McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1
Summary: McGee was once in a pack living in Canada the only Omega of a pack of 25 abused and always raped he ran away trying to find a new live in America Washington D.C now apart of the NCIS team yet as we all know you can only run for so long your past will always come hunt you.
Categories: DiNozzo/McGee, Kate/Abby, Threesomes and Moresomes Characters: Abby Sciuto, Anthony DiNozzo, Donald Mallard, Jimmy Palmer, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee, Ziva David
Genre: Drama, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Pairing: Gibbs/McGee, DiNozzo/McGee, Kate/Abby, Ducky/McGee, Gibbs/DiNozzo/McGee, Ducky/Palmer, Ziva/Other
Warnings: Domestic abuse, Mpreg, Rape, Threesome, Violence
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Story Notes:
Ok so here the thing Kate is alive she just now helping Abby in the lab while Ziva is part of the field agent.

Also I have Dyslexia so I am sorry if there is any misspelling in the fanfiction if you see anything please let me know so I can change the spelling.

1. McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1

2. McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1

3. McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1

4. McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1

5. McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1

6. McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1

7. McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1

McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1
Author's Notes:
McGee was once in a pack living in Canada the only Omega of a pack of 25 abused and always raped he ran away trying to find a new live in America Washington D.C now apart of the NCIS team yet as we all know you can only run for so long your past will always come hunt you.
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The weather was bad raining and in the NCIS team had just finished a case and they where now doing Paper work for the rest of the month, Tim who has just sate down watched the team as they went about their work.

Tim new that he had it good now he was here better here then back in Canada Manitoba Winnipeg, the very thought of being back there made him shiver down his spin.

His boss looked at him Tim knew that everyone in this particular Team was shape-shifters mostly Betas or Alpha's he and Palmer where the only Omegas.

He also knew that Gibbs knew what he was he knew that the other Alpha's and Beta knew what he was yet no one chased him away or wanted to use him like his other pack.

Trying to ignore the stairs he was getting he went about doing his computer work he could smell the heat from Gibbs and Tony who where opposite him both now watching him with what Tim believes was interest rather then Lust, which was what he was more used to.

"Timmy you alright?" Tony spoke standing up while moving over to him Gibbs said nothing but there was something other then Lust, Interest yet Tim knew not what it was.

Shying away from the Beta in front of him Tim glanced up "I'm alright thank you" Tony said nothing after that heading back to his desk Ziva watched them from her own desk who had a worried look on her own face.

Ziva made a everlasting vow to protect Timmy he was like a younger bother to her she did a small bit of digging she found that Tim was half American and half Irish.

Yet while he was born in America he lived most of his life in Canada for over 18 years moved back to Maryland and then that was all she could find.

Yes Ziva could smell that the smaller man next to her was a Omega she did not care she her self was a beta who was able to take a Alpha's place if she was needed to.

Ziva also had a mate back at home who was a beta Ziva also found other information that she would keep to herself unless Gibbs asked her.

The lift opened which made everyone in the bull pen look up Gibbs, Tony, Ziva stood when they spelt Alpha's and beta's from outside their team Abby, Kate, Ducky and Palmer also arrived in their group Ducky moved Palmer and McGee behind them.

Tony saw McGee shiver as the large group of 7 walked over to them Gibbs stepped in-front of his group his pack he was the leader and there for he had to protect them as well.

As with two Omega's he was more protecting them then anything else and the others in the pack knew that as well.

That possibly the reason why Ducky and Abby moved Palmer and McGee behind them when they entered in the first place.

The larger of the group walked up to Gibbs staring in his eyes then he stared past the shape-shifters in-front of him to see the very person he was looking for he smiled while the others in his own pack chuckled this made McGee shifted back a little and whimpered.

"I see we found you my little Omega you came a long way from Canada just to get away from your own pack?"

The others snarled at that as McGee whimpered at the new comer Alpha who was still grinning.

Gibbs stayed where he was he hated how this man was making his pack feel and how he was making his McGee feel.

"I told you my little slut I would find you after your last failure of giving birth to my pups we need you to get pregnant once again my little child birthing factory"

Gibbs pushed the man away from his group as he stepped a little to close for him to be happy with.

"Do you have a reason for being here or is it to harass my pack?" "So your the leader of this.... pack" "that right if you have any problem with my pack then you have a problem with me"

The larger darker haired man looked back at him "My name is Michaël Thompson I am the Alpha of this pack that are currently with me I have a pack of 25 shape-shifters I want my Omega back Mr Gibbs and I will have him back I have been without him for more then 4 years without him"

Gibbs anger showed Yet he turned to see McGee "Do you want to go with this..... pack" Shacking his head McGee stepped back grabbing onto Abby's and Kate's arms obviously saying no.

Looking back to the pack in front of him he nodded "Well Tim says no so I will not allow you to take him if he wishes to stay here then that is where he shall be."

