undercover by gabby
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undercover by gabby
“Amy, please?” Lieutenant Richard Stettler said to CSI Amy Delko. Amy turned. “I did everything I could for Tim.”
“No Stettler, I did everything that could have been done for him” Amy said.
“Look, it is not my fault that his gun malfunctioned. He never cleaned it, Amy. He should have learned from the last time.” Stettler replied. “He was gone before we got to him.”
“He was gone before I got to him.” Amy corrected him. “You went directly to the shooter. I went to Speedle and he was gone.”
“See, what else could have been done for him?” Stettler asked.
“Oh, I don’t know. The paramedics could have revived him, for starters.” Amy said sarcastically. Stettler took a step towards her.
“I did not think it was a good idea. If it did not work, you would have been worse off than you are now. I hated seeing you like that, Amy.” He told her.
“And if it did work?” Amy asked, her tone softening.
“It would not have worked.” Stettler said gently.
“You did not want it to work.” Amy interjected. “You thought that I would sleep with you if I lost Speedle.”
“No, Amy.” Stettler told her. “I love you. I would have never let Tim come if I had known that he would die.”
“You had no problem with him going.” Amy shot at him. “You kept telling me not to go. You had no problem with Speedle going with us.” Stettler pulled her into his arms.
“I’m sorry, Amy.” Stettler said. Amy did not bother pushing him away. Tears were in her eyes as she buried her head against his chest.
Secrets by gabby
“Amy, do you have a hit from AFIS?” Amy’s boss/ brother in law, Lieutenant Horatio Caine asked.
“AFIS did not generate a hit yet.” Amy said, hastily shoving her phone into her pocket.
“Are you OK?” Horatio asked. He had noticed a change in Amy. It was as though she was hiding something from him. The strange thing was that Amy had never hid anything from him, even before he married her older sister, Marisol.
“I am fine” Amy said, not meeting his hazel eyes. She knew that he would know that something was up if she looked him in the eye.
Strange behavior by gabby
“Calliegh, what have you got from the bullets?” Horatio asked, Calliegh Ducane, as he entered the ballistics lab, pushing his worries for Amy to the back of his mind.
“The guns were a .38 and a riffle. I believe there were 2 killers.” She said.
“Have you noticed a difference in Amy?” Horatio asked her before he could stop himself.
“She has been more secretive recently.” Calliegh said.
“How recently” Horatio asked.
“I first noticed it 3 or 4 days ago. Not that long.” She answered. Horatio mentally beat himself up. How could he have not notice that big of a change in his sister in law? “And it is not really that strange, but I know that Amy hates Stettler, but I saw them hugging.”
“Maybe she just needed comfort from Speedle’s death.” Horatio said.
“And she has been paying a lot more attention to her phone.” Calliegh finished. “She is not into anything, is she?”
“I hope not” Horatio said, and left.
friends? by gabby
“Amy, let me take you out to dinner.” Stettler said.
“Fine,” Amy said, sounding annoyed. He had brought up dinner numerous times, but she did not want to seem too quick to say yes, otherwise he would have gotten suspicious. She did after all hat him.
“Tonight, as soon as you go off duty.” Stettler said.
“Ok” Amy replied, and for the first time ever, gave Stettler a small smile.
“You should smile like that more often.” He told her, and walked passed Amy’s older brother, Eric on his way out.
“Thanks” Amy called out to him. Stettler gave her the thumbs up.
“Great, now my sister is getting it on with Stettler.” Eric said, rolling his eyes.
“Going out to dinner as friend’s is not getting it on with him” Amy told him.
“And since when have you and Stettler been friends?” Eric asked. Amy ignored him.
good acting by gabby
Amy smiled as Stettler followed her up to her door. “I had a really good time”
“Me too. See, that was not that bad, now was it?” he said. Amy chuckled and turned to face him. He entered her personal space. “No, it was not”
Stettler pressed his lips gently to hers, and she froze. She forced herself to kiss him back, and was surprised that he was actually a decent kisser. He placed his hands at her waist gently as she wrapped her arms around his neck. When oxygen became a necessity they broke the kiss.
“Don’t pinch me, think I am dreaming” Stettler murmured, lowering his lips to the side of her neck.
