New Stealth by ncisraccey
Summary: An unusual case gives McGee a new power. How will he use it, and what will he discover about his team?
Categories: Gen, Het, Mixed Up, DiNozzo/McGee Characters: Anthony DiNozzo, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Original character, Timothy McGee, Ziva David
Genre: Alternate Universe, First Time
Pairing: DiNozzo/McGee
Warnings: Kink
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1. Stealth by ncisraccey

2. Invisible by ncisraccey

Stealth by ncisraccey
Author's Notes:
An unusual case gives McGee a new power. How will he use it, and what will he discover about his team?
–So, why are we going to interview this medium again?” Tony asked Tim

–Because Tony, Gibbs got a call from her saying that she’d had a vision of a dead marine!” Tim replied –Apparently we listen to crazy people these days!”

They pulled up outside Madame Foresight’s Occult Shop and Tony cut the engine. –Ok, lets see what she has to say!” Getting out of the car McGee suddenly had a terrible sense of foreboding, but he shook it off, telling himself not to be so ridiculous.

They entered the door and fought their way through the beaded curtain into a living cliché. Bottles of potions lined the floor to ceiling shelving. Shrunken heads, voodoo dolls, dream catchers and gemstones sat on velvet covered tables. A strong smell of incense hung in the air.

–You know what this reminds me of Timmy?” McGee groaned, he knew what was coming.

–It’s like ‘Live and Let Die‘! One of the best Moore-Bond films, but not a patch on any Connery! Except perhaps ’Never Say Never Again’ but that was a spoof…I hope this medium looks like Jane Seymour!”

McGee rolled his eyes and called out, –Hello! NCIS! Anyone here?” A shuffling sound from the back room told them there was and through the second beaded curtain at the back of the shop stepped Madame Foresight! Tony visibly slumped, Jane Seymour she was not! She had waist-length grey hair braided down her back and wore a very unflattering caftan. Only her green eyes defied her true age.

–I knew you’d come!” She said, the coins round her waist tinkling with the wiggle of her hips as she walked towards them.

–Well yeah. You called us!” Tony responded sarcastically.

McGee cut in, –Special Agents DiNozzo and McGee. You say you had a vision of a dead marine?”, hoping she hadn’t noticed the senior agents tone, luckily she hadn’t, or was just so used to it that it didn’t even register.

–Yes, in my dream state last evening, I saw him, he gave me Agent Gibbs’ name, told me to call him.” She motioned for them to sit on a pile of cushions in the corner of the room and went to the door to turn her ‘open’ sign to ‘closed’.

–Could you tell us a little more about your vision, Miss?” McGee sat down, followed clumsily by Tony.

–Forsythe! Maria Forsythe!” She sat cross legged in front of them. McGee smiled to himself, must have taken her ages to come up with her pseudonym! Not that he could talk!

–Ok Miss Forsythe, tell us everything.” McGee coaxed and Maria nodded.

–Ok, but they’re just snap-shots. I saw water, clear, but still…” She paused

–A marine in water?! Wow, what a leap. Well thanks we’ll be seeing you!” Tony said sceptically and got up just as clumsily as he’d got down. McGee remained seated.

–Why don’t you wait in the car Tony, I’ll finish up here!” McGee suggested and Tony left with a nod. –Sorry about him. Carry on Maria.”

–Yes, erm. Flashes of a blue uniform, medals…”

–What kind of medals?”

–Gold, round…three of them. The badge on the arm had two flashes…Eyes open, staring, wide… He gave me Gibbs‘ name. That was the end.” Maria slumped forwards, McGee caught her.
–You Ok?”

–Yeah, just such a sense of evil in the vision. I’ll be fine. Thank you. You have a kind heart, and a warm aura. I wish I could give you more information.” She smiled. –Here have this, you might need it!” She slipped a small silver ring into McGee’s palm, he thanked her and got up to leave, handing her his card as he got to the door.

–In case you have anymore visions! Let me know!”

–Good luck Agent McGee!” She said with a smile and closed the door after him.

He stood on the sidewalk and looked down at the ring in his hand. What would I need this for? He thought, slipping the ring into his left pocket and joining Tony in the car.


Scrolling through the list of AWOL Corporals, McGee yawned loudly.

–You won’t find anything McSleepy! A crazy lady having visions does not a case make! ” Tony said, looking over at him from his desk, arms behind his head in his usual casual manor.

–I know Tony, but she just seemed so concerned. I’ll cross reference all the missing men with any of them who would have had contact with Gibbs, they did mention him by name. That should narrow it down!”

–Well, I’m heading home for the night! No point us both being here on this fools errand. See you in the morning!” Tony threw his knapsack over his shoulder and headed for the elevator.

The computer beeped and three hits came up. At least he had something to report to Gibbs in the morning, three was better than fifty! ‘’Time for home’ he thought to himself and followed Tony’s route out of the bullpen.

In the elevator he put his hands in his pockets and felt the ring Madame Foresight had given to him. Taking it out he looked at it again more closely. It was a plain silver band, small, perhaps a child’s size. He slipped it onto his little finger and he disappeared! He looked down at his hands, his legs, everything gone. Not even a fuzzy reflection in the stainless steel walls of the elevator. He patted his whole body. ‘Yep, still there!’ He slid the ring back off his finger and he reappeared instantly. This required further investigation!