Michael sighed "Your making a mistake your meant to do what you want to do Don't worry about what the Omega want they don't need that right the only thing that they should want is pleasing their Alpha's"

Gibbs steeped forward "GO you are not welcome here you touch anyone in my pack Alpha, Beta or Omega you touch them I will have your throat touching my knife now leave"

"I will be back for him you can not protect him forever"

With that Michael turned and took of with his pack leaving the Gibbs and the team in silent as everyone in the bullpen watched everything from their desks.

Turning back to McGee Gibbs glared but there was worry as well in his blue eyes staring into Green eyes. "Explain"

McGee sighed knowing this was going to happen at some point in his life he just wished that it was not now. looking down he started to speak.
"well you see it started out like this"

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End Notes:
Ok so here the thing Kate is alive she just now helping Abby in the lab while Ziva is part of the field agent.

Also I have Dyslexia so I am sorry if there is any misspelling in the fanfiction if you see anything please let me know so I can change the spelling.
McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1
Author's Notes:
McGee was once in a pack living in Canada the only Omega of a pack of 25 abused and always raped he ran away trying to find a new live in America Washington D.C now apart of the NCIS team yet as we all know you can only run for so long your past will always come hunt you.
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McGee knew that his time to run once again would be near but once Micheal had showed up it was faster then he would have liked now he was down in Abby's lab Palmer was touching his shoulders to calm him down.

Tim knew that he should not be afraid after all they would have done something to him before if they really would have harmed him and Palmer never told him about any bad experience he had while working with Abby and Ducky who where both Beta and Alpha.

He was sat his back to the wall they allowed him that much so he could always leave when he gets to frightened Gibbs told him so.

"So McGee you mind telling us why that bastard Alpha wanted you to return to his pack?"

Sighing McGee placed his hand in his lap then he told them his story:

"OK so I am a Omega on my mother side she was Irish and park of a Irish Pack near Dublin she came over to America when her father wanted her to have a fresher outlook on different packs. She met up with my own father not long after she had turned 25 when they had married she told my Father what she was."

Stopping to grape the glass of water that Tony had given him their fingers brushed together slightly making McGee shiver with desire for the Alpha but said nothing he was afraid they would wish to use him the same way as his other pack once did and by the sounds of things they still do.

"My father John was fine with what my mother Iris was he had no worries and knew that there was not anything he knew other then the fact he loved her the same way she wanted him to. they mated and had my sister before they had me."

Gibbs looked shocked he never heard of Tim having any other siblings but then again he did not seem to know much of Tim as much as he thought he did.

"By the time my mother was 30 she had me.... Sarah had been about 5 years old by that time My father wanted to move us to Canada for his Navy based had been moved over there. So we all went there but shortly after the move my sister had not coped well with the cold she died shortly after the age of 8."

Stopping for a short moment he took another breath that he did not Realized that he was holding.

"My father died no more then 4 years into his new location it was only meant to be a practice but he never came back I still Don't know how he was killed mother never told me."

Ducky was hearing all this with sadness he felt Palmer shift besides him. "That was when I met Michael and his pack I was about 12 then.

His pack could smell that my mother had become with out a mate since fathers death. he wanted her and me in his pack he kept coming back I remember a particular day when he looked at me with eyes that I at the time did not understand."

Gibbs nodded he knew or believed where this was going. "My mother came out one day to find Michael touching me in ways that made me squirm I did not know what to do. My Omega came out and was unable to say or think any way to stop him.

My mom shouted at him for him to stop but when his hands started to go under my trousers she got angry and attacked him then which he killed her without any effort"

Tony looked up once again at them he knew that Omega would be outmatched by a Alpha in any battle and by the sound of things Tim's mother did not care about that just protecting her last child from a Alpha who by the sounds of things was overstepping his bounties and without a Omega's permission to even touch him the thought of doing that to A Omega makes his blood boil.

He was brought out of his thought when Tim spoke once more. "My mother died that day and I was brought to the large pack that Michael controlled I learned my place that day where I stood what my role in the pack was about I never wished for anything ever again."

Abby felt tears build up in her own eyes as she watched the tears in McGee's bright green eyes and body tremor she felt Jimmy look sad as well she knew a little about the other Omega past as well.

Gibbs stood up "What about what that bastard said about you being..... you a child birthing factory what the hell was that about"

He was angry but not with Tim how could he ever be angry with the smaller and under agent how could he when them bright green eyes stared up at him and the others how he just wanted to hold the man he wanted to fuck him as well but he could hold on to when it was the right moment and by the look on Tony's and Ducky's faces he was not the only one.

He wanted to protect Tim so badly, Palmer as well but his main course was Tim to protect him to keep any harm falling on those small hands that seemed to bring comfort to him and the other two Alphas besides him felt the same.

