Rebuilding His Life Again by Midnightstarlight23
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Chapter 2 by Midnightstarlight23
After Tony's departure the silence didn't last every long as everyone started whispering to each other wondering what was going on.

But not one had a clue.

They kept throwing glances at Mcgee and Ziva but they were ignored.

Mcgee stared at the spot Tony was standing moments a go. After his shock had reduced somewhat did he remember what Tony had said.

Slowly he turned and looked at Ziva.

Ziva pretended that she wasn't aware that Mcgee was looking at her. She would wait until he gave up.

Mcgee didn't back down easily though. They stayed that was for five minutes.

When she finally notices he wasn't going to back down. She snapped.

"What Mcgee!"

Mcgee for his part didn't even flinch at her harsh voice.

Everyone turned and looked at them, but when Ziva glared at them they went back to work.

"You know what.' He snapped back. "What was Tony talking about?"

Ziva Stared at him glaring she didn't know what to say to him.

She was saved from answering as Gibbs walked down the director office pissed. He stormed to his desk and sat down ignoring the stares from everyone around him.

Having enough he turned his death stare at them and growled.


Everyone in the room flinched.

But didn't dare say anything.

Once he was out of the prying eyes. He let his guard down and his hurt was shown as he headed to his car. His eyes stung and tear slid down. Wiping furiously. He walked to his car threw his bag in the passenger seat and got in the driver seat.

He stared blankly out the window.

He couldn't be weak.

He had a lot to do before he had to report for his new position.

Grabbing his cell phone. He dialed the number he was looking for and waited for the other person to answer.

"Hey its me." He said as the other line was picked up.


He was furious,

He had just told his son that he didn't want him on the team.

What had he done?

He could feel everyone looking at him but ignore them. He knew that they were wondering what was going, he had no idea what Tony had said, but by the looks he was getting they didn't know anything that had happen in the directors office.

He turned to look at Tony's desk and saw his gun and badge sitting on the top of his desk innocently.

But all they were doing were mocking him.

Something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye.

He turned and his breath caught in his throat.

There at the corner of his desk sat the box that held his medals that Tony took care as if they were his own.

He had lost his son.


Tony arrived at his apartment with a box of pizza and beer.

He knew that Abby will be stopping by later demanding answers, he thought that by now everyone at NCIS would have heard of his 'promotion'.

He still couldn't wrap his head around what happen.


He had gotten to work early to finish his report before everyone got there.

He had been working silently for an hour and had just proof read his report one last time before printing a copy for Gibbs.

When the silence was interrupted by the arrival of the elevator he turn to see who was here.

He saw Gibbs step out.

"Good Morning Boss." He said cheerfully. As Gibbs headed to his desk, He grunted something at him when he had turned his computer on

They worked quietly for the next half hour, the silence was broken every couple of minute signaling the arrival of the other Agents.

Mcgee and Ziva arrived a little before 7.

He was about to greet them when Gibbs phone rang.

All three of them froze and looked at Gibbs. Gibbs hung up the phone up and looked up at them.

"Ah Boss do we have a case?" Tony asked.


They all went back to doing what they needed to do.

Gibbs stood and walked out of the bullpen. He could feel his Agents eyes on him.

"Dinozzo with me!" he barked out startling them.

Confused he followed Gibbs to the director's office.


He tried not fidgeting.

He didn't know why he was here.

He hadn't done anything wrong that he knew off.

"Agent Dinozzo you have been working for NCIS for six years now. I am right?"

His eyes snapped to the directors. He was confused as to why the director was asking this.

"Yes that's about right Director." He answered

He looked at Gibbs for answers but Gibbs was looking at anything but him, his face emotionless like always.

He looked back at the director when he started talking again,

"You been offered your own team when Gibbs returned from his hiatus in Mexico, but yet you decline. Why?"

Tony was more confused by each question that was asked but answered nonetheless.

"I didn't think I was ready to lead a team yet and Gibbs wasn't 100 percent he still forgot some things"

Director Vance nodded his head and glance at Gibbs who had yet to say anything.

Tony looked at Gibbs from the corner of his eye. But Gibbs still didn't give anything away.

"Well Agent Gibbs and I were talking and had decided that you are ready for your team that why I called you up here. There's a position open at NCIS base in Los Angeles."

He looked at the Vance shocked. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Did Gibbs not want him on the team? Gibbs had told him that once that he would take over the team once Gibbs retired.

"I can t have you and Ziva working together these past day the tension been to high and could cost someone their life." Gibbs stated. It was the first time he had talked since the arrived in Vance's office.

He was being kicked out for the second time in his life and it hurt more than being kicked out of his biological family.

"Where do I sign?" he asked Vance and leaned forward to grab the pen and signed where the director pointed.

"You have a week in a half to have everything taken care of here we'll provide you for an apartment."

"No, need for that. I have it covered." He said.

"All right, that is Agent Dinozzo. Congratulations."

Tony stood, shook hands with Vance and stalk out the office.


The knock on his door brought him back to the present.

He saw that the game he was watching was already over.


He stood from the couch and headed to open the door.

He reached the door when there was another knock; He opened the door and came face to face with Jimmy Palmer standing at his door.
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