The A-Teams by ncislvr
Summary: When the NCIS LA team comes to help out NCIS in DC under Vance's orders, the LA team find out how NCIS DC runs their operations. A suprising twist follows.
Categories: Gen, Het, Abby/McGee, Other Het Pairings Characters: Abby Sciuto, Anthony DiNozzo, Donald Mallard, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Other, Timothy McGee, Ziva David
Genre: Action, Angst, Case, Challenge, Character study, Crossover, Drama, Established relationship, Friendship, Humor, Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Abby/McGee, DiNozzo/Ziva
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Story Notes:
I love reading NCIS/NCIS LA crossovers so I decided to right one. Keep reading because this ride gets bumpy. (cheesy i know)

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The A-Teams by ncislvr
Author's Notes:
When the NCIS LA team comes to help out NCIS in DC under Vance's orders, the LA team find out how NCIS DC runs their operations. A suprising twist follows.
Eric whistled on the top of the stairs, a signal that they were needed. So the NCIS LA team raced up the stairs to meet him. Callen, Sam, Kensi, Eric, Hetty, and Nate were greeted by the Director over live video feed.
"Evening Director," Callen said to Director Vance over the MTAC screen.
"Good evening Agent Callen," responded Vance.
"Director Vance has a proposition for us," said Hetty.
"And what would that be?" Sam asked.
"All of you will be escorted to our DC office. We have a tough case that needs fresh minds. Your flight leaves tomorrow morning at 0500. Go home. Pack your bags." Vance announced.
"Yes, Sir," answered the team in unision.
NCIS DC Squad Room
"All I am saying is that Gibbs should be back by now. He has been in the Directors office for nearly 2 hours," said Tony looking up at Ziva from his desk. They had a major case and were putting BOLOs out on stolen cars and a suspect they had as their serial killer.
"I am sure he has his reasons. Do not judge a book by its pages, Tony," answered Ziva.
"It's cover. Don't judge a book by its cover," retorted Tony.
"Right. My point is, if he has been up there for that long it has to be something impor-" Ziva didn't get to finish her sentence, but was cut off by:
"DiNozzo, David, McGee! Director's office, now!" barked Gibbs from the top of the stairs.
Tony, Ziva, and McGee ran up the stairs to Vance's office. Vance was not in the room when they were in, but came in quickly after them.
They all stood in front of the Director's desk, waiting for him to speak.
"I have just notified the NCIS LA office that they are to report to DC to help you with this case. I thought it would be a good idea to have a fresh set of eyes to maybe see things we wouldn't see. They should arrive here around 0700." Vance said. ( I have no idea how long it takes to get from LA to DC so I played it to work with the story.)
The team sighed. They had all this work and now they had to do introductions. At least there were more people to work on the case.
The team headed down the stairs toward the squad room and settled at each of there desks.
They worked all night into the early hours of the morning. Tony and Ziva went down to fill Abby in on what they had found.
It was about 0700 when the whole NCIS LA team found a sleeping Agent McGee sleeping at his desk. Agent Gibbs was leaning back in his chair, arms crossed, eyes closed.
Sam made a fake coughing noise which resulted in Gibbs and McGee to jolt and wake up, guns pointed at the NCIS LA team.
"Whoa man. We met before. Sorry to wake you," said Sam.
"They should be awake anyway," replied Vance.
"Ahh, Director. So nice to see you," said Hetty.
"Nice to see you too. And to the rest of you," he nodded to the rest of the team. "Where are Agents DiNozzo and David?"
"Last time I saw them they were headed down to Abby's lab," replied McGee.
"Well, why don't you show them her lab while you fetch DiNozzo and David." said Vance.
"Lead the way," said Kensi.
Abby's Lab
The NCIS LA team plus Gibbs and McGee walked out of the elevator to hear music blaring from the lab.
"Abs!" yelled Gibbs over the music.
McGee walked over to the stereo to turn it off.
They found Abby lying down on her farting hippo, Bert. Across from her, Tony and Ziva were lying up against of the machine, Ziva's head on Tony's shoulder.(
Think when they were asleep searching for that microchip thingy.)
Gibbs walked over to Abby and gently shook her. "Abs. Abs, wake up. It's 0700."
Abby jumped up. "What? It's what! I've been asleep for two hours. We have to catch this guy, Gibbs!"
Gibbs put a hand on her shoulder. "Abs, just chill."
"Did you just ask me to chill. Gibbs there is a killer on the loose."
"Abby take a break. Here," Gibbs handed her a Caf-Pow. "Look who's here."
"What? Oh, hi guys. Good to see you again."
There was a chourus of "Hi Abbys" from the assortment of people standing in her doorway.
"Uh, Boss?" McGee pointed to Tony and Ziva.
Gibbs smirked. He walked over to the two.
"DiNozzo! David!" Gibbs yelled.
The NCIS LA team watched in awe as Tony and Ziva shot up, guns pointed in every direction.
"Is that a regular wake up routine for your team, Gibbs?" asked Callen.
Gibbs smirked.
"Oh," Tony and Ziva put down their guns. "Hey, Boss. Me and Ziva went down here to fill Abby in and... Well I don't know what happened after that." Tony sighed.
"Let's all go down to Ducky so we can start official introductions.