Tim stood Gibbs believed that the younger man was going to leave but he went to the other side of the room "By the time I was 15 I was old enough to start given birth to Children even when I was not old enough they where able to knot inside me when I was used by them on random accusations...."

McGee stopped looked to the sky from the little window Abby had in the lab they could see the effort that Tim was going though remembering such memories.

"Then I was 16 by the time I had my first pups two boys and one girl the girl was killed right after Michael found out two days later. her name was Tanya One of the boy's was taken to be placed in another pack while the other was killed he was born blind you see and Micheal did not want anything in his pack that would hold him back."

Everyone was pissed how dare the Alpha harm pups and separating the Mother from her only living child they would kill that Bastard when they next see him.

"I was broken two pups killed the other was taken shortly after that I became pregnant once again but once again it was not meant to be Micheal got angry with me one night he kept hurting me I fell over a trunk which only encouraged him to come after me he kicked my belly to much I lost the pups that night.

He tried a few times after that to get me pregnant once more but one night I really had enough when that happened I did not want to see more pups die so I ran. I found my pup from the first birth in the neighboring pack I watched as the new parents watched Kenny play with them as well he was looked after much better then I would have been able to. I left at least knowing that my child pup was in a safe place."

Tim sate back down his chin rested in his hands which where on his legs, "I never looked back since I finally reached here Washington D.C I joined the NCIS trying to keep my Omega hidden as much as I could but knew that if there was any shifters here they would smell me out at once.

Then no more then two years ago I was placed in this group these where the happiest memories that I ever had next to my children being born but I should have known that Micheal would come after me I just wished it would be some other time."

Gibbs moved to hug Tim who flinched "Sorry but I want to know what this does to me role here in pack" Gibbs stared Tony spoke the thoughts "What you mean Timmy"

"Do you want to continue to be the same pack or team family I don't know or do you want to use me the same way my old pack used me I need to know so I can mental prepare myself tomorrow or this afternoon depending on what you wish from me"

"Three Alpha's two Betas and Ziva although she was Human she was part of their pack as well regardless of species.

"I be damned if we ever get as near as treating you the same as those shit-holes of a so called pack I will let Ziva shot me with a Silver bullet without hesitation"

Gibbs reached for McGee's hands Ducky placed his hands on the boy's cheek holding his head Tony walked behind McGee hugging from behind him.

McGee shivered in pleasure Gibbs looked into his eyes deep stormy eyes meet with his own bright green eyes.

"I want a relationship from you Tim but I want to protect you as well not use you in that way" Ducky also held Tim closer.

"I also with Protect you Tim no other words that can be placed with how I feel about that pack that you came from. I just wish we could have helped you sooner I love you my lad but It up to you to decide"

Tony whispered in Tim's ears.

"You shall never want for anything I shall protect you if you need anything just tell me I will provide it I shall always be there for you should you need it."

McGee just watched them all he did not know what to do he wanted all three of them yet he just could did not know what that made him a slut? a whore? "I......I....Want all three....I know that makes me a whore or a slut but I come to love all three of you please"

Three sets of hands reached out Gibbs kissed him but gentle while Ducky kissed his hands while rubbing the inside of McGee's leg but downer of his leg. Tony rubbed McGee's back smoothly but lovingly.

"If that is what you want I can live with Tony and Ducky while shearing you" Gibbs said while Ducky smiled as well.

"Same" McGee looked behind him up at Tony who just laughed "Don't need to ask Love if that what you wish then It fine we can protect you better if there are three Alpha's at your side."

Everyone nodded at that Abby looked at her clock while almost in shock "I think we need to head home guys Kate and I have a date"

Gibbs looked at McGee, Tony, Ducky "Who shall we stay at" Ducky smiled "Yours my mother still not sure with lost of people around her I need to go back home to make sure she alright before coming over"

They nodded McGee blushed, Tony sighed "I only have a flat while that is big I think Gibbs place is bigger" Gibbs stood pulling McGee behind him with Tony and Ducky followed behind.

McGee could not help but feel that flicker of flame spark inside of his heart maybe he was able to start wishing his silent wish.


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End Notes:
Ok so here the thing Kate is alive she just now helping Abby in the lab while Ziva is part of the field agent.

Also I have Dyslexia so I am sorry if there is any misspelling in the fanfiction if you see anything please let me know so I can change the spelling.
McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1
Author's Notes:
McGee was once in a pack living in Canada the only Omega of a pack of 25 abused and always raped he ran away trying to find a new live in America Washington D.C now apart of the NCIS team yet as we all know you can only run for so long your past will always come hunt you.
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On the drive home No one said anything but Tony kept his hand on McGee's thigh though the whole drive they had dropped Ducky of back at his place to see how his mother was doing he would meet up with them in a couple of hours once he got a carer in to watch her while he was away.

Tim did not know how he would deal with the whole three mates thing but he did know that he wanted it, so he would work together with Gibbs, Tony and Ducky.

