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1. NCSI by gabby

2. He saved my life by gabby

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12. Good bye, or not by gabby

NCSI by gabby
Flash back

“Amy” CSI Tim Speedle sighed deeply as CSI Amy Delko broke the kiss they where sharing to push Speedle back so he was lying on the bed. “You know I love you, right?”
Amy did not reply. She never did. Instead she kissed him again, and allowed her hands to wander up and down his chest. His arms wrapped around the waist line of her jeans. She really did love this man, but had never had the courage to say it. She snuggled into his arms and kissed him again.
“Promise that we can be like this forever” she said sleepily. Speedle tightened his hold on her and moved her hair to kiss the side of her neck.
“I promise, Amy.” Speedle said. “Even though we can technically loose our jobs. Inter department relationships are prohibited. And I do not think that Horatio will like to hear that I am sleeping with his sister in law. And Eric would be worse. I am actually kind of surprised that Stettler never said anything to us. Its like he’s pretending that he does not know.”
“That’s because he probably commits the same offenses in his mind at night. Lets not think about what Eric and Horatio will do to you.” She said. He smiled and kissed her nose before moving to her mouth. “Better yet, let’s stop thinking in general”
“OK” Speedle replied, before she kissed him with everything she had.

Amy and Speedle made their way up to the jewelry shop, along with Lieutenant Richard Stettler. All three of them were armed with their service weapons and had bullet proof vests on.
“Amy, are you sure you want to do this?” Stettler asked.
“Why do you keep asking me?” Amy asked.
“Because Horatio said that you do not have to come” Stettler replied.
“You told me that, and so did he. I want to go, Stettler, so drop it.” She answered.
“Will you two stop already? Seriously, you’re acting like a married couple” Speedle interrupted as Stettler was about to reply. Amy threw him a look. He gave her a look that told her to drop it, and she did.
“Come on,” Stettler said, and they followed him into the store. Amy and Speedle looked around as Stettler talked to the jewelry clerk.
Speedle suddenly snapped his head to his left. He slowly withdrew his weapon and walked in that direction.
“Speedle?” Amy asked, and suddenly saw a male come out from underneath a table with a gun. Amy withdrew her weapon as shots were fired. Speedle tried to fire back, but his gun malfunctioned.
“NO” Speedle said seconds after shots were fired at Amy. “I don’t think so” he jumped in the way and got nailed in the chest and head.
“Speedle” Amy yelled as Stettler and her fired back. Stettler checked the suspects pulse and called in for medical assistance. Amy checked Speedle’s pulse. “Speed.”
He saved my life by gabby
“Amy” Lieutenant Horatio Caine said quietly, seeing his sister in law bent over Speedle. “Amy, its time to let him go”
“Horatio” Amy managed. “He tried to shoot the gun, but he couldn’t.”
“We’ll look into it, Amy” Horatio said softly. He walked the last few feet and managed to pry Amy from Speedle. “It’s all going to be ok.” He held her in his arms as she started to sob.
“H.” Eric Delko said. He walked over to the body. Amy could tell that Eric was about to break too, but was keeping it in check.
“Everything will be OK. Horatio repeated, causing more tears from Amy.
“I have to get him to autopsy Horatio” The medical examiner, Alexx Woods whispered in his ear so Amy would not overhear. Horatio nodded.
“He saved my life. It should have been me that had died, not Speedle.
“This is not you’re fault, Amy.” Horatio told her.
The truth by gabby
“Horatio, did you know about any girlfriend that Tim may have had?” Alexx asked Horatio when he and Amy came down to her.
“No, should I be looking for one.” Horatio asked.
“I found semen in his boxers.” Alexx said. “It is possible that he had sex with someone hours before his death. Amy grimaced. She knew it would come down to this at some point, jut not yet. She looked up from Speedle’s body.
“He did.” Amy managed her voice barely above a whisper.
“Amy?” Horatio asked, walking over to her.
“We had sex right before we got the call.” Amy told him. She would not meet his eyes.. “I loved him, Horatio.”
“Amy” Horatio said softly, and folded her into his arms. “Why didn’t you say anything sooner?”
