Ncis, Tony, you need to know, from Ziva Part I by hadleymarie
Summary: The night is young, but the couple is somewhat younger, one move changes a life, will it change Ziva's? Sammy Jo Helped, Part I to series
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Genre: Drama, Episode Related, Established relationship, Humor
Pairing: Ziva/Other, DiNozzo/Abby/Ziva
Warnings: Disturbing imaginery
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Story Notes:
Some o the story may be comfusing, so read on a slower pace.

1. Ncis, Tony, you need to know, from Ziva Part I by hadleymarie

Ncis, Tony, you need to know, from Ziva Part I by hadleymarie
Author's Notes:
The night is young, but the couple is somewhat younger, one move changes a life, will it change Ziva's? Sammy Jo Helped, Part I to series
Part I

Chapter 1:

I Ziva David, am a strong willed 19 year old, I hit on the older men, and I am Israeli. I am in Mossad, and life does surprise you.

I laid in my blue Victoria Secrets thong, and a cloud designed size B36 bra, looking at the ass of the great 28 year old Anthony DiNozzo.

"Come on, it's just sex, what could happen?"
He turns around and looks at me, his arms crossed contemplatively.

"Hmm... let's see... A WHOLE SHIT LOAD could happen!" He shook his head. "You are crazy."
"No way,!" I start listing, fiddling my fingers as I go.

"You wear a condom, I am on birth control, and we are protected."
He tilts his head a bit, eying my frame. He licks his lips.

"You are pretty sexy," He said, winking.
"Okay, I'm the only Ziva in this world, and I'm one hell of a look too, so come on!"

I stated, trying to turn him on.
He chuckled, his dick reacting positively to my words.

"You are one sexy ass crazy sack of cats." He says, climbing on top of me.

Chapter 2:

I laid under him, feeling his dick move up my vagina like nothing else, I made my noises, and we kissed, trading hickies with each other.
"Uhh you are sexy"
"Oh baby... you are much more sexy than myself. So tight..." He says growling as he thrusts.

All I felt was myself riding, him jiggling his dick but suddenly, I felt a small gesture, a small pop, but I ignored it, thinking it was the condom twisting itself around.
He keeps going, unable to control his animalistic love making. He groans, rubbing my clit as he thrusts.
"Uh uh " I keep going with him, knowing I missed my pill, but I keep it up, I kiss him, he kisses me, only to feel more than in love. But inside my body, only a thousand DiNozzo sperm goes swimming, trying to find the right egg. I have no idea, but I Ziva David, while Under and rolling around with Anthony DiNozzo, am conceiving.
As he finishes, he stares into my eyes.

"You're my girl, now." He whispers into my ear, kissing my olive toned neck. He bucks hard inside of me.
I kiss him again, and when we relax, my Israeli deep brown curls bounce straight to a pillow, my thong across the room. I start to doze off, Tony Telling me such stories, and I cuddle into him, the hotel room dark, bare.
"Sleep tight, baby..." He murmurs, pulling me into his arms.
He smiles smugly, pleased with himself.

Chapter 3:
The best August in my life...

The next morning, I woke, naked, lost in the moment. I look around and find Tony next to me, him naked as well.

"what happened?"

"Oh baby, I rocked your world last night, that's what happened?" he said half asleep, smirking.
I smiled, I got dressed knowing my father would be looking for me, I kissed him, and told him something.

"I love you, thank you, and meet us for breakfast please."
"I love you, too... and where you wanna eat, babe?"

Chapter 4:

Now October, I knew Tony was still around, and I was in bed early morning, October 15th, 1996.

Eli walked in, after knocking.
"Ziva, wake up dear."
As told, I rose, yawned, and started getting ready. The though on my mind consisted of Tony and our night from the night before, and it was just perfect. But I had no idea I was now carrying his baby.
At about 8:23 AM, Tony walked in, me finishing my morning getting ready.

"Hey sexy ninja!"
"Ah, Tony what!"
"Just came to check on you."
"I thank you, Toda, but be careful."

He took my hand once I finished but I let loose.
"What now Zi?"
"I haven't started..."
"I may start later then is all, alright, let's go."

We walked, but on my mind was; "Period, where the Hell are you?"
Tony had my hand folded into his, he claming it to be respect, but I claimed it as love.
We got to the table, him getting me my breakfast.

He returned, only to find my anger stircken father next to me.

"Shalom son, are you lost?"
"Aba stop this is Anthony, he is a friend."
"Ah, I see. Nice to meet."
"You to sir."

They looked at each other, and that point on, was a disaster all over.

"Of course." he says, sitting up.

I smile, and leave, tucking some stray hair behind my right ear, I walked to my hotel room, quickly changed, and got back into bed, only minutes later, Eli to walk in.

Chapter 5:

It's now December, these months were jumping,
the day I go home had to of been today, the week AFTER Tony left, and two weks AFTER I found out.