From what seemed to be hours they arrived at Gibbs home parking in the drive way Gibbs stopped his car before turning to look at him. "I need you to know that no matter what we shall never harm you the same way that your other pack did you understand Tim?"

McGee slowly nodded about to get out of the car till he was held back he looked now to see Tony holding his arm "No matter what happens McGee whether it be at work or home you shall be our number one...Ducky might be a bit different seeing as he still has his mother to think about she is getting on a bit but he will always put you first next to her"

Tim simply nodded once more after all what could he say in this kind of situation he should be grateful for any kind of attention that these three Alpha males where giving him what more could he possibly want.

Gibbs had gotten out of the car and went to open Tim's door letting him out of the car Bending down to pick him up but stopped when McGee held out of hand "I can walk you know?" Gibbs smiled "I know but while your in my home car or land you shall never want for anything that includes walking."

"But Gibbs......I mean sir what if that is what I wish?" Gibbs looked back at him Tony had reached his side and did the same "That is what you want Tim? To be able to walk around still be independent?"

Tim looked at them while rubbing his arms it was getting cold but he still did not know what to say or rather he knew what to say he was just unsure how to say it and how the two Alpha's in front of him would think.

"I... want to stay independent but... I wish to be loved to know how I was meant to be treated when I was in Canada I know it a lot of things for me to ask with me only being a Omega but.... could...I wish for that?"

Gibbs looked back to Tony who just smiled and nodded "If that is what you wish for then that is what you shall get we will love you McGee come here"

Pulling out his hand Tony helped Tim out of the car allowing McGee to walk to the front door, Gibbs pushed it open while Tony led the younger man to the settee making sure that Tim was alright he went back into the kitchen where he saw Gibbs leaning against the counter tops looking worried.

"What you thinking Gibbs?" Gibbs looked up to Tony "I am not sure how to deal with this shearing him with you and Ducky will be a bit difficult as I am normally a guy who does not shear... but Tim wanted all three of us so I will have to keep myself from stealing him from you two."

"Look Gibbs we know that all three of us love Timmy and we shall make sure that he shall know that as well tell him every hours if we needed to but I will say this one thing Gibbs when I see that pack again I will kill them.... without hesitation"

Gibbs took hold of the kettle purring hot water into two coffees and two teas Ducky would be joining them in a moment "Yes I wish to do of with them my self but I doubt that is what Tim wants or needs at the moment.... I think we just need to show him we love him as you said we need to show him how beautiful he truly is and that he is worth something after all it not all down here"

He moved his hand around his body then up to his head "Most of his problem if I am right is up here his confident and trust he had in people that is what needs to be fixed we will never be able to fix his body that has already been broken but we can at least as his Alpha's and Mates help heal his broken heart and mind."

The front door opened slightly Ducky entered bringing with him a small bag of things and his own big back of things.

"I went to McGee's home to get some of his things did you know the kind of dump he is living in?" Gibbs watched as Ducky moved to sit on the chair next to the table.

"His land lord was a nasty piece of work kept on saying that Tim was a whore like he always believed him to be by allowing old men into his home I also found out from the neighbors that Tim was over charged for the place he was living in the Landlord kept insisting that if Tim was going to go against the law of Omega's owning a home then he would teach the lad a thing or two."

Gibbs and Tony growled at that in the morning they would be heading round to see this landlord and have to teach him a thing or two on treating their mate in such a way.

"Thanks Ducky here a tea for you going to join us in the front room where we left Tim?" "Sure"

Leading the way Gibbs entered the room to see that Tim had not moved from his stop from the couch there was a worried look on the dark haired green eyed man.

He looked up when they entered "what wrong?" Tim said when he saw the angered expressions that Gibbs and Tony had on their own faces.

Ducky smiled while placing his own hands on Tim's cheeks "I told them where you lived and what your landlord was like My dear but Don't worry we are going to bed and rest up we all had a tiring day my lad now lets go."

Tim got up while following the three Alpha's upstairs Gibbs held his own hands while leading him over to the bed after he got changed into some night wear he was now sleeping with Tony and Gibbs either side of him while Ducky was on Tony's other side.

The four of them laying together McGee was surprised when none of them tried to touch him even though he could smell the arousal from each of them still he was not going to complain.

Just maybe he had a chance of having his wish.


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End Notes:
Ok so here the thing Kate is alive she just now helping Abby in the lab while Ziva is part of the field agent.

Also I have Dyslexia so I am sorry if there is any misspelling in the fanfiction if you see anything please let me know so I can change the spelling.
McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1
Author's Notes:
McGee was once in a pack living in Canada the only Omega of a pack of 25 abused and always raped he ran away trying to find a new live in America Washington D.C now apart of the NCIS team yet as we all know you can only run for so long your past will always come hunt you.
Hello everyone this is McGee's silent wish chapter 4 hope you enjoy this one.
For those who have asked about why the Landlord forced McGee rent more then the others because while Omega's are known around the world as is Alpha's and Beta's Omega's have little right to own anything in their life time.

