Existence by Jemlela
Summary: Tony is hurting over hearing his father in a news interview claiming that he doesn't exist. Can the team figure out what is wrong and help him through it?
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1. Existence by Jemlela

2. Coma by Jemlela

Existence by Jemlela
Author's Notes:
Tony is hurting over hearing his father in a news interview claiming that he doesn't exist.
Tony walked into his empty apartment after a long day at work. To make the day worse it had been raining all day and their crime scene had been rained out so there evidence has been contaminated. Abby will sure have her work cut out for tomorrow. He took the pizza he had gotten last night for dinner out of the refrigerator. All he really wanted to do is go to sleep.

Tony decided to turn on the news as he ate his pizza.

So we are back with the biggest business Tycoon out of Long Island, Anthony DiNozzo Senior." The news caster announced.

Tony rolled his eyes, what a way to make this day worse. He should have just turned it off.

"So Mr. DiNozzo, do you have any children?"

"No, I'm afraid that I was never blessed with any children."

"That is a shame?"

"Yes it is; I would have loved to have a son. Someone who could carry on my name and run the family business. But it was never in the cards for me."

"Thank You for joining us tonight."

Tony was shocked he couldn't believe what he heard. The guy had a son; one he never wanted, but a son nevertheless. He denied that Tony even existed. Tony look disgusted at the piece of pizza. Tony tossed the whole pizza in the garbage and went to bed. His night was plagued with horrible dreams. It is one thing to pretend that his son didn't exist, but to go on television and tell the world that he didn't exist hurt more than he even thought was possible.


The next morning Tony went for a run. He didn't care that it was still raining hard. Running gives him a chance to think and after last night he really needs to think. Tony ran for 30 minutes before returning home to get ready for work. He usually runs for longer, but it was raining too hard, he couldn't see 2 feet in front of his face. He walked in to his apartment wet and cold. A long hot shower warmed him up a bit, but he still hasn't figured out what to do.

Tony walked into the Navy Yard; he couldn't get his mask up. That stupid announcement on the news last night shattered his mask. Now he has to face the team without it. He knows one thing for sure; this is going to be one hell of a day. He would resign and move on, except he has no place to go.

Tony sat down at his desk and turned his computer on. No one had arrived. It should be at least an hour before Gibbs comes to work. Maybe in that time period he can get his mask back up; but every time he tries he just keeps his father's words in his head denying his existence. He always knew that his father could throw him away, who's to say Gibbs won't do the same thing. He never believed it before, but now he isn't so sure. Before last night he existed.

Gibbs came in and went straight to Vance's office without even stopping off in the bullpen. Ziva and McGee came to work; they were surprised that Tony was at work before them. He didn't look up when they walked in, he didn't even acknowledge them.

"Morning Tony." Ziva said

"Morning." McGee added.

"Morning." Tony answered never taking his eyes off the computer.

Ziva and McGee shared a look before sitting at their own desk.

"So Tony have you found any leads yet?" McGee asked.

"Yes, possibly. Agent McGee if you can get into Sergeant Jacobs financials, we may find a reason as to why he was killed." Tony answered in a monotone voice.

McGee wonders why he called him so formal, but he decided to ignore it for now and do what he asked. He found evidence of embezzlement. He looked over at Tony. He was so serious, no smiles, no jokes, no laughing. McGee decided to go downstairs and talk to Abby, maybe she knows what is going on with Tony.


McGee walked into Abby's lab. Her music was blaring. He walked up to the stereo to turn it off so that she will hear him. McGee hit the off button on the stereo. Abby didn't notice as she was up to her eyeballs in evidence from yesterday's crime scene.

"Hey, I was listening to that." Abby yelled.

"I need to talk to you."

"Talk! Look around you; I don't have time to talk." Abby yelled.

"It's Tony; something is going on with him."

Abby's interest was immediately peeked.


"Tony is being so serious and his voice is so monotone. He is very withdrawn."

"Is it more hinky than his attitude on his birthday?" Abby asked concerned.

"He called me Agent McGee; he has never called me Agent Mcgee. The entire morning he has not taken his eyes off his computer. He only mentioned lead he may have found for me to check out."


Gibbs walked into the lab to see what Abby had found out so far. He was surprised to see McGee down there.

"McGee, you are supposed to be working!" Gibbs growled.

"We found a lead; it looks like Sergeant Jacobs was embezzling. It is possible that the murder is connected to the embezzlement." McGee answered.

"So why are you down here?"

"Tony is being really hinky, worse than birthday hinky." Abby told him.

Gibbs was concerned. Tony always withdraws on his birthday. They always have a nice quiet dinner with just the team. The whole day he just looks like a kicked puppy. Gibbs remembers the first time Kate joined them for Tony's birthday; she had been surprised that he wasn't going all out. He couldn't imagine anything being worse than birthday hinky.