I sat around, keeping it from Tony, and the others, I do well, until it is time to eat. I use the bathroom a lot too, so I'm really surprised my father has not found out. I called a friend up, she is to be getting me into Lamase classes soon, and I'll be paying behind my father's back.

The life I live has become harder, and not just for me, but now for a baby.

Today we went out, and came back, packing. I got my stuff done, and Tali had me help her.

"Ziva, what is your period."

YAY, exactly a talk you want with your sister. So I sat down and handed her a tampon, and a pad.
"Your period is when you have whatever baby eggs are ready to be released, they fall out, in a long stream of blood. It isn't like you lost a baby, it is just, you-"
I took a deep pause and started crying.

"Ziva, what is wrong?"
"You grew up too fast. Sorry." I state wiping my cheeks.

Tali looked at me, but ignored it.

Chapter 6:

The day we left for Tel Aviv I was so miserable. I explained that I had the flu, but was force to act fine, in which I did. But it was just the worse, and I knew that the August sex led to the December bug.

The whole time we were together, the world to us was nothing, but each other. We went everywhere together. In October, Tony explained what Halloween was, then, October 31st, we went to a party, got drunk, and had fun. Then November, we had Thanksgiving together, me making it a weird day, and then the day we left.

The words he told me; "Be safe, take care" stuck like glue to my heart. I love him, I have all this time, and I'm happy we had sex. BUt now it's time to grow up, live with facts straight, and hide my Israeli ass before I'm nailed to the road and am road kill.

On the plane, I slept, Ari and Tali messed around, and father did work. It was boring, but I didn't want to just blurt; "I had sex!"

When we got home, that rose questions.

Chapter 7:

At home, I laid, three almost four months pregnant. In my hand I held tight to a sonogram picture, the baby already 11 centimeters long, and my stomach starting to form, harden, and build up. I looked in my mirror, while dressing for lamaze, and I frowned.
"Why do you have your father's head!"
I didn't get a response, so I moved on.

After Lamaze, and having to partner with some random hot guy, I came home and sat at the table, wearing Ambercrombie yoga pants and a sweatshirt, baggy enough to cover. I sat and ate what we had, my father piercing his looks.

"Belly button still pierced Ziva?" He asked out of the randomest thing ever!

"Ken, I won't be removing it for a while." I responded.

The dinner was great.

In January, I started to show, and the baby was up by like 13 centimeters in length. It worried me, and I had no idea. Tony called, but I never answered, no body ever did. I felt bad.

The baby was coming faster than I could even keep up with it, I was already 5 months, and The baby was moving. I couldn't believe this.

Chapter 8 :

I sit in butterfly, my knees out, but my feet under my thighs. I am bare, only yoga pants and a sports bra on, I look and feel the outline of my baby bump, The small perfect watermelon that rests on my body, the fetus inside growing,kciking, moving. I sit talking to myself, and the baby, actng as if someone can actually hear me.
The next nightmare happened, my father barging into my room yelling.

I looked over to see my father, I didn't have time to hide it, throw the jacket on. My Hollister and Ambercrombie jackets were both on my bed. I just turned and squinted, trying not to be noticed.

"shalom, what happened to the knocking rule aba?"
"Ah, so it's true." he noded angrily, "WHO DID THIS?"
"I did I wanted it"

"You chose to get pregnant!"
"ken, and shh the baby can hear you."

With his face become more than rose red, he yelled at me, at the top of his lungs;"I don't care! I DON'T CARE! I WANNA KNOW WHO THE HELL THAT FUCKER IS NOW! WHO GOT YOU PREGNANT?"

My face dropped, tears stinging my Israeli caramel eyes.

Knowing who he his, he punched the nearest wall and stormed out of my room.
I watched him, and looked down at the bump I bared.

"You are nowhere near the blame of this, baby. Ima promises."

Chapter 9:

He left, going and flipping through the phone book and upon finding the number, he dials Tony's father's number. Minutes later he returns.
"Get your ass up, right now!" He shouts.
I get up, slowly, but I made it up. I turned and looked at him.

"Please, don't do this, please aba."
"YOU GOT YOURSELF INTO THIS!" He yells and smacks me across the face, leaving me in tears.

I fall back, cuffing my hands around where I feel the baby kicking. I look at him and beg.

"please, please. Aba stop."
He took a breath before speaking, "They will be here soon. Cover... that... up and get downstairs!"

I nod, and stop him.

"That, that is the growing fetus of your future grandchild. That is what I feed, and talk to. That has a name, it's Little D, and that has a sex, that has ears, and eyes, and that is growing."

"I DON'T CARE! SHUT UP, DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!" And with that he leaves.