So when they do this is braking a law by owning a home in their name Any landlords have the right to either press charges or up the rent. though saying that most don't bother to do either.

But the Punishment once a Omega is found to be owning anything is forced into a Society where they would. forced to mate with a Human that may not treat them well.
2. To be given to a pack outside of the state once again they may not treat them well.
3. Turned into a slave for a rich family who once again may not treat them well.

So either way the Omega will always lose.

Gibbs, Tony and Ducky kept their promise while heading down to McGee's apartment the next day.

The landlord looked worse then how Ducky was talking about him, The man looked like he had not showered for years he was rather big not fat but broad chested his shoulders where very much filled out.

He looked up at them as soon as they arrived he looked towards Ducky then back to the other two. "I see you brought back more people for that slut to earn money."

Gibb growled slightly at that "We are not here for McGee we are here to talk to you and the way you have been treated him."

"Treated him? I had the right to up the price of his rent and you know the rules if I did not do so"

Tony grabbed hold of the mans shirt "I don't give a shit about them rules or the Punishment which by the way are unfair Omega's are Humans as well regardless on what the Society think their blood is red their minds are the same in more or less way So what the hell matters whether they are Omega or not."

Gibbs grabbed hold of Tony pulling him back "DiNozzo clam down as much as I hate to say he did have the right to do what he did" Tony looked back at him but said nothing but he was very angry.

Sighing Gibbs lent in closer "I say that yet if I were to hear that you done anything else to our Tim then I shall make sure to make your life a living hell you understand me?"

Gibbs lent back smiling in such a way it would send shivers down anyone's spin he walked back up to McGee's apartment but stopped when The Landlord started seeking.

The land lord simply stared at him "You threatening me?" Gibbs turned back "No I do not do threats" but he went down some steps so he was level with the Landlord "I do promises and I keep my promises"

Nothing else was said after that they gathered some more of McGee's things like his laptop and other clothing that he might need but they would have to make sure that McGee would not want for anything as the Alpha's they would supply him with anything he needed.

However Tim claimed he still wanted to be independent to some degree yet still want the love that a mate is supposed to give.

Yet looking around this Apartment there was hardly anything inside only the basic things that anyone would need in a home.

"Gibbs, Antony come into the bathroom" The said two headed to the bathroom where they found Ducky trying to get something that seemed to be attached to the loo finally pulling it out they could see that it was a small camera."

Tony just looked at it frowning slightly as he held the small devise in his hands.

Gibbs picked up his phone he started to talk ("Abby? you there?" "here Gibbs what the problem?" "We have found a small camera in McGee's apartment I need you to send down Ziva then send Kate over to my place to make sure that McGee is alright?" "On it Gibbs")

They hanged of the phone shortly after that call Ziva showed up with her gear "the the problem Abby just told me to come down is McGee hurt?"

Gibbs held up the small Camera to her face she took hold of it the thing was very small hardly noticeable to the human eye would not have picked it up if they should walk into a room but for people like them they had keen eyes to spot these things so why McGee could not?

"I am keeping this one to send back to Abby so she can tell what this is doing in McGee's bathroom but I can take a guess what I need you to do Ziva is help us to see if there are more around this apartment"

She nodded.

A short time later they came up with another 6 Camera's located around the apartment two where in the bedroom one in the hallway the other was in the kitchen the next was in the front room while the last was locate in the shower part in the bathroom.

Ducky was very concern of who would do such a thing but like Gibbs he could have a hunch on who.

Gibbs had a call back but it was from Kate who sounded distress (Gibbs.... Gibbs please come your home.... please.... McGee was attacked I was knocked over and just woken up it them it the from the other day)

Leaving the place he drove back to his home where he saw the door was of it hinges Rushing into the house they spreed around to search better He heard Tony shout.

"Gibbs I found Kate" Rushing back down to the potch outside the back door he saw Kate but she was badly hurt her arm looked to be twisted in a awkward angle while her shirt was ripped slightly and she had a dark Purple bruise on her cheek.

She looked up to them "I tried to stop them they would not let up please..... it hurts I promised McGee I would protect him..."

Ducky sighed while pushing her slightly back to the grown when she tired to get up only to wince slightly.

"Hush now Kate my dear we shall have to get you to the hospital to get you treated" she nodded while letting them do what they needed to do.


After that the Team Gibbs got together Palmer was being hugged by Abby who was worried about her own mate and little brother they where back at the NCIS bullpen rethinking things through. "So what are we going to do?" Palmer asked

Gibbs was frustrated now his mate was gone one of his team members was hurt by another pack he was very angry.

"Abby check them Camera while the rest of us try to find where that Bastard took McGee we shall not leave him behind" Turning to the only Omega left in the pack.

"Palmer go to the director tell him what going on we need to get things sorted now." Jimmy nodded leaving the group

Going about their ways they would find McGee and destroy that pack for what they did to theirs if it was the last thing they ever did.


