lost times by fanfic101
Summary: Mcgee is found next to 3 dead marines, he is critically injured and he cannot remember anything about the attack, and he barely remembers the team, gibbs and the team need to prove he is innocent or he will go to prison
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1. lost times by fanfic101

2. chapter 2 by fanfic101

lost times by fanfic101
Author's Notes:
Mcgee is found next to 3 dead marines, he is critically injured and he cannot remember anything about the attack, and he barely remembers the team, gibbs and the team need to prove he is innocent or he will go to prison
in an alleyway mcgee heard a strange noise, he pulled out his gun and hid behind the skip, he heard 4 voices and a shot was fired. He ran to help and he saw 4 marines bolting for cover, he shouted
' hey what the hell just happened?'
'shots fired, unknown enemy' the marine replies, they begin to shoot in front of them but they have no clue where the targets are, a white van stops outside the scene and 9 heavily armed men come out firing bullets at mcgee, he gets shot multiple times and he heard the marines fall, he heard the soft steps of the men draw nearer, a cold pair of hands prie out the gun from mcgee and they take his badge, id, everything and chuck it in the skip. he tries to stay conscious long enough to call for help but he cannot, his head hits the floor as becomes unconscious.

' grab your gear.got a case, 4 marines dead, one civilian in critical condition. He can't remember anything of the attack or who he is, he just knows that we have to come, apparently we know him. where is mcgee?' gibbs shouts as he grabs his gear and heads for the elevator, ziva shrugs and tony suggests that he overslept, as they head for the elevator.

at the crime gibbs looks at the bodys and sighs, he gets a call from vance, he decides to pick it up
' gibbs' he answers
' hey gibbs, mcgee has been hospitalized. Shot, critical condition. no id or anything with him, when you're finished with the crime scene i suggest you visit him'
Gibbs hangs up and punches the wall, his agent could die and gibbs had a gut feeling that it had something to do with the case. He examined the bodies and noticed a huge patch of blood with no trail near it, and nobody near it. He looked around the area and saw nothing to suggest that the person was around, like they had just disappeared, no trace. nothing. Ziva was looking at gibbs, she looked worried and she noticed the patch of blood as well
' gibbs. There was a fifth victim..'
gibbs was looking at a skip. There was an ID sticking out, he could make out
N.C.I.S special agent
thats all he needed to know, as he pulled it out his fears were confirmed. Mcgee was shot here.

Gibbs knew that he had to tell tony and ziva. But how, they would both freak out if he just showed them his id, but that is all he could really do.. he went up to tony who was taking photos of the dead marines.
' tony.. mcgee was shot here. His badge was left in a skip' gibbs said softly, tony stopped what he was doing and looked at gibbs he opened his mouth to speak but no sound would come out. Ziva who had been near gibbs when he told tony gasped, she looked at the badge to see if it really was mcgee and sure enough it was
'tony, ziva we are going to the hospital to see tim, apparently he doesn't know who he is or what happened' gibbs said grimly. the ride to the hospital was silent. No one spoke and no one really looked at each other. they were all worried about mcgee but mostly worried about whether or not he would recognise them

' we are here to see the civilian you brought in, his name is timothy mcgee. also known as special agent mcgee' gibbs said to the nurse
' oh so he wasn't crazy then.. he is in room 413.. but don't expect much' the nurse replied, she smiled at them as they left
Gibbs was annoyed at the way the nurse had assumed that mcgee was crazy. He was also mad at himself for letting this happen. He didn't know why mcgee was found 1 hour away from his house but he was determined to find out.
they entered the room mcgee was in, he had tubes stuck in him and he could barely move,
' who are you?' he asked he sat up to get a better look at them. they all looked worried and he could see their badges, he sighed
' you're ncis?'he asked
' yeah mcgee. we are, do you know your name?' gibbs asked softly
' yeah mcgee' mcgee answered. he looked annoyed and confused
' your first name?' gibbs replied, he looked hopeful but he also looked sad
'i think the nurse said i was called timothy.. am i right?'
ziva sat down and tony sighed. gibbs was the only one who nodded. the hope that was in gibbs had left, his agent didn't even know his own name..

mcgee rolled over and vomited into a bucket, it was mixed with his own blood, his eyes began to drop and he managed to say
'what happened to me?'
gibbs felt a tear in his eye. he blinked a few times before answering
' thats why we are here mcgee. to find out'
chapter 2 by fanfic101
Author's Notes:
mcgee remembers being shot,
Mcgee fell asleep, He saw a light, but there was a man, he had a gun and started to shoot. bullets flew past him and one hit his leg, he remembered a man standing over him, mcgee tried to look at the face, he couldn't. The man pried a gun from his hands and said ' look at what you have done' he turned. 4 dead people were beside him. But he knew he didn't do it. His head hurt and everything faded to blackness. He woke up.
The nurse was standing next to him. She smiled as he woke up and yawned. He also recognised the 3 people who stood near him, they were the people who had questioned him earlier he decided that he would have to tell them what he saw. But he didn't know if it was relevant.
'hey mcgee, do you know any of these people. they claim to be your teammates and boss.' the nurse said, mcgee shrugged.
' how the hell is he supposed to know who we are? he can't even remember his own name' Gibbs shouted. the nurse scurried out of the room looking terrified.
'okay if you are NCIS then why are you here? wait. what is NCIS?' mcgee asked. the word NCIS sounded familiar but he didn't think he had ever used the name before.
' god mcgeek.. NCIS? ring a bell? mcgeek. mcgoo. anything?' tony said desperately. he wanted his best friend back.
' mcgeek. mcgoo.. nope' mcgee replied casually he was annoyed that he couldn't remember anything but they remembered everything about him.
' hey tim. Do you remember the attack?' gibbs asked cautiously
' well i remember 4 dead guys. one man comes. takes everything. chucks it. then everything fades to blackness' mcgee replied trying to remember his 'dream'
' okay that is good. Tim we have to go. erm. bye' gibbs replies. ziva and tony follow him out and mcgee goes and closes his eyes. He wonders if he did kill these people
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