“Because I am pretty sure that you did not want to hear that I was sleeping with Speedle.” Amy answered as Eric walked in along with CSI Ryan Wolfe.
“You what?” Eric asked. Amy took a deep breath.
“how long has this been going on, Amy” Horatio asked.
“Every since the Everson case.” Amy answered. “I loved him. I never gathered the courage to tell him, no matter how many times he said it to me.”
“You and Speedle were together?” Eric asked. Amy nodded. Eric walked over to her and kissed her forehead. “Even though it was not supposed to happen?” Amy nodded again, and tears began to fall down her face again. “Everything will be alright Amy.
“I love you, Eric” Amy managed, and broke away from Horatio to hug him.
“Next time you are getting it on with a coworker, talk to me” Eric told her.
“Eric” Horatio warned but Amy giggled.
“I want to continue working this investigation, Horatio” Amy said.
“No. I know that there is no point in telling you to go home, but cannot be placed on this case.” Horatio told her. “Not my rules.”
“Do you want Amy to work with me, Horatio?” Ryan asked. Amy had almost forgotten that Ryan was there.
“Please, Mr. Wolfe.” Horatio said. “Hang in there, Amy”
“Thanks Horatio.” Amy said.
back to work by gabby
“We have never been this busy in a long time” Alexx said to Amy and Ryan when they came down stairs. “4 bodies in one day”
“Do we know anything about the victim, Alexx” Ryan asked, seeing a hint of a grimace cross Amy’s face before she masked it.
“He was a marine” Alexx told them. She held up military ID.
“Could this have been a terrorist attack, Alexx” Amy asked, finally tearing her eyes away from the covered body she knew to be Speedle.
“Yes, it could be, or it could be a coincident.” Alexx replied
“I will let Horatio know.” Amy said..
“Let me know what?” Horatio asked, walking into autopsy with CSI Calleigh Ducane.
“That we may be dealing with a terrorist. Our victim was in the Marines” Amy told him.
“We have to let NCIS in on this.” Horatio said. “In the meantime, get some sleep, the both of you.” Horatio said, giving Amy a look.
“After everything that happened in the last 5 hours, I am supposed to go home and sleep, knowing that when I wake up, I will still have to deal with all of this? There is no way that I will be able to sleep.” Amy said.
“Well, at least go home and try” Horatio suggested.
“I’ll swing by later and give you a prescription for pills that will help you sleep, sweetie” Alexx offered, putting down the scalpel and hugging her.
“Thank you, Alexx.” Amy said.
NCIS by gabby
“Agent Jethro Gibbs, NCIS” Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs said to Horatio. “And this is Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.”
“Lieutenant-CSI Horatio Caine; these are the CSI’s assigned to the investigation, Ryan Wolfe, and my sister in law, Amy Delko.” Horatio said. They all shook hands..
“You’re the one that lost you’re boyfriend yesterday in that shooting.” Tony DiNozzo said to Amy.
“DiNozzo” Agent Gibbs said.
“Word travels fast.” Amy said the slight smile that had been on her face disappeared.
“I’ll show you to Autopsy.” Horatio said. Ryan and Amy followed the group down to autopsy.
“How are you doing by the way?” Ryan asked in her ear.
“I am fine, Ryan.” Amy lied. The look on Ryan’s face told her that he knew that she was everything but fine, but he did not press it.
“If you say so, Amy” Ryan replied in a whisper. “It is ok to let you’re emotions out. If I did not see the way you looked in autopsy last week, I would say that you are not human.”
getting comfy by gabby
“What have you got for me Delko” Gibbs asked, a month later, bringing Amy out of her thoughts and back to the present. She saw that he was holding a coffee out to her. “It’s Mint.
“Thanks. How did you know that I drink mint coffee” Amy asked.
“I just figured that you where the type of person to like mint coffee.” Gibbs said as though that where obvious. “Now what have you got for me.
“The bullet was definitely from a sniper.” Amy replied. :”I am searching for the fingerprints now.”
“That all?” Gibbs asked, moving closer to her as DiNozzo and Eric came up to the doorway.
“Gibbs is never like that” Tony said in shock.