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End Notes:
Ok so here the thing Kate is alive she just now helping Abby in the lab while Ziva is part of the field agent.

Also I have Dyslexia so I am sorry if there is any misspelling in the fanfiction if you see anything please let me know so I can change the spelling.
McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1
Author's Notes:
McGee was once in a pack living in Canada the only Omega of a pack of 25 abused and always raped he ran away trying to find a new live in America Washington D.C now apart of the NCIS team yet as we all know you can only run for so long your past will always come hunt you.
Hi there this is the next chapter hope you all enjoy it.


McGee could not tell you clearly how he got here in this cage he knew who took him and he had no doubt what their plans where for him after all this was the pack that he ran away from 4 years ago.

He looked up when he heard the door open McGee had to close his eyes as bright light was shone on him.

"Well look what we have here boys our little toy is back where he belongs but I wonder how long we can keep him here this time?" Now the light was dimmed McGee looked up and saw Micheal knelling down in front of the cage which he was currently in.

"Our little boy is awake" he opened the door McGee tried to use that moment to get out but as he made two passes before he was roughly pulled back looking behind him his eyes widened as he saw a thick chain which was attached to a collar which he was wearing.

There was laughter from behind him as he was pulled up to Micheal who spat at him, "How predictable I did not think it would be even that Predictable he laughed even more as McGee tried to tug back but the Alpha's grip on him even tightened.

"you just lightened up my day Slut now I am sure you know what we want from you don't you"

This sent shivers down his spin he ran away from that life he would not go back "No never I don't want that never again" He sounded tougher then what how felt. However that though failed when he hard a small child's cry reached his ears. "Now don't tell me that you forgotten this young boy?"

McGee looked up into the boy's eyes they where green like his the hair was brown with slight silver light to them he looked to be no more then about 7 years old.

"Kenny?" The boy looked up the ability of a mother and son from a wolf pack was strong it did not matter whether the child was a Omega, Beta or Alpha they knew who their birth mother (male or female) are the strong blood bond and instanced that the mother and child have.

"Mommy?" "Kenny" his blood boiled over his child was being hurt and he would not have that no way in hell.

Tugging on his collar while he lashed out to who ever was in-front of him which happened to be Micheal who m got a blow to the cheek there was a cut now running down the side of his cheek blood tickling down Micheal face.

"Why you little bitch" He grabbed McGee by the shoulders letting the chain tug on the neck of McGee which had started to dig in still McGee did not want to let go not with his child there right in front of him he would not give up not ever again.

Even when Micheal kept running his hands down and up his leg till it reached his hole opening.

"You will learn whore that we are your masters and you will allow us to fuck you silly till you would not be able to walk again"

McGee half whimpered half growled his son was watching this his son would be-forever scared for life he would not have that not even if he should die but that will never happen since who else would care for his son.

Although he did not see the dark look


Gibbs passed back and forward his frustration was getting to braking point three days that Tim was taken Three days and Kate was still in the hospital and three days since they have come up with nothing.

Tony typed at a very fast passe as he too tried to find anything to help them look for his.... their mate Tim was normally the best person to hack into things or research things.

It was not till they head a loud happy screech that they looked up to see Abby running up to them with Ducky and Palmer in tow. "I found him I found McGee"

Gibbs looked at her "Where?" Abby held out a piece of paper then to the large screen she held her control flicked the screen on and smiled while turning back to the group.

"He is currently still in America just they are I believe heading for the boarders of Canada" "Good work Abby how close are they from the boarders Abby?"

She looked up at him "they are North of the North Maumee bay near the road leading out of Toledo If they where to leave anyway now they would reach the borders with in 13 hours and a half hours. I have managed to pin point Timmy's location to a abandon warehouse it will take you for a normal person about 8 hours (I think) but for you Gibbs or Ziva it would take about 5 hours"

Gibbs nodded "Let head out"


When they arrived there was a short silents Gibbs looked around the place Tony and Ducky could only remain there stopping them self's from running in there to help their mate.

Finally they got the signal from Gibbs slowly holding up their guns in front of them self.

At last they where inside yet something was not quit right there was no noise from anywhere.

Opening the door they had the smell of blood retch their noses looking around they saw something that shocked the team and would forever hunt their memories forever.

Three bodies dead on the grown two where in the cage a small body crouched in front of a larger body the body of Micheal who to was dead.

the smaller body the team did not know who he was but knew it was a kid the larger person behind him however they did know to be McGee shivering and the breathing Ducky knew was to be difficulty in breathing.

"Tim..... Timmy" Gibbs edge closer towards the two he sensed that the boy was a Alpha... rather would grow up to be one the kid started to growl once again Grabbing the gun which was laying at the side of him raising it slightly upward but not directly at Gibbs.

