So I Hear by Kibbs1709
Summary: Gibbs at his desk appreciating his current status. Then lunch and play.
Categories: Gibbs/Kate Characters: Anthony DiNozzo, Kate Todd, Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Gibbs/Kate
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1. So I Hear by Kibbs1709

So I Hear by Kibbs1709
Author's Notes:
Gibbs at his desk appreciating his current status. Then lunch and play.
Gibbs sat behind his desk, watching as his beautiful agent twirled her hair with her finger as she read over a file. The sun from the windows left a stunning glow on her face.

He couldn’t help but see her naked body lying in his bed, as she was this morning. Caitlin Jane Todd was his and he wished he could announce it to the world, but for Kate, he could keep it a secret, for now. Besides, secrets can be fun.

This was a fact he also knew. Secrets took place in this very office, to be more specific, on not only his and Kate’s desk, but Tony’s. Kate and Gibbs had stayed late one night to have one of their late night work fantasies, and they thought it would be funny to make Tony’s desk their new territory. It could be something for them to laugh about later on while Tony teased Kate.

Gibbs shook himself out of his naughty flashback and put his focus back on his Katie. So gorgeous, stunning, all the words seemed to fail in the true aspect of her beauty. There were no words that could give her justice. Her beauty was not only physical, but her soul was just as equal in importance.

His thoughts began to wander again as he remembered his morning with Kate. Better to say night because sleep was not on their agenda. The two days just faded into one another sometime between their multiple kisses and lovemaking. When they both finally agreed that it was time to get ready, Gibbs got up to start their morning coffee. He turned to take one last look at his lover before heading down stairs, and the sight of her naked laying delicately sprawled out across his bed was honestly the most striking and beautiful [in the truest sense of the word] sights he had ever seen. In fact, he was willing to call in sick, and force her to do the same, but that would only protrude their secret before it was time.

–Hey boss. I’m heading out for lunch, do you want anything?”

–No thanks Tony. I’m going to head out here in a bit.” He kept his eyes on Kate and ignored any questioning look Tony was giving him and was relieved when Tony finally walked to the elevator; that is after stopping to ask Kate and then tease her with sexual innuendos and juvenile flirting.

Gibbs actually found some of his banter quite amusing. He would always comment on Kate’s lacking of a sex life, but what he didn’t know was Kate had an active sex life. She was actually a female DiNozzo, but she wasn’t one to brag. Mainly due to a guy bragging shows only his immaturity, a woman bragging makes her a slut and quite disapproved of in her opinion. Kate was fine with Tony teasing her about something he knew nothing about.

Especially since about four months ago, one of her coworkers became a testament that she was quite active with her sex life. In fact, she taught the well-experienced boss of hers quite a lot. Gibbs was never one to let anyone younger than him teach him anything, but in this case, he was more than willing.

They had already come clean with their love for one another, but they both agreed marriage was something they could deal with down the road. They wanted to simply continue the fun path they were on now. In all actuality, it was almost like they were married already. This observation had not yet been picked up by either of them, but it was quite evident.

Kate had moved in most of her belongings, which she was against, but Gibbs insisted. She left his house feeling warm, not feminine, just balanced equally in a way of a couple living together peacefully.

–Hey Jethro.” She smiled affectionately at him with a hint of desire. He woke from his dazed remembrance and appreciation of all he had to give her his full attention. –Do you want to go grab some lunch?”

–Absolutely.” He jumps up and sneakily takes her hand in his as they head for the elevator. He pushes the button awaiting the ding and turns to his Katie. –Where do you want to go?”

–How about take out and home?” Her devilish smile took him by surprise from her previous conservative look, but that was Kate. She was always nice and conventional looking on the outside, but inside, she was wild and sexy, and most importantly, horny. Well, not most importantly, but most surprisingly to her attributes.

–It’s like you read my mind.” They step into the elevator laughing.

–You’re a man. You all think the same thing.” She laughed, –Oh, and of course there is the whole profiler thing.”

–Trying to be professional are we?”

–Only if that is what you’re thinking could be fun.” She had began having her own version of the Gibbs’ smirk since she met him, but the one she gave Gibbs was so…seductive, and he couldn’t get enough.

–I don’t mind, except, I’m your boss.” He pointed out.

–Ha. You think that matters once I leave this building?” Gibbs quickly hit the switch.

–No Jet.” Her hand searched for the switch and quickly turned it back on. He began to reach for it again letting his lips kiss her neck as he reached past her. –The more you stall, the less time we’ll have together.”

–But Katie.”

–No. Just wait. I really want to actually get lunch this time. Please. I didn’t have lunch at all last weak because of you.”

–You did too eat lunch.”

–A granola bar at 3 o’clock doesn’t count.” He smirked. –Jethro. You can wait for me to eat and besides, you could use the lunch. It’ll give you that well needed energy.”

Fate could not have been more on her side because as soon as her sentence came to an end, the elevator doors opened and she walked out laughing.

–You know that’s not true.” He walked out and she gave him a questioning ‘Are you sure about that?’ look as she stepped back from him. –Kate. You know that’s not true.” With that, she quickly walked out of the building before Gibbs could grab and torment her. She was ticklish and Gibbs took advantage of it.

She only managed to get a few footsteps out of the door before she found herself wrapped in his big, strong arms.

–Gibbs!” She laughed, –Not here.” She struggled to be released.

–What? Do you not want to get caught with me?” He whispered close to her ear. –You don’t want people to know about us?” His lips brushed her skin leaving light kisses on her ear. He could feel her body tensing with each touch.

–Jethro. Please.” Her laughing was becoming uncontrollable and she was becoming weak. –Please. We can’t have people know right now.”

–Then take it back.” His fingers tickling her sides and her legs and every place he knew would send her into a ticklish oblivion.

–Fine. I’m sorry. You have all the stamina any man could need. Please, let me go.”

He nibbled her ear and whispered. –All you have to do is ask.” Her let her go and began to walk to his car.

–You are such a…”

–Bastard?” He turned around with a large grin on his face. –So I hear.”
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