“Like what?” Eric asked.
“For one, Gibbs buys nobody coffee. Two, the only women that have their personal space invaded like that are the ones that end up getting married to her, and Abby, our forensic technician.
“Yes, that’s all,” Amy said. Gibbs hugged her.
“I am sorry about your loss” He said in her ear and kissed her forehead.
“Thank you, Gibbs” Amy said into his neck. For some reason, being in his arms made everything better for her.
“I am willing to bet you 50 bucks that they will kiss before we solve this case.” Tony said.
“I am not going to bet 50 bucks on my sister sleeping with him” Eric said. “100. And Gibbs ends up staying longer”
“Oh, someone is feeling rich.” Tony said as Gibbs walked over to them. “Deal.”
“When you two are done betting on my sex life” he said head slapping the both of them as he walked past. Eric grimaced.
“You get used to that after a while.” Tony told him quietly.
“What was that, honey buns?” Gibbs called.
“Honey buns?” Eric chuckled, walking away. “I am not even going to ask”
“It was in my emails” Tony called. Eric laughed.
high emotions by gabby
“Hey, Amy. How are you doing?” Stettler asked Amy.
“I’m fine, Stettler. Unfortunately we can not say the same for Speedle.” Amy answered.
“Look, I am sorry about Speedle.” Stettler said. “We did all we could do for him.”
“I did all I could do for him. You did not even call paramedics for him” Amy said.
“He was already gone.” Stettler reminded her.
“Yeah, but the paramedics may have been able to revive him.” Amy said. “You called paramedics for the suspect, but did not even bother to call them for Speedle. Do you not realize that Speedle saved both of our asses?”
“He was nowhere near me.” Stettler said.
“We both know very well Stettler that if he had not pulled his gun out, we would have never had the chance to draw our weapons.” Amy said.
“What did make you draw your weapon? You never saw the guy until he started shooting.” Stettler said.
“I had a gut feeling, Ok Stettler. I had a gut feeling that I would never see him again. That’s why I insisted on going. I wanted to be there incase a shooting broke out.” Amy said, raising her voice as Gibbs and Horatio turned the corner.
“Well, looks like she exploded” Horatio said.
“I loved him, Stettler, and because of your goddamn crush on me, I never got to tell him.” She continued.
“You had plenty of chances, Delko” Stettler said and walked away. Horatio pulled Amy into his arms.
“You have quit a set of lungs” Gibbs said with a half smile.
“Sorry about that, Horatio. I just cannot stand him anymore. The fact that he did absolutely nothing after Speedle saved our lives did not help much”
“Never say sorry Delko. It is a sign of weakness” Gibbs said. Amy nodded.
Ari by gabby
“Amy, There was a nine millimeter casing at the jewelry store. There was a sniper bullet in Speedle. We have two shootings. I got nothing back on the bullet that killed him” Eric said to Amy.
“Thanks. I am working on the sniper bullet from our crime scene.” Amy answered. Eric walked away as Gibbs came in.
“What have you got for me, Amy” He asked. Amy immediately noticed the name change and grinned. The computer in front of her beeped and he invaded her personal space yet again to see the results. Amy was used to this, and in a way it actually kind of comforted her.
“It is a match to another crime scene.” Amy said. She hit a button for the details of the case. “Or cases”
“It started with the earliest shootings first.” Gibbs noted. He began to read the case report. He saw the victims name and slammed his fist on the table. “Ari”
“Who is Ari?” Amy asked. She opened the other case report. “Whoever he is shot Speedle”
“Ari is a terrorist that NCIS has been trying to find since he killed one of my agents, Kate Todd.”
“You’re telling me he is here in Miami?”
“It is possible”
a plan by gabby
“We found him,” Horatio said. “Amy, you cannot go”
“I read up on this guy, Horatio. He is as shady as shady comes. He is a bastard in capital letters.” Amy said, fixing the bullet proof vest she had on.
“Amy” Horatio pleaded.
:”Look, just tell me to stay here and give me a good reason and I will. But I know in my gut that I need to go with you guys.” Amy defended herself.
“You spent way too much time with Gibbs.” Tony said.