"Easy there little buddy we won't hurt you or Tim we are hear to help I don't want to harm one of my mate. Tim looked up at the sound of his son's growl and gaps.

"Save.... Kenny... they save my mates Proper mates " The child looked down took his tong out and licked McGee under the eye licking the tear away.

The child let his gun drop to his side, This allowing Gibbs, Tony and Ducky to get to McGee side. the child growled once more about to grab the gun once again however McGee grabbed him bringing him closer to his shivering body.

"It save they save your save Momma has you Kenny" Gibbs looked around him once more looking at the four bodies laying in and around the cage.

Nothing was said after that McGee always had his hand in the child's own hand while they where placed in the truck to be brought back to Washington D.C.

McGee slowly allowed his body to turn and rested with Kenny leaning against his own body he felt them ever so slowly drifting of to a peaceful sleep and McGee can wish once again now he and his son was save at last.

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Ok so here the thing Kate is alive she just now helping Abby in the lab while Ziva is part of the field agent.

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McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1
Author's Notes:
McGee was once in a pack living in Canada the only Omega of a pack of 25 abused and always raped he ran away trying to find a new live in America Washington D.C now apart of the NCIS team yet as we all know you can only run for so long your past will always come hunt you.
Hello everyone this is the next chapter of McGee's silent wish hope you enjoy.


They had brought McGee and his son to the Hospital soon after that he was also allowed to go shortly after almost a whole two weeks after. Kenny has started to trust his mothers mates and after explaining things to his son Tim managed to get Kenny to allow Gibb's, Tony and Ducky near him.

Gibbs sat in the chair nearest to him while Tim sat on the couch with Kenny sitting next to him the child He would admit is rather brave and after hearing the bond between a child alpha to it Omega mother.

He could forgive the child for aiming to shot if what he believes happened in the wear-house then he would not be surprised if something snapped in Kenny which made him want to protect McGee even if he himself died in the proses.

What Gibbs was worried about was how would the law fit into everything after all Omega's have little to no rights in this world that is until the new stem came in.

Even though Kenny was within his rights to protect his mother who was unable to protect herself after having seen to have broken arm and leg they found Tim shivering and breathing rather badly.

Thankfully if Kenny did react in a fast manner then McGee got away with a lot worse then what he most likely would have gotten.

They could tell that just the edge of the Tim's hole was damaged but nothing inside suggested that there was any struggle or damage he would have gusseted that this was when Kenny shot him from the time of death Micheal was killed first then the other four was about the same time but from what Ducky could tell they where a few minuets later.

The team had packed the crime scene sent the evidence to Abby to see what she was able to see anything from what they could see them-self.

Gibbs watched as McGee was running his good hand though Kenny's hair calming the child down buy the looks of things the younger agent was also humming some kind of tune that Gibbs did not know much about.

It broke his heart to see his boy's in such a horrid state he could consider Kenny one of his one of Tony's and Ducky's considering that McGee was their mate and Kenny was his child he only wish to have met the daughter and son that where killed in such manner that it still made his stomach cringe at the memory of hearing McGee's story.

He was glade that Michael was dead now that way he could no longer hurt Tim or his child but also he was upset that he, Tony or Ducky was not the one to kill that bastard.

Still he should be happy now that Tim and safe they could protect him no matter what he was going to be everything that Tim need no matter what that was.

McGee looked up at them then down at Kenny who slept softly Tony knelt down to pick the child up the only movement that appeared was a slight moan as he tucked himself into Tony's chest clutching the shirt for support of some kind.

Gibbs and Ducky chuckled at this Tony was never to good with children but he was happy to get a long with this one as he was the kid of his mate so he would not say nothing negative.

He would not say anything that would harm either of them if he had anything to say about it then he would even keep the child and McGee safely tucked in the house and never let him out.

However looking down at Kenny and Tim he knew that was not what they wanted that was not going to help at all it was simply what he wanted and he would never lock these two away from the world other wise that would make him no better then the pack which he had come from.

Sighing he brought the child up the stairs into the guest bedroom but by the looks of things if Kenny was going to be staying with them then it might as well be called Kenny's room as Tim sleep with them now.

Gibbs was the one who brought McGee up the stairs despite the fact that Tim was only a inch taller then Gibbs he was rather light to light to be healthy.

Ducky was bringing up some kind of soft foods for Tim to try to eat before going to bed he would make sure that they get his weight back up to normal at the very least.

He sighed as he saw the look on Tim's face as Gibbs carried him bridle style it was confusion and by the looks of his bright green eyes searching for something that Ducky was unable to tell but he could see as the heavy load that Tim must have been carrying had lifted up the knowledge that Micheal his pack leader was dead he was safe for as long as They would protect him from the outside world.

Ducky watched as Gibbs placed Tim in the middle of the bed Tony came back into the room Tony saw the look that Gibbs was giving him so Tony claimed in after McGee while Ducky climbed in the other side Gibbs looked around them leaving the room for a few moments he smiled and climbed in after behind Tony.