“Think we should go inside. Don’t…want….to give everyone a show” Amy said in a mock breathless voice. Thank god she was a good actor.
“Then lets go” Stettler suggested, and let go of her long enough to unlock the door to her house. She stepped inside and Stettler shut the door behind him before pushing her against the wall and covering his mouth with hers.
miscomunications by gabby
“Hey” Stettler said, walking into the DNA lab and finding Amy there, perched on a stool in front of CODIS.
“Hey,” She answered back, not looking away from the screen. Stettler placed a medium coffee in front of her.
“Mint. With cream and sugar.” He said.
“How did you know that I drink Mint Coffee?” Amy asked, finally looking at him.
“You just seemed to be the Mint kind of person” He whispered in her ear before pressing a kiss just below it as NCIS Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs walked in.
“Hey, A- Oh” Gibbs froze, and Amy turned and saw him.
“Ill be right back have to find Horatio” She said as he walked off. She went after him.
“Gibbs, we have to talk.” She called after him after she was sure Stettler would not hear.
“What is there to talk about, CSI Delko?” Gibbs asked. He was visibly pissed, and Amy could not blame him. The empty elevator shaft opened up a few feet away. Amy all but dragged him into the elevator and flipped the emergency switch before turning to face him. “You kiss me, then you go and get it on with Stettler? Stettler Amy, of all people”
“There is nothing going on between me and Stettler.” Amy said.
“Then why was he kissing you on the neck.” Gibbs asked, his voice raising.
“God Damn it” Amy banged her head against the elevator wall. “If I where to tell you something top secret, would you tell a living soul?”
“No” Gibbs said, shock lowering his voice.
“I am undercover, Gibbs. Not even Horatio knows it. I am investigating Stettler so that I can get into his personal files. He keeps them unlocked at home, but everywhere else I need his password to be able to get in. I tried everything I could think of for a password, but nothing worked.” Amy explained.
“Why not just ask for McGee or Cuvares?” Gibbs asked.
“Because there is no way to hack into the account.” Amy told him.
“Who put you undercover” He threw at her.
“I did because I am the only one who finds it odd that all 18 of his girlfriends have died of mysterious causes. He puts everything into those files.” Amy told him. “Gibbs, I hate Stettler, you know that. I would never do anything to jeopardize my relationship with you”
Gibbs pulled her into his arms. “Ok”
“I missed you” she whispered into his chest.
“Missed you too, Amy. Glad to see you, even if it was not the best scenario.”
Time to tell by gabby
Gibbs lay on the bed, thinking about Amy sleeping with Stettler right now. He could not believe that she had gone that far to get to his personal files. There was a nock on the door, and Gibbs opened it.
“Gibbs. I really screwed up the investigation, but I do not care anymore, I just want to lay with you.” Amy said really fast before throwing herself at him.
“Amy, you need to breathe before you die from a lack of oxygen.” Gibbs said. Amy inhaled his scent, causing him to chuckle.
“Now start over, slowly” He told her, leading her to the bed, and putting pressure on her to sit down.
“He said that he loves me, and I tried to think of you being there instead to get rid of the nausea that I felt. I couldn’t do it. I cant sleep with him when you are so close.” She told him. “ I will drop the investigation.”
“Do you want to drop it?” Gibbs asked, knowing full well that she did not.
“No” She answered.
“Then we can work this out.” Gibbs said as his phone rang. Amy laid back and he answered it. “Yeah, Gibbs”
“Hey, I just got a call from Stettler. He is at Amy’s, and she just ran out of the house. She never returned. He called because he thought she came here.”
“She is right here, Horatio. She was feeling overwhelmed. She has a lot on her mind right now. Tell him that she needs fresh air” Gibbs said.
“Ok.” Horatio said. “Is she ok”
“She’s fine.” Gibbs answered and handed the phone to her. Amy took a deep breath.
“I have to tell him” She said.
“No, you don’t” Gibbs told her in a whisper.
“Yes, I do.” She said, and put the phone to her ear. “Horatio, Where are you?”
Time alone by gabby
“I told him that you needed to get out of the house.” Horatio told Amy. Amy sighed with relief.
“That can actually work both ways, because he may invite me to his place, where I can….” She started. Horatio cut her off.