He hit the button for the basement. Slipping the ring back on his finger as the door opened, he crept silently into Abby’s lab. She turned as she heard the ding of the elevator, her cell to her left ear, she looked puzzled when no one stepped out but just shrugged and went back to her call.

–Sorry, thought I had a visitor, carry on…”

McGee heard the sounds of the caller, the muffled voice sounded upset.

–Look, just tell him…I know it’s awkward, life changing even, but he’ll understand! McGee is a good guy…”

From his vantage point at the lab door, McGee inhaled quickly at the sound of his own name.

–If you don’t Tony, I will!”

McGee ran for the stairwell, Abby would get too suspicious if the elevator dinged again and there was no passenger. What could his partner surely have to tell him that would be life changing? Only one way to find out! He ran to his car, curiosity getting the better of him, starting the engine he remembered he was still wearing the ring. He removed it, put it safely in his pocket and made for Tony’s apartment.
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Invisible by ncisraccey
Author's Notes:
McGee uses his new gift!
At Tony’s door he raised his hand to knock but pulled back before he made a sound, his fingers rolled into a fist and he grabbed the ring again jamming it on his finger. He pressed his now invisible ear to the door. On hearing nothing he tried the door handle. The door opened silently and Tim slipped unnoticed into his friends’ living room.

The room has warm, bright and tidy. Shelves of DVD’s lined the walls, a film on the TV was silently playing to itself. A sob from the bedroom caught Tim’s attention, so it wasn’t good news Tony had to tell him then! Feeling guilty for invading his senior agents privacy but curiosity getting the better of him, he crept toward the open door.

Tony sat on the edge of his bed, naked but for his boxer shorts, head cradled in his left hand. Tim’s first reaction was to go to his friend. He was upset and needed his support, but he held back, he was invisible and Tony had no idea he was there! Then Tim looked closer, Tony’s other hand was in his boxers stroking himself, small moans, not sobs, were coming from his workmate’s lips. He felt the urge to turn and run, he didn’t want to see his friend masturbating, but something held him in place. He found himself sinking to the floor in the doorway, his own cock twitching in response to the sight in front of him.

Tony let himself go and wriggled out of his boxers, his length was impressive, and fully stood to attention. Grabbing himself again Tony’s agile fingers stroked, milked, and squeezed his hardness. His breathing becoming more rapid with each movement. Tim went from curious to frustrated very quickly, pressing his palm to his denim-covered crotch he bit his lip to stifle his own moan. Suddenly Tony cried out and cum sprayed from his cock-tip, –Ahhh! Tim! Fuck!”

McGee’s hand stilled at the sound of his own name, confusion spread across his face followed by slow dawning realisation. That’s what Abby told Tony to tell him! Tim watched as Tony padded to the bathroom, returned with tissue and began clearing up his mess. McGee sat stunned, a million thoughts and memories flying round his head, his brain trying to piece things together. It all made so much sense now, the teasing, the head slapping, the occasional moments of affection quickly ended and pushed aside as jokes. He needed to get the hell out of there, and fast! As Tony disappeared back into the bathroom he made his move, creeping back to the front door and out into the corridor. He removed the ring as soon as he was out of sight of the door and slumped against the wall. What was he supposed to do with this information? And how did he feel about it? Just then his cell phone rang. He fished it out of his pocket, the name flashed up,


He couldn’t speak to him now. He’d just witnessed his co-worker jerking off over him! Then again he had strangely enjoyed it. He ignored the call and watched the screen as the voicemail symbol appeared in the top corner. He walked back to his car, gulped down tepid water from a bottle he found on the passenger seat, took a deep breath, and dialled his voicemail. Tony’s voice betrayed nothing of the act that had just taken place. –Hey McGoo, you Ok? You normally answer. Have you spoken to Abby? Erm, well, I need to speak to you, nothing urgent…Actually it is kind of urgent. Call me back. Please.”

The use of the word ‘please’ stunned Tim for a moment, it’s not a word DiNozzo uses very often. This was serious. Before he called Tony back, he needed to work out how he felt about the situation. He’d never thought of Tony in that way, and never in a million years thought Tony would feel that way about him. Tim drove home, mind in overdrive. He decided to sleep on it before calling his partner back, there was a lot to think about.


There was a knock at Tim’s door. Half asleep and woozy he slowly dragged his tired frame out of bed to answer it. Leaning one arm on his doorframe stood Anthony DiNozzo, soaked through from the rain beating down outside with a look of burning desire in his green eyes. Tim thought to himself that he’d never seen anything so beautiful. Then before he could collect his thoughts, Tony pounced. Hot wet lips crashed on his, Tony tasted of sweet rain and even sweeter whiskey, frantic hands fisted his hair and he groaned at the exquisite pain. As one they stumbled to the couch and landed in a tangled mess of limbs and passion………………

Tim’s eyes shot open to see only his dimly lit bedroom. His heart was beating double time and his whole body drenched in sweat. It was only a dream! To his surprise he found himself utterly disappointed and unbelievably horny. ‘I guess that sleeping on it really helped.’ He thought with a smile and gently rubbed his aching cock.

A knock at his door made him leap three feet into the air, well at least it felt like it anyway. He glanced at the clock on his nightstand, it was 11:48, and that’s when he noticed the torrential downpour hitting his window.
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