Chapter 10:

I stand, tears stinging my olive-toned cheeks, and I get one of my maternity dresses on. I look in the mirror and hope the baby will not have this in its life.
Next thing I know, I hear my name, I look at the chalk board which is painted to the wall that is splashed with a sky blue/aqua color tone and a blueberry or neon purple, small magenta polka dots on the walls. I look and find a Z on the wall, and realize that it's my name being called.
"NOW!" He shouts.
Tony cringes, hating hearing Eli yell at me. And then he sees me coming down the stairs and can't help but he runs to me, hugging me. 'ZIVA!, My princess!"
I hug him, the baby moving still I hug, I hope he doesn't feel the baby. I hope he isn't curious.
"Please... Is it true?" He asked, caringness and love in his emerald green eyes.
I looked at Eli, who was shaking his head. I looked at him in the eyes to be exact.

"I'm sorry, it was just a scare, false positive is all."

Inside, I felt like smacking myself, telling myself, "wake up dumb ass," but I knew I couldn't do that either.
He studies me closely and kisses me. He whispers into my ear,"I know you are lying. I know. Don't think I don't, my beautiful pregnant ninja lady." He kisses my cheek and holds onto my hands.

I nodded once again, and held to his hands, his tissue soft and perky. I smiled a little, but not enough for my father to even grimace at and yell for.
"I love you, Ziva. Call me... or whatever you can do." He says before leaving.
I kissed him once, for I only could kiss him once. After, I sat my ass to the couch, and looked up at Eli, waiting for this round of deserting lectures.

Chapter 11:

Not even wanting to see my face, he walks away, hating everything of me, for what I had become for it did not fit the mold that was his little plan for me. He simply went into his office, not coming out.
Later that night Tony called.
"Oh my God! Ziva, how's the little one?"

I answered, when Tali yelled for me to answer, she not knowing barged in as well, being the pissed mother form, but only being 9.

"Tony, I'm being monitored."
"Okay, stay on, please. I just want to be with you, even if it's like this. Is your sister in your room, again? Tell her to go."
"What? Who's the guy? Tell me! Tell me!" She says, jumping up and down.

"Ugh, Zi... baby... I'm so horny... so want you." He says, being adolescent and having no filter for his thoughts.. "I miss you."

"Well, who is he?" Tali says.

She gives me a nod, smiling slightly. "But, you having a baby, right?"

"Well, that's what we need to talk about. "

I then picked the phone up.

"Tony can I call you back, we are fine, I just need to explain something to my sister.

Chapter 12:

"Okay, baby, I love you." Makes kissy sounds through the phone and hangs up.
"You having a baby? Right?" She asks, patting my bump. "You have baby belly."
I smiled, and looked at Tali.

"Calm down sunshine. The baby can feel everything. I'm about five months, the baby can hear, the baby can feel, the baby even knows light."

"It can hear!" She says, clapping. "If I say hi, will the baby hear me?"
"Well, the baby hears everything I say, so maybe. I say one thing, the baby moves. Which is why I won't shut up lately."
She once again nods.
"HELLO!" She says emphatically, rubbing my bump. "Hello in there! HI!"

She giggles, flashing big brown eyes up at me, batting her black eyelashes.
I smiled down to her, and put her hands in the proper areas.

"How about now?"
Several moments later she feels the movement and squeals. "TINOK! TINOK! TINOK!" She exclaimed in hebrew!
"Whoa, calm down, strong right?" I gestured her hand next to my belly button piercing, and smiled wider.
She nods excitedly.
"Is the baby my niece or, or nephew?" She asks.
I looked at my bump, and frowned a little into a more serious expression.

"Well, I don't even know that. I want my baby to surprise me, but Aunt Nettie knows. She went with and asked the doctor herself, but that's because she is making the room, which is also why the old room nobody uses is always locked. She sneaks in and does the room. That's all I know."

I started thinking, Tali as the only mother figure around the house, I needed to ask, whether randomly or on time, "So, what do you want for the baby?"

She blinks, nodding slowly. "You can call guy back now" She says, smiling.
"Wait, I need help. Any names?"
She takes a little to think, " I always liked Naomi. I gotta go sissy." She is soon rushing out of room.

Chapter 13:

I pick the phone up and call Tony.

"Come on Tony..."
"Hey sexy girl. How's the little one?"
I smiled as soon as I heard his voice.

"We are fine, but I have to go through with adoption Tony, so don't cling to the baby, please."
"NO! Ziva, no! I-I-I can get money... we can run away. Please, baby... don't let him take our baby!"
I sigh, wishing it wasn't true, seeing him worried. I breath and speak.

"Tony, this isn't my decision. Because he planned out my life, I can't argue. I'm sorry. I don't want to, I have to."
"Ziva, listen to me. I will find a way. Don't think I won't, damn it!"
"Tony calm down, I am not doubting you, he...he is doubting himself, and us."

Just then, he hung up, without warning. He begins to frantically gather his things. Several minutes later, he climbs the tree beside my bedroom window and sits upon a branch, his things on the ground. He taps gently onto the window.

I jumped, I looked over and walked over, my baby bump showing, I in yoga pants and a sports bra once again.