“I have a better idea. We try to get a search warent for his house.” He said.
“But I do not have enough evidence.” She said.
“just follow my lead.” Horatio told her. Amy looked at Gibbs, who nodded.
“He is right” he said as Stettler came in.
“If it was something I said, I am sorry” He said, rushing to her. Gibbs rolled his eyes.
“It wasn’t.” Amy said. She thought fast and said the first thing that came to mind. “If you where to kill somebody, where would you put the body.”
“In some ones backyard. I would burry it. No one would know.” Stettler said instinctively. Amy froze. Stettler had been doing yard work.
“Look, I need time to be alone. Do you mind if I head home?” she asked him.
“sure.” Stettler said. Amy all but ran out of her office and texted Gibbs. She would need help now.
Start digging by gabby
“You really think that they are in your back yard?” Gibbs asked. Amy nodded. They searched for an area recently dug and started digging.
“Shit” Amy said five minutes later. Gibbs walked over to her as she backed away from the whole.
“Good work. Ill call Horatio to get that warrant.” He said, then pulled her into his arms. In a few hours time, it would all be over. Amy would no longer be undercover.
“Hey” Horatio said from behind them. Gibbs turned.
“Maybe we do not need to call him.” He said. “We found a body. Think it is time to get a warrant.”
distractions by gabby
“Amy, if he suspects anything, he will run. I need you to distract him. I have a feeling that the bodies are in his backyard. Agents McGee and Cuvares, your job is to get into that computer.” Horatio said. “Everyone else will be digging.”
“I have a question. Do I actually have to sleep with him?” Amy asked.
“No. Best bet is to get him out of the house. I am going to follow you two, along with Justin. If anything were to go wrong, you would have 2 skilled shooters on your back.” Gibbs told her.
“ok, that I can do” Amy said, relieved.
“Lets head out troops” Agent Tony DiNozzo said, inserting his communication device in his ear. Gibbs adjusted Amy’s on the way out.
realizations by gabby
“Damn it. We lost them” Agent Justin Derrudo said.
“Find them” Gibbs said, an edge in his voice.
“Working as fast as I can, Gibbs,” Agent McGee said in his ear. Gibbs slammed his hand against the dashboard. He had promised Amy that she would be in no danger. He was wrong, and now he could not be there if anything where to happen to her, just like when Shannon and Kelly died.
Why is it that everyone I truly love dies at a time when I can not be there? He thought. That was when it hit him that he loved Amy more than he had loved Shannon. He would not let her die. “That’s not fast enough, McGee.”
“We will find her boss” Agent Tony DiNozzo said through the ear piece.
“They stopped moving, Boss.” Agent Josh Cuvares said.
“Where are they, Cuvares?” Gibbs asked.
“At 135 Eastern Drive.” McGee and Cuvares said simultaneously.
“That Bastard. They are at Amy’s place. Switch, Derrudo.” Gibbs said. Justin pulled over and they switched places. Gibbs did an illegal u turn that threw his agent against the door.
“Don’t kill me” Justin pleaded, trying to lighten the mood. Gibbs gave him a stare and he shut up.
“Hang in there, Amy.” Gibbs whispered.
blown cover by gabby
“Stettler, I swear, I am not undercover.” Amy said as Stettler threw her into her house. She hit the ground with a groan and for a moment contemplated not getting up. After nearly 2 months of sleepless nights, aside from the last one, which she had slept through the night in Gibbs’s strong arms, the ground did not seem that bad.
“Get up, you traitor. I gave you everything I had, and the whole time you were investigating me.” He wacked her across the face with his gun and the lights went out. He took her earpiece and placed duct tape over her mouth and bound her hands and feet with rope and locked her in a closet before leaving.
lost and found by gabby
“NCIS” McGee and Cuvares yelled, barging into Amy’s apartment 3 days later. Amy felt her heart rise. Cuvares and McGee threw open the first door they came upon, guns drawn. They lowered their guns.
“Amy” Josh said, and pulled her out of the closet. While he worked on the duct tape on her mouth, McGee undid the rope binding her hands and feet.
‘I am going to call Horatio” He said.
“Gibbs” Amy said hoarsely, then coughed.
