head back against the cushion, his eyes looking up to the ceiling. She could still see his smile, his silent laugh.

–I don’t need an excuse to look at yours.” Smirking as she watched his prideful smile disappear.

–Is that right?” He picked her up in a swift motion and threw her over his shoulder. He paraded her back to her bedroom as she laughed loudly kicking her feet and slapping his back playfully.

She was so overwhelmed at the fact that just yesterday, Gibbs was her boss. Just a guy she founded physically and spiritually attractive. But now, he was her newest lover, all she asked was that this moment lasted as long as it could.

She was brought back to the fact she was on Gibbs shoulder. That is, until he threw her down onto her bed. She leaned up on her elbows that rested behind her. Her legs bent seductively and completely uncovered. Her outfit was the polo Gibbs had removed earlier. He put back on his undershirt, not knowing why, because he was once again removing it.

He slid his boxers down his legs and crawled onto the bed, his torso over her legs. He brought up his right hand and let his fingers creep up her leg. The electricity burned between them and his lips fell onto her hip softly.

Kate was once again reliving the exotic closeness she had felt with Gibbs earlier. The high hadn’t yet left her body before she was receiving another dose.

The warmth from the sun hit her cheek early that morning and she woke to see Gibbs’ arm gracefully covering her waist, his hand holding hers, their fingers laced.

She was grateful to know that her night had not been a dream, a fantasy that she would never actually be able to experience, but the smell of sawdust and coffee told her otherwise.

–Good morning.” The familiar voice spoke still groggy from the early morning. –How’d you sleep?”

She turned to face him and smiled as she stared into his sea blue eyes. –Incredible.”
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