And it all blows up by gabby
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And it all blows up by gabby
NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs laid in bed, mesmerized by his sleeping girlfriend, CSI Amy Delko. Every since they had come to his house, he got the feeling that he never wanted to let go of her again, literally. He had a flashback to what he now considered some of the worst days of his life, when Amy had went missing while undercover. He had a gut feeling that he would never see her again, and so when she leaned on him after being found by his agents, he had felt like it was a dream that he never wanted to wake up from.
–Up already, Gibbs?” Amy asked, waking up slowly. Gibbs chuckled and kissed the crook of her neck.
–In more ways than one, Amy” he said in her ear before kissing just below it. She grinned.
–I can tell,” she said, and pushed her hips back against his. He growled.
–I love you” He said.
–I love you too, Gibbs” Amy said, turning in his arms to kiss him. He wanted to tell her that he loved her more than he loved his first wife, Shannon, but never seemed to be able to, even after coming so close to losing her forever. Gibbs’s phone rang.
–Maybe if we ignore it it will go away.” Gibbs said hopefully, continuing to kiss her.
–I think we both know that is not happening” She chuckled in between kisses. He grabbed his phone from behind, not pulling his lips from his lover.
–Yeah, Gibbs” He said, catching his breath. Amy silently flipped him onto his back so she was straddling him. –I am gone for a week, and you managed to blow the place up? Jeez. I was joking when I said not to blow up NCIS, did not think it would actually happen.” Amy, who had been attacking his neck and chest with light kisses, froze her ministrations to look at him. –How many people got hurt, DiNozzo?” He paused. –Good. I am on my way.”
–NCIS got blown up?” Amy asked when he hung up. She rolled off him. He groaned and nodded.
–Nobody got hurt. We have no headquarters now.” Gibbs said. –Considering that you are leaving tomorrow I did not want to go in today, but it looks like I have to.”
–CSI has space.” Amy suggested. They both laughed.
–That would be great.” Gibbs said. They both knew that chances are, NCIS would not be moved to Miami, since they both wanted it badly. If NCIS got relocated to CSI, then Amy and Gibbs would be able to live together.
–Can I come?” Amy asked.
–Sure” Gibbs said.
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