“I will call Gibbs” Josh said to McGee and pulled out his phone.
safe and sound by gabby
Amy was sitting up against the wall wrapped in a blanket that Josh found laying around and a cold water by the time Gibbs burst into the house. He had one thing on his mind; Amy.
“Gibbs” Amy said, trying to stand up. Gibbs grabbed her shoulders and pushed her gently back to the ground then sat beside her.
“You alright?” he asked, wanting to pull her into his arms but not knowing if it was a good idea. He did not know what happened to her in that closet, and the last thing he wanted was for her to be afraid of him.
“I am better now,” Amy said as Gibbs inspected her face. She looked as exhausted as he felt. He sighed with relief when she snuggled into his side. He hesitantly wrapped an arm around her and kissed the side of her head.
“I am sorry” he whispered. Amy looked up at him.
“Never say sorry, it’s a sign of weakness” She reiterated what he had once told her after hearing her say sorry.
“I promised that you would not get hurt.” He said.
“it is not your fault” Amy told him sleepily. She slowly drifted to sleep. Horatio came running in.
“How is she” He asked. He saw her chest rise and fall and sighed with relief.
“She is getting a very long overdue and well-earned nap.” Gibbs said, causing Horatio to smile slightly.
“I am going to order that she take time off.” He said. Amy’s eyes shot open.
“Hey, its ok. You are safe.” Gibbs said softly against her hair seeing the fear in her eyes.
“Horatio, I am telling you now, I refuse to ever go undercover again.” She said before falling back asleep.
“I will make sure of that, Amy” Horatio said in a whisper as Eric walked in.
early birthday present by gabby
“I am really going to miss you,” Amy said to Gibbs at the airport. Everyone else had already boarded the plane to bring them back to Washington. He kissed her, and when they broke away there where tears in her eyes.
“Awe, please don’t cry Amy. I swear, I will get away as soon as possible to visit, no business intended.” Gibbs said, feeling his own heart shatter. He was having a hard time leaving. He could not get out of mind Stettler being so close to her when he first saw her.
“I love you,” Amy said, fighting for control.
“I love you too” he said. He wanted to tell her more than Shannon, but did not want to cause more tears. Amy’s phone rang and she answered it.
“I have an early birthday present for you” Eric said through the phone.
“Really?” Amy asked. She looked at Gibbs, who gave her a grin.
“Yep. Go into your jacket pocket.” Eric instructed her. Amy did. “The other pocket”
“Eric, holy shit. How the hell did you do that?” Amy asked, inspecting a one way ticket to the plane to Washington that was about to leave.
“I never state my resources.” He said. “Horatio does not want to see your face in the lab for at least a month.”
“With this ticket, he wont see my face in Miami for a month,” Amy said, giving the ticket to Gibbs for him to examine. She froze. “one problem”
“What?” Eric asked.
“The plane is about to leave, and I have no luggage.” Amy stated the obvious.
“I have you covered. Go to your car and open the door.” Eric said. Amy covered her phone to talk to Gibbs.
“Hang on a sec.” she said, and ran to her car.
“The back seat, Delko” Eric said.
“How do you know where I am, what did you follow me.” Amy asked.
“Just do as I say” Eric told her. Amy opened the door to the back seat and found a bag. “Everything you need. Clothes, deodorant, everything. Me and Calleigh put it together.
“Gibbs has something to do with this, doesn’t he?” Amy asked.
“Maybe.” He said.
“If only you where here, Eric. I will miss you.” Amy told him, grabbing the bag and locking her doors.
“Turn around” Eric said, and she heard him behind her and through the phone. She turned and saw him, Horatio and Calleigh standing there.
“You guys really outdid yourselves” She said and ran over to hug them, and in her brothers’ case, kiss their cheeks.
“ I meant what I said.” Horatio said.
“Me too. Think one of you may have to drag me away.” Amy said as Gibbs came up with a smirk.
“Like your present, Am?” he asked. She grinned.
“Damn right I do. I should have known something was strange.” She said and ran into his arms and kissed his mouth quickly a few times.
“This works out good since Stettler is on the run and after you. We all agreed that it would be best if you came to Washington with me, and on top of that, you would probably not argue about it anyways.” Horatio told her.
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