"NO, Tony!"
"Yes!" He then smiles fondly.
"Aw, look at you. You are perfect."
"No, I am fat. Why are you here?"
"You are so beautiful." He says as he comes quietly into my room., keeping his voice down. "I am here to get you. My dad is willing to help us get away from here. He is happy to be a grandpa. Let me help you get your things together."
Unwillingly, I looked at him, upset.
"Tony stop, I want to, I really do. But if he realized me gone, he would do more to us than that Shakespeare story Romeo whatever ended with."
He pressed his lips into mine.
"That is why I enlisted my father and your aunt to help. Come on. Please, baby, please!" He gets down to his knees, kissing my bump, his hands on it.
"For us."
I feel the baby move to his touch, but I step back and start crying knowing I'm being monitored.
"Tony I do, but he's watching. I really do, for us, but he wants me dead. He wants the baby, me, you, even whoever cares dead. I don't want you dead. Please."

He stands and holds me close.
"I will protect you. I will die for you. Come on." He grabs my bags, packing things he knows I loves into them. "Please. Please. Please. We could.. we could get married and then legally he could not touch you." He looks at me, emerald eyes seeing me. "Yeah? Or you could get emancipated. Ooh! How about both? Come on! You, me and baby makes three... this will be awesome. I promise. I'll treat you like a princess. Come on."
I sat onto the bed crying my head falling into my head.

Chapter 14:

"Baby, oh please.. please don't cry. Come on. Freedom, it's waiting for you. You just have to come with me."
"Tony I want to, but I don't want to lose you, or our baby."

I sat there crying.

"You wont lose us, I swear to you. Now, come on... we have to hurry. Let's go!"
I decided to take the gun from my desk drawer and shoot out the camera Eli put in my room. I looked at Tony and then the tree.

"No, not happening"
"Stairs... the back stairs... I disabled the cameras already. Did you think I have not seen enough spy movies to know there'd be cameras. My father is waiting, baby"

I nod, and grab his hand, but with the situation being so stressful, I sit back down and start rubbing my baby bump concerned.
He put his hands beside mine.
"Oh, baby... what's wrong?"

I looked down, in disbelief, tears streaming at this point.
"We have to go to the hospital, the baby stopped moving."

"Are you sure?" He kisses my bump again. There is very little movent after. "Oh god"

I looked up to him and kept rubbing my baby bump, freaking out.

"Baby, Ima wants you to move, please"

I couldn't stop, but out of nowhere, the baby kicked, I looked back at Tony and took his hand setting it on the baby, the baby moving again.

Chapter 15 :

"That's my boy!" He says into my bump, wanting a boy.
I looked at him, the baby moving, and laughed.

"Why do you want a boy Tony?"

He simply shrugged. "I don't know. With our looks combined that little man would be the lady's man."
I laughed but smiled getting up with his help.
"I want a girl."

"Well, duh." He says, chuckling.
"Oh, are you afraid of the baby dating Anthony D. DiNozzo?"
"Maybe." He says,kissing me. "Now, no more funny business. Let's go"

I nod and we leave. While out in the car, Nettie was in the passenger side, while Tony and I sat i beck together, I under a blanket, and him sitting pretty much on top of me.
"Let's get married right away."
"I was hoping you'd say that."
"I do. I can still fit into a dress."

Nettie then spoke up, made it clear.

"Ziva, be careful, there are so many issues with your aba. Please dear."

Her being the mother I lost, I had to somewhat agree, but that didn't mean we'd never be married.

He simply looks at me, caressing my hair. I leaned my head back on a what appeared a pillow pet that was a polar bear and closed my eyes.

"We need sleep."

"I hear that."

Chapter 16 :

The next few hours, I woke, seeing Nettie driving us to the airport. She looked at me through the mirror, my hand on my bump, the baby already up. I look down again weary and see that Tony has his hand on my belly piercing, and if I don't move that fast, I could really hurt the baby with the piercing.


He moves his hand. "sorry, baby." He then goes back to sleep, his hand resting on my upper thigh.

I roll my eyes, not that it is a problem, I am just so tired. I fall back to sleep, but we wake when we get near the airport. My Vera Bradly duffle bag is brought out first, along with my pillow. Nettie carries my stuff, and makes sure I can at least waddle before going into the building.
He then takes hold of my hand.

I smiled, and looked at him. Now becoming worried about the idea.

"What if he catches me Sr?"
"Listen, little lady," He starts. "There is no way in hell he's coming ten feet near my grand baby"
I smiled, but realized this was his grandchild too.
"But, this is his Grandbaby too."
"oh, yeah? He has a fucked up way on showing it!" He snaps
I nod, being used to it.

"Yes, but I'm his daughter, or was."
"Well, kiddo, you're always welcomed in the DiNozzo family." He said, patting my back slightly.
"Thank you."
I smiled and looked at the male helping with the bags.
"Tony, where to?"
"Long Island, New York" He says, a fond smile on his face. "It's nice there this time of year."
"Will we have a tire swing and a nice oak for the baby there?"
I smiled and we walked, Nettie helping me.
"I'll be ugly when the baby is HUGE!"