“You guys don’t even have a plan,” Amy said before Horatio could respond.
“And you do?” Horatio asked.
“Yes. Gibbs can lure Ari to my apartment since Ari is after Gibbs. I can follow Ari, and we can make the arrest. If anything happens we will have walki talkies.” Amy replied.
“The only part I do not like is you being involved.” Gibbs said. Amy looked at him and immediately regretted it. She had never thought about how goddamn hot a guy could be in a bullet proof vest with Police stenciled on the back until that moment.
“Why?” Amy asked.
“Wasn’t one traumatic experience enough for you?” Gibbs asked.
“One traumatic experience will not stop me from doing my job, Agent Gibbs” Amy said. Gibbs gave her a look that usually had Tony ducking for cover, but Amy did not budge.
“Fine.” Gibbs said. Amy grinned at him.
kill Ari by gabby
“I have you here, alone. I really thought that you would be smarter than that, Agent Gibbs.” Ari Hatsuwi said to Gibbs in the kitchen.
“I thought that you would be smart enough to know not to kill any more people.” Gibbs said.
“That bastard was in my way of another cop that I shot at.” Ari defended himself. Amy, who was watching through the kitchen window, suddenly realized that he was talking about her. If Speedle had not been there, she would have died. Even worse, If she had not been there, then Speedle would have never died.
“So who are you after, me or Amy Delko?” Gibbs asked.
“I found someone I would rather have dead, Agent Gibbs. Tell me were Amy Delko is, and you will not die.” Ari told him.
“You really think that you would win that fight after you killed her boyfriend?” Gibbs asked. Ari raised the gun and took it off safety.
“You just made a big mistake” He said. He put his fingers on the trigger and shots were fired. Ari dropped, dead.
“That was not apart of the plan:” Gibbs said, walking over to Amy as she replaced her gun.
“Speedle already lost his life because my gut told me to go with him. I was not going to let you die for me too.” Amy told him. Gibbs pulled her into his arms. Amy started to shake.
“You are Ok, Amy.” Gibbs whispered, kissing her forehead
I love you by gabby
Amy stood as Speedle’s military style memorial service started. She stood next to Gibbs and Horatio, Horatio with his arm comfortingly around her and Gibbs on her other side, their hands loosely entwined. All the cops that had come, including Gibbs, who had not even known Speedle, had a black strip over their badges. For some reason, as the guns went off, the song hero by Mariah Carey played in her head, and Amy thought back to all of the good times she had with Speedle.
When the guns stopped, everyone got in line to pay their last respect to Speedle. Amy could not help but smile when she heard Horatio say that he owed him his life. Amy walked up to the coffin and tears came to her eyes again.
“I’m sorry Speedle. I love you.” She managed. She caught up with Horatio easily, since everyone was offering him their condolences. Gibbs followed behind her. Horatio placed his arm on her back, and when Gibbs caught up with them, he entwined their hands again. By the time they made it to the exit to the cemetery, the whole team and Gibbs where linked together.
Good bye, or not by gabby
“Bye, Gibbs.” Amy said at the airport a week later. Gibbs pulled her into a strong hug.
“If you need anything, call me.” He whispered in her ear.
“I will, “Amy replied.
“See you, Delko,” Tony DiNozzo said. “Really soon, hopefully?”
“Don’t flatter yourself, DiNozzo” Gibbs said. He and Tony turned to leave. Suddenly Gibbs stopped. He could not leave. He may never see Amy again. For some reason, he could not deal with that.
“Gibbs, you coming” Tony asked, and turned to see Gibbs’s head turned slightly so he could see Amy out of the corner of his eye. Gibbs suddenly turned around and jogged back to Amy.
“You forgot something?” Amy asked, and their eyes met.
“Yeah,” He said quietly and keeping his eyes locked with hers he once again stepped into her personal space. “You” Amy barely had enough time to register this before his lips pressed gently against hers. Amy kissed him back just as gently, only their lips meeting. When they pulled away, their eyes locked again, and Gibbs lifted her up. Amy shrieked and then giggled until she was silenced by Gibbs’s lips again.
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