"Just making sure windows are closed and Kenny is still sleeping." Ducky nodded at that he smiled down at McGee who had finally fallen asleep his face showed signs of being at peace and that was how the three of them wanted him to be just be able to know he was safe the ability to just sleep with the knowledge that he was being protected by his mates that was all they ever wanted.

Tony was the next to fall asleep his arms tucked in against Tim's chest Ducky followed shortly after with his arms being carefully rested around Tim's waist he to fell silently into darkness of his sleep.

Gibbs smiled at the three he would make sure by heaven on earth he would watch them till his last breath would be drawn he would do everything in his power to protect to give them hope for a better future. Shortly after he to fell into a silent dream of the happy life they would have someday.


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Ok so here the thing Kate is alive she just now helping Abby in the lab while Ziva is part of the field agent.

Also I have Dyslexia so I am sorry if there is any misspelling in the fanfiction if you see anything please let me know so I can change the spelling.
McGee's silent wish by 0icestrom1
Author's Notes:
McGee was once in a pack living in Canada the only Omega of a pack of 25 abused and always raped he ran away trying to find a new live in America Washington D.C now apart of the NCIS team yet as we all know you can only run for so long your past will always come hunt you.
Hello everyone this is the last chapter of McGee's silent wish this chapter is rather short as it is really just a follow up of the next few weeks after the last chapter.


McGee had started to get better he was now able to sit in the garden he smiled as Kenny started to get on with the other kids in the neighborhood he had made friends with a Omega child who had moved in shortly after Tim had been moved into Gibbs place.

He watched as Kenny had brought the other child round their home The Omega's parents was unsure at first after hearing that there was Three Alpha's living here but then when Kenny said about his mother being a Omega and that Tim would never let anything hurt Jamie.

The mother wanted to meet Tim first then the Alpha's she was very happy to see things how they where at first she thought that the broken arm was coursed because of his mates but after McGee explained that this was from his past pack she calmed down.

The father also met them he to was happy that his son was going to be protected while he was in the house with Three NCIS agents and a doctor in the house he had no reason to be worried as he first was.

Now the two was playing in the garden with McGee watching him Abby had brought over some books and updated him on everything that happened apparently Jimmy had found his mate in Ziva much to everyone amazement and amusement still Tim was happy that he had got on so much since he had started working there at NCIS bullpen as Ducky's assistant.

Playing his hand on his belly he could relay good news to his mates when they got back that afternoon the new that he was pregnant Ducky had made sure that a doctor that he knew would check up on Tim on a regular basses mainly to check his injures this doctor was mated already to a wonderful Human female with two kids of their own.

By the looks of things in the Doctors examination he could see that Tim was indeed pregnant with two children.

Tim was happy he was very happy who children they where he did not know he did know that they where not from anyone in his pack he was told he was only three to four weeks along and he had been back for over a month now.

Getting up he made his way into the kitchen to make drinks he knew that the three would be arriving in a short while.

Looking out of the window he watched as his son who skin had started to get colour back in them cheeks of his the boy had grown more now he was no longer at the hands of Micheal he wondered for a while how he was able to get Kenny from the pack he was placed in but now he just happy that he is spending time with him making up for the past years of being unable to watch him grow.

He hard the door unlock looking behind him Tim saw Gibbs standing in the door way Tony ran up to him lifting him slightly of the floor and into the nearest chair Ducky just laughed and smiled.

Gibbs made his way over to finishes the coffees and teas Tony sate down on the chair next to Tim.

Tim looked at all three of them "I have some news." All three looked at him as he started to spin his fingers around each other his nerves was getting the better of him.

Then at last he sighed as he placed his hand on his stomach once more "I am pregnant with two of your children"

Ducky was the first to speak "You sure it one of ours? I don't care if it not but you know how far along are you my dear?" Tim smiled at him "Only about three to four weeks Doctor Harrison did the test this morning though I do not know who children they are I know there two of yours"

Gibbs knelt down by Tim leaning in he hugged Tim but not to tightly he was so happy even if the child turned out not be his that would not stop him form caring for the children he grown to love and care for Kenny and then Jamie as well as the Omega has almost become one of the family since he gets on so well with Kenny.

Tony to hugged him once more his feelings where the same as Gibbs and Ducky Tim knew that he need not to say any words to express such happiness he would care for them his first chance of a family came true.

McGee watched the three of them smile Gibbs helped Tim into the garden Ducky carried the drinks while Tony was opening the doors for them all Tim knew that at last as he was gently placed into the chair his wish was coming true.

His silent wish for a family a true family was finally a reality McGee's Silent wish was no longer Silent any more.


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End Notes:
Ok so here the thing Kate is alive she just now helping Abby in the lab while Ziva is part of the field agent.

Also I have Dyslexia so I am sorry if there is any misspelling in the fanfiction if you see anything please let me know so I can change the spelling.
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