Chapter 17 :

We entered the David Ben Gurion aiport, and Nettie bought tickets with cash. I felt stares upon me, for being a noticeable David, yet pregnant at my age and unmarried, was a disgrace.

Nettie once again spoke.

"Ignore them, today you will be almost 30." She hands me a wedding ring."And you two are a married couple."
He nods in agreement.

I looked around, the line to security sucking ass, and me needing to pee. I looked around, but not a fucking bathroom in site.
"Aw, sweetie... gotta hit the head?" Tony whispers.
"We are fine thank you love."

It was hard, I tried but the line killed me.
"So, hubby, the baby wants to eat. Any way to help?"
He digs through a carry on and pulls out a package of pickles. "I heard you like these like crazy now."
I blushed, knowing it was true, but the doctor said it was normal.
"And your point Mr. Pickle jar?" I teased in love with him.
"Came prepared."
I smiled, it coming to our turn to be checked out, me taking off my jacket, in a dress, I look at Tony.
"Tony, I can't get my shoes off. They are stuck."

"Put your hands on my shoulders." He bends down and helps me take them off.
I smile, being lifted, and hugs into him.
"Watch the baby. Thank you, Toda."

Chapter 18:

We get to the airport gate, a hamburger in my hand, and my purse in my other hand. I look at Tony and smile.

"The baby and I say thank you for the food. I also have to ask for help with sitting."
"Oh, yeah, of course." Tony said, helping me sit down. "Anything for mi-lady."

I smiled and looked at him, rubbing my bump.

"I feel like I'm having a girl."
He could not help but chuckle at this. "Oh? Mother's intuition... or just wishful thinking?"
"It's my mother intuition, why?"
He shakes his head, not really knowing what to say. "Hmm... just seems as though it's more wishful thinking."
"How could I just be wishing?" I state playfully hitting his arm.
He shrugged, not knowing for sure.
"So, what are we going to do when we get home?"

"I do not know, dear. Maybe let you rest?"
"That works for us"

Chapter 19:

I smile at Tony, Nettie talking to Senior.
"Tony, I have a huge favor."
He looks at me, tilting his head slightly.
"What would that be"
"Can you please rub my feet, plleeaasseee" I pleaded.
"Oh!" He exclaims, not seeing that as too big of a favor. "Of course."
"Thank you" I embarked smiling, but my smiles turns, seeing a familiar male in my visioned path.
There it was, hell.

Who was standing in the middle of the airport, One of Mossad's greatest,
Michael Rivkin.

Chapter 20:

I looked and watched his every move. Tony was still rubbing my feet, when I turned back to Tony, my face was a priceless scare.

"Hun, what's wrong?" Aunt Nettie asked in instinct warnings.
"Michael is here..." I whispered to her.
"Tony, dear, Ziva and I have to go to the bathroom, please excuse us."

Aunt Nettie helped me up, and she threw a hat onto my head and we walked to the bathroom, Nettie making me act like I was blind.

In the bathroom, we called Ari, who promised to take care of it, we then went back, and started boarding.

When we got on the plane, Tony knelt on one knee, holding the line back, he pulled out of his pocket...a box.

Chapter 21:

I stood in awe, the baby moving, the plane loud, and he opened the box.

"Ziva David, I want you, and the baby, to be mine. I love you, and I want to be yours forver. Ziva, will you marry me?"

I smiled and nodded still in shock, and he put the ring on, then hugged. One flight attendent started crying, and another asked us to sit. I sat down after Tony, taking the aisle seat, and he rubbed my bump gently.

"Tony, I'm going to be Mrs. DiNozzo!" I said in excitement.

"You are already Mrs. D!" He pledged in trust.

I was just so happy, excited, and complete.

Chapter 22:

The plane ride was a disaster, the baby hated it. I kept using the bathroom, couldn't sleep, and when we hit turbulance, I had to vomit a few times. I was a disaster, and tony wouldn't leave me alone. He kept helping. I mean sweet, but I was ready to cry.

When we landed, I got up and started crying into Aunt Nettie's shoulder. Of course, she had no idea what to do, because sadly, she never was once pregnant.

On the way home, we stopped at a synoguage, and found the Rabbi. I put a gown on, and Tony got a tux on, and we married. Nobody but Nettie, and Tony Senior, witnessed, and that made me Mrs. DiNozzo.

When we got to our new home, which was just the guest home in the backyard of the DiNozzo Estate, I sat on the couch, talking to my baby bump, excited again. Tony then gave me a tour, and at that, before dinner, we had more sex.

"Ninja, we have to be careful here, the condom might hurt the baby,"
"Tony, the baby is in my uterus, the baby can't fucking feel shit, aside from voices, and me moving. Just put a pillow between us, and we'll be fine babe."