Gibbs was about to ask Abby what was going on with Tony when his phone rang.


"Tony was coughing up blood before he collapsed." Ziva told him.
Coma by Jemlela
Author's Notes:
Tony is sick and as he is giving up on life he slips into a coma
Abby started crying when she heard from Ziva that Tony was coughing up blood before he collapsed. It just made his hinky behavior that much more upsetting. Gibbs was immediately on the phone with Ducky to have him meet them in the bullpen.

Everyone arrived in the bullpen. Ziva was kneeling beside an unconscious Tony. Duck immediately began examining Tony.

"Jethro, we need to get him to Bethesda. He is burning up."

"I will call an ambulance." Ziva offered.

"No, that will take too long. I'll drive. Duck you come with me and keep an eye on him. The rest of you meet us there." Gibbs ordered.


Dr. Brad Pitt met them at the entrance. Tony was barely alive, he was having trouble breathing. Brad took over and took Tony into a private emergency room. Gibbs paced the waiting room, Ducky sat in the chair watching him pace. Abby, Ziva and Tim came running into the waiting room.

"Bossman, how is he?" Abby cried.

"We haven't heard yet. But you know Tony, he can get through anything." Gibbs comforted.

"Are you sure?" Abby asked wearily.

"Yes, I have not given Tony permission to die on me; you know he won't disobey a direct order."

Brad walked up to them. "Gibbs can I talk to you over here?"


Gibbs walked up to Brad and he took Gibbs into an empty exam room. Brad really didn't want to be the one who give him the bad news.

"How is Tony?" Gibbs asked.

"He has pneumonia, but that isn't the worse part." Brad started.

"What could be worse than pneumonia with his lungs?" Gibbs asked.

"He slipped into a coma. He is not fighting. Unless he begins to fight this, he will die. We have done all we can, the rest is up to him." Brad responded.

Gibbs felt like someone had punched him in the gut. Brad left to check on Tony. Gibbs just stood there in shock; he can't even imagine losing Tony like this. Well he knows one thing for sure, he is going to go in there and rip hip him a new one.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? I did not give you permission to die. You are going to fight this and you will win, I will not expect anything less from you. You hear me DiNozzo; that is a direct order."

Gibbs looked at the machines and saw there was no change. Abby had said that Tony had been acting more hinky than he usually does on his birthday. Whatever the reason behind his hinky behavior is somehow tied into his reason to not want to fight; and it is not like they can ask him what is going on.

"You listen to me DiNozzo and you listen good; we are not through with conversation yet." He growled.


Gibbs went back to the waiting room where the others were waiting for word.

"How is he?" Abby cried.

"Tony has pneumonia and he slipped into coma." Gibbs answered.

"But he will be alright, yes?" Ziva asked.

"I don't know. He is refusing to fight the illness. He has given up and we don't know why."

"No, he has to fight; he just has to." Abby cried.


A week had passed and there had been no change in Tony's condition. The pneumonia has cleared up, but Tony won't wake up. Gibbs only leaves Tony's side to shower and for coffee. Brad put an extra bed in there for Gibbs to sleep on. The team usually comes to visit Tony and brings Gibbs some food.

"Are we any closer to finding out what caused his hinky behavior before he collapsed?" Gibbs asked Abby one day when she came to visit.

"No, boss. I'm afraid not, but I will not give up." Abby said and then turned to her unconscious friend. "You hear me, I won't give up. So you better not either."

Brad came into the room to check on his patient. No change.

"He can stay in a coma until his body gives out. Even with the IV's we have had him on; he is still losing a lot of weight. We can't seem to stop it."

Abby and Brad left the room leaving Gibbs alone with Tony.

"Come on Tony, you need to fight. You need to wake up. You survived the pneumonic plague, are you really going to let something like pneumonia beat you." He begged.

"Leroy, come let's get you some real food." A voice said.

Gibbs looked up to see his father standing there.

"No, I need to stay with him." Gibbs argued.

"You need a break, you aren't doing him any good if when he finally decides to wake up, and he sees that you are exhausted." Jackson said dragging Gibbs away from the unconscious agent.

"It is okay Jethro; I will sit with Anthony while you are gone." Ducky offered.


Gibbs came back 3 hours later; he walked in the middle of Ducky telling him one of his stories. Jackson decided to stay with his son in Tony's room for support. He wasn't there for him when he lost Shannon and Kelly. There had been a time where he didn't think he would ever see his son again. Maybe he wouldn't have if there hadn't been that case that brought Leroy to Stillwater.

Jackson really hopes that this young man finds a way to survive this, because if he doesn't than neither will Leroy.

"I don't know what is going on in that head of yours as to why you won't fight for your life. But this is me begging you to fight, begging you to wake up." Gibbs pleaded desperately to the young man he loves as a son.

Tony's machines started going haywire before they stopped completely.

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