End Notes:
I love reading NCIS/NCIS LA crossovers so I decided to right one. Keep reading because this ride gets bumpy. (cheesy i know)
Introductions and Remembering Old Friends by ncislvr
"Ahh, Jethro. And to what do I owe the pleasure?" said Ducky.
"Introductions, Duck," said Gibbs.
"I see the LA office has arrived," Ducky said as he looked over Gibbs' shoulder.
"Yeah. Hetty, do you want to start," asked Gibbs.
"I would love to," replied Hetty.
Team Gibbs and Team LA seperated as introductions started.
"This is one of my Senior Field Agents, G Callen," she said, "My other Senior Field Agent, Sam Hanna, Field Agent Kensi Blye, our computer expert, Eric Bana, our psychologist, Nate Getz, and I am Hetty Lang."
Gibbs took his cue. "This is my Senior Field Agent, Anthony DiNozzo. You can call him Tony. Our Junior Field Agent, Timothy McGee. You can call him Tim."
"Or Probie or Elf Lord," Tony cut in.
Gibbs headslapped Tony. Tony winced and Team LA smirked.
"As I was saying. This is our newest Agent," Gibbs emphasized the word Agent, "but former Mossad Liason Officer, Ziva David, Forensic Specialist, Abby Sciouto, our Medical Examiner and psychlogist, Doctor Donald Mallard, you can call him Ducky, and I am Leroy Jethro Gibbs."
"Well we are very pleased to meet you," said Hetty.
"Let's get back to work," said Gibbs.
Squad Room
"What do we got?" barked Gibbs.
"Well we know that 4 Navy Lieutennants were murdered. Each women had blonde hair and blue eyes between the ages of 29 and 32." said Tony.
"Each women was killed with a 9 millimeter shot to the head," said Ziva.
"And we found a knife at crime scene 4 that was used to cut the hair of each victim," said McGee.
"You know this reminds me of that movie with Stallone where..." Tony was stopped when Gibbs' hand collided with the back of Tony's head.
"You know sometimes your movie quotes drive me up the hall!" Ziva said.
Team LA looked at each other, confused.
"It's wall, Zee-Vah." Tony said.
"That too." replied Ziva.
"If you two are done. I'm going on a coffee run," said Gibbs.
"Oh, I will come with you Jethro," said Hetty.
The only ones left were Ziva, Callen, Sam, and Kensi in the squad room as everyone had left to different parts of the building.
Callen went over to Tony's desk and started opening drawers.
Ziva laughed. "Find anything interesting in there?"
"Yeah. Why does Tony have a picture of the late director with two other photos of women?"
They walked over to where Callen was sitting.
"That is Agent Paula Cassidy and Agent Kate Todd." Ziva said. "Kate was shot by my half-brother because he was trying to get to Gibbs. After Kate was shot, Ari tried to kill Abby and Jenny, sorry, the director. Paula tackled a suicide bomber into a trick room and saved our team's life by doing so. And Jenny was killed in a shoot-out during my and Tony's protection duty. I think he blames himself for their deaths. I had no idea he kept all these." Ziva flipped through the photo album that had many pictures of the team including Kate, Paula, and Jenny.
Tony started walking up to them so she quickly stashed it back into the drawer.
"Hey Sweetcheeks. Whatcha doin'?" he asked.
"We were just... uh... reviewing the case."
"You know for a Mossad ninja, you are not very good at lying."
Just then the rest of both teams walked intoo the squad room.
Vance was standing at the top of the stairs watching the team. Gibbs could feel his eyes burning through the back of his head, so he turned around and said, "You got something to say, Leon."
"Director David is on MTAC."

( Sorry it was kinda short, but I wanted to end it at a cliffhanger. If anyone has any ideas on how the next chapter should go, please leave me some ideas because all I really have for the next chapter is the reaction from the teams. Reviews make me smile!)
End Notes:
I will try to update on Friday night, but I might not be able to.
After that I will be in Arizona for a week. If I have internet access so I will try to update on my iTouch. But no guarantees.
note by ncislvr
Author's Notes:
please read
ok. i have decided to continue this story on i am noy giving up on this story so just go to the website and search it. the name is the same: The A-Teams. It probably won't be up for a little so just wait a day or two and it should be. I love crossovers and i will be writing other stories on that site as well. OK I just have to keep rambling on because i am done saying what i need to say but it won't let me post something under five hundered characters, so u can quit reading now. hopefully that's enough. im too lazy too count. but i mean, who would count, right.
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