At about five o'clock, Senior called the guest house for dinner call. I shot up, changed, cleaned up, and by 5:34 PM, we were back in the main house eating. I started with a salad, and then went to the main course. I loved it.

8:19, I was laying on the bed, asleep. Tony didn't even wake me, and that was the last of that day, I could remember.

Chapter 23:

The next morning was early February. I got up that morning to find my new home empty. All there was, was the heat whistling its old smothered tune. I sat up in bed slowly, to the feeling of the baby, who was practically swimming laps in my warm amniotic fluid. I look over to the side of the bed where Tony sleeps, and I site a sweet, red rose and a note.

I pick the note up and read; "Morning baby, your Aunt Nettie wanted to take me to a fathering class, then after I have work. I'll see you at dinner, love you! P.S.- Made you breakfast, look on the second shelf of the fridge. -Tony."

I smiled my finger caressing the thin, yellow-lined sheet of paper, and then got myself out of bed. I looked at the mirror, the Ralph Lauren Polo men's top drowning the bump a little. I lifted the shirt, looking at my piercing.

"Hmmmm." I barked. "Do you not like this little needle poking you my sunshine?" I complatedly asked the growing fetus inside layers of my skin.

With that question, followed a kick, so at that I removed the piercing.

Next I went to the kitchen, and to my findings, two plates of food in the fridge were found. One marked; "For mom," the other labeled; "For my baby." Both also said; "Love Dad."

I smiled, taking each plate out with caution, and I placed each in the microwave oven for a minute. Then, I sat, and watched the news. In which, the news turned my day into a nightmare.

Chapter 24:

Sitting, seeing... Eli in town, headlines exploding, was it true, did he find out?

Each headline screamed out; "Deputy, Director Eli David of Israeli Mossad in search of disobedient daughter."

I tried every number of the DiNozzo family I knew, not a single answer. I ate while I dialed, and when I was finished , I gathered my things, and went to the home's basement. I forgot about the bomb shelter, and the tunnel into it, for the home was a 1940 Victorian classic built.
I grabbed a baby blanket I was creating, it being aqua blue, and outlined in tags of all sort. The fabric being Minky, the polka dots on the blanket were risen fabric pieces, and were tangible.

I hurried my ass up, and when I got to the stairs, turned the light on, shut the door, the door bell rang. At this point, I ran, feeling fear take over, feeling the feet of the baby moving, everywhere. I got to the room,entered, closed the door, and prayed.

Chapter 25:

All I hear are search dogs barking, Israeli men shouting, my heart beating. I have sweat dripping down my face, and there it was...HELL.

Eli walked in, grabbing me from behind, taking me, leaving me without a goodbye to my new husband.

Chapter 26:

I was back in Israel, Nettie with, me always in tears. I moved in with Nettie for my stunt, and I had no contact with my husband Tony. I was never alone outside, I was watched 24/7, and every doctor's appointment, only made me think of Tony. I was forced into signing adoption forms, but Nettie turned around, stole them, shredded them out of existence. I still wear my wedding ring, and my engagement ring, and the baby's nursery is finished, but I'm not allowed in it. I am nearly six months along, but alone. I sit on the tire swing in Nettie's backyard daily, just wishing. I was heartbroken, upset, shattered.

I'm sure Tony was devastated, and he probably assumes I'm dead.

I want him back, I really do, but I'm stuck, I'm trapped, and I'm screaming, nobody hearing, I am stuck in Michael Rivkin's grasp.

Chapter 27:

Sadly, today is a date with Michael Rivkin, and even the baby knows how much I don't want to go out. I am also at the point of my pregnancy where sweat pants are the only thing to wear, along with a sports bra.

I sat around all day reading, and then cooking, but now, I've showered, and gotten dressed up. I wear on my body a smooth, black maternity dress, and still look like I'm carrying twins.

"Ziva, hurry darling, Michael won't be long, and you are not fat!" Nettie pushed over to remind.

"Aunt Nettie, I am fine, and getting ready!"

"OKay dear!"

At about 5: 38 pm, I heard the knock of Michael's manly, 23 year old hand.

I jumped and went to the door Michael in site, and Hugged him.

"Hey Zi, ready?"
"W always are Michael."
"Good, let's go."

I went straight to the car, putting lipstick on, and then we talked, by about 6pm, we got to the restaurant.

Chapter 28:

I sat slowly, hoping I wasn't so noticeable. I smiled at Michael and then the table. "How was work?"
He shrugged. "Work was work" He smirked.
I smiled, taking a sip of the set wine, and my face lit up. "Riesling? How did you know?"
"I hear things" He winked.
I giggled a little, feeling a foot move and looked down. "Some one else likes it too."
He grinned. He felt bad for not telling me, but he couldn't chance the baby coming. The plan had to be as it was.
I fiddled with my wedding ring from Tony, and smiled at Michael. "This is nice, elegant, beautiful."
He grinned. "I thought so too."
"You know how to treat a woman greatly Michael. I'm sorry I ever doubted."
"It's alright" He contributed continously with his grin.
"Michael, I feel rude for not asking, but What do you honestly think.?"
"The baby."
"I am honered to be the father" He lied.
I nodded and felt relieved, taking a breath, digging into the fresh salad that was just served to us. "Mossad isn't better either, I was swiped out today."
He nodded. "Not an easy job."
"No, never the fighting was tough today."
"But, it's worth it."
"It is, great skills, great power. Please excuse me, bathroom."
Michael nodded once.

I got up going, feeling flustered, I just wanted to go home, I was not at all comfortable with glares and stares, and I was non the less comfortable with Michael holding my hand.
Michael looked around, making sure I wasn't back , and took out his cell phone, calling Eli. "Hey. Yeah, she doesn't have a clue. Yes, still the same plan, leave her as soon as it goes too far. Got it" He hung up just as I was coming back.

"I'm sorry, I don't want to cut this evening short, but I am not comfortable."
"Ok, that's fine" He said, getting out his wallet and paying. "Let's go"
At that, we left, going back to Aunt Nettie's.

Chapter 29:

I got home late the other night from the date, and I was so pleased, still upset of course, but still pleased. The baby was moving, and I was nearly one and a half months from delivery.

Now being 8 onths as of April, it's passover, a time for fun, friends, and family. Fasting was not an option for me though, and so I snuck a few snacks!

Life was changing fast, and I couldn't believe it, but Tali has come around, and so has Ari along with Michael. I wonder about Tony, but it's over with now, because I'm soon to be...Mrs. Rivkin!

I being 8 months, we went shopping, I loved shopping for the baby, even if it wasn't for the fun colorful stuff. Then at about 81/2 months into the pregnancy, life surprised me yet again...BABY SHOWER!

Michael and Tali one after noon got together, and organized a baby shower. While there, I had a gorgeous cake, and lot of adorable snacks. This in which my father had no idea of.

The presents came, and I got a bouncer, and a high chair, some onsies, bottles, gift cards, I was just blessed in summary. I love my friends and family, and life would be nothing without them.

Chapter 30:

I sit, 9 months pregnant, the baby weighing me down these days. I look like I can be carrying twins, and I am sitting, Tali doing my nails, while we are outside on the porch. I wear sunglasses, and a tank, a skirt on my legs, and Tali having my legs on hers as she does my hands rest on my bump, and I smile.

"Ready for all this yet baby?"
Tali looks up at me, holding the brush still. "I am! I wanna meet the baby! Please! You name it Naomi!" She exclaimed, smiling.

I smile, a foot hits my hand.

"I am due any day now Tali, just wait, please. I am in no hurry. I've had penty of braxton Hick's lately."
She nods, understanding. "So, where brubber?" She asked, wondering where Ari had gone. "Is he playing with Michael? They like each other." She says, nodding. Her curls were bouncing a little as she nodded. Ari and Michael running home from the basketball court a mile away.
I smile, and look at the toddler we are babysitting.

"Well, him and Michael should be back soon." I pause and look at Tali again.
"Tali, get aba, please."
"Okay." Tali runs and gets Eli. They return.

"What do you want?" He snaps.
I look at him, hoping he can just do this one thing.

"Aba, it's time." I say calm, looking at Tali, having a contraction.

Chapter 31:

He sighs. "And what do you want me to do about it?" He says, heartlessly.
"Take me to the hospital."
He crossed his arms, an angry scowl on his face. "Why should I do that?"
"Please, Michael isn't home, and I am counting on you, please."
Just then Michael and Ari arrive, seeing me. "Hey sister." Ari greeted. "How's the niece?"
"Or nephew" I breath, trying to stay calm, "On the way now, but Aba is being an ass."

"You bastard, she is in labor and you did nothing!" Ari exclaims. "Okay, tateleh... I will take you. Michael go get her bag."

"Why should I do it?"

"DAMN IT! Do as I say!"

He sighs and fetches the bag. We get up, Ari helping me, and we head to the hospital.
In the car, I hold to Ari's hand breathing, in pain. Michael drives, and when we arrive, my water not yet broken.

"Please, Ari, I feel like I need the erge."
"Just hang in there, sister. We must get you to a room."
I yelp, feeling more pain.

Breathing deep, I look at him, practically breaking his hand as I squeeze it.

He can only grit his teeth and sigh. We get to a room, lying me down.
I lay, holding to Ari's hand, the doctor quickly doing a sonogram, checking if I'm full term, ready.

The room silent, all there is is the baby's heartbeat, then the doctor speaks.

"Mr. David, the baby is breech, we can deliver, but to help, we recommend the tub method."

Chapter 32:

Ari nods at the Doctor's notes.

The doctor gathered the paper work, and Ari helped me change into a swim top.

"oooo that hurt." I looked up at Ari, all that filled the room was the baby's heart beat through the fetal monitor.
He nods, understanding, while I breath, minutes turn into hours, my water not breaking. I look up at Ari.

"Call Tony, please."

He gets his phone out, calling Tony.
Tony, depressed, ignores the phone call, not even recognizing the phone number.

I look up at Ari.

"Damn it"

Chapter 33:

I look at Ari. Breathing, I speak.

"What, why are you frowning?"
"He will not pick up."

I nodded, breathing, having another contraction. I leaned holding to the side of the bed, doing neck rolls.

"This baby's strong."
"Well, you are it's mother." He points out, looking at me.
I look at him, emotionless, finding it to be insulting. "I was raised to be a killer please note that...Damn, where did I go wrong, my child's breech."
"You did nothing wrong... he should not have done what he did. He has had you so stressed out."
I look up, sweat dripping, not sure who he meant."who? Tony didn't do anything, aba?"
"Of course I mean Eli! Anthony is a good man."

I nodded, and then I yelp, right there, I look at Ari freaked out.
Ari looked back at me, "what is it now?"
" water just broke."

Chapter 34:

"Ziva, what do you mean?"
"Ari, my water, the fluid around the baby just broke!"


With that, Ari helped me into the tub that was in the room, and he gripped my hand. I sat, prepared to just start when I needed to, a wash cloth on my forehead, and my hand in Ari's. The doctor was going to naturally deliver the breeched fetus, but to me all I could think was; "this is stupid, risky, please let the baby be okay."

On each contraction, my grip to my brother's hand got tighter and tighter. I was just in pain, and tears.
The nurse kept saying "wait, wait."
By 7:43 pm, just 5 hours into my active labor, I was only 4 centimeters dilated.

Chapter 35:

I sat there, in pain, breaking Ari's hand. But my life changed, the minute of 11:23 pm. I was only 7 centimeters dilated when the doctor came in, and told me my only chance of the baby surviving was through a Cesarian delivery. I was immediately prepped for surgery, and Ari was with me the few last minutes.

"The placenta has detached my dear sister."
"I can tell, not to mention, but the breech thing hurts like hell."

He kissed my forehead, and I was taken straight to OR 4.

I was laying, on a cold bed, my IV in my right arm/wrist, hearing beeping, and other noises. I heard the doctors' voices, and then dead silence. I started freaking out, knowing the baby was already in distress, it was a nightmare I started living.

Chapter 36:

The sound of crying broke the silence, and my heart dropped back into place, for I grew relieved. The nurse showed me the baby, and then we were taken back to the room.

I was holding the new, soft infant little girl carefully, looking at Ari, when foot steps startled me.

"Ziva, I'm so sorry for being an ass."
"And Tali!"
I giggled still groggy.
"So did you name her Naomi yet?"
"Well, I want to, but she looks more like a Hannah...Hannah Marisol David."
I held a giant smile to my face, the baby squirming, only weighing about 4.9 pounds.

"Tali, want to hold your dear niece?"
She nodded, and got her arms ready, Ari helping her.
"Like this?"
"Ken Tali, here, support her head."
I helped her, and so did my father.

"Look at her, she is one of us! Ohhh, her lips are like yours, and curls! Ohhh Ziva, she has curls! What color are her eyes!"

I smiled remembering the emerald green eyes she inherited from her father.
"Tali, she has green crystal green eyes baby."

"Ohh, green eyes, dark brown hair, curls, she is perfect!"

"She is perfect, she's perfection from my womb."

Chapter 37:

I smiled, and so did Tali, and honestly, so did my father!


Sadly, Hannah grew up fast. Around her first birthday, she was a talker, though hardly liked walking, still. Tali potty-trained her before she was 18 months old, and her curls grew out fast as well. They bounce in her every movement. I smile at her daily, and her to be three years old, is amazing.

Hannah is my daily joy, inspiration. Soon after Hannah's second birthday, Tali passed in a suicide bombing, working with Mossad. To this day, Hannah still runs to the front door, everyday at 3:30 pm with her baby blanket, waiting for her Tali.

Hannah now being the joyful three year old, she loves her blanket, clinging to me, and being the new intern at Mossad. She is learning how to read, and she knows how to tie shoes, count to well, two, and run. Her favorite game is tag, or well games are hide and go seek, tag, and mommy's coming!
Her vocabulary doesn't consist english at all, only Hebrew, and she is picking up Arabic fast as well. She's learning so fast, to the point, she gets them confused sometimes!

A disadvantage, Tony never called back, and Michael and I got married, only soon after we divorced. He had to go on yet again another mission, and I was sick of being the only adult around the apartment. Also, after Tali's death, I moved back home, Hannah taking Tali's room, and Ari moved out.

Life has changed a lot, but like I always say, "Life has it's surprises, whether good or bad, life surprises you."
End Notes:
Some o the story may be comfusing, so read on a slower pace.
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