19 you and me by snipper15
Summary: 19 You and me by Dan and Shay. Please you tube before reading!;-)
Categories: Other Het Pairings Characters: Anthony DiNozzo, Ziva David
Genre: Song fic
Pairing: DiNozzo/Ziva
Warnings: Kink
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1. 19 you and me by snipper15

19 you and me by snipper15
Author's Notes:
19 You and me by Dan and Shay. Please you tube before reading!;-)
'It was our, first week, Myrtle beach. Where it all began.
It was a hundred and two, nothing to do man it was hot,
so we jumped in. We were summer time sippin' sippin' up,
sweet tea kissing off of your lips, tee shirt trippin' trippin' well,
how could I forget,

1990, 12 years before NCIS
Tony smiles over at his girl, his world. They were in Myrtle beach Florida for their first trip together. The temperature was 102' and it was boiling hot.
"Come on Tony, let's go for a swim." Ziva coos and pulls Tony out of the plastic beach chair that currently sticks to his ass from too much lounging around.
" 'Kay sweet cheeks. Just for you though." Tony let the Israeli drag him into the thirty degree water and his teeth slowly begin to chatter.
''Too cold?" Ziva splashes water onto his newly tanned hide.
''Yes!" Tony tracks back to their little hut / umbrella and pours each of them a glass of sweet iced tea.
''Tova, o'hevet .'' Ziva smiles and takes a small sip before kiss in Tony head on on the lips. ''A sweet kiss for a sweetheart." She slowly whispers. Tony smiles his billion kilowatt smile and Ziva returns the favor. Tony takes off his tee shirt and reveals his ripped torso and shoulders, leaving him in his swimming trunks and sandals. Ziva growls protectively as some other girls look him up and down. She removes the tee shirt that covers her two piece black bikini and flashes off her dark olive skin very well. The girls turn away when Tony catches Ziva when she trips over his tee.
''Sorry sweetcheeks, you know my carelessness."

2005, Washington DC, 15years together

''How can I forget that day?" Tony asks with a slick smile.
''I was just wondering if you remembered our 15 year secret." Ziva sits on the edge of his desk. The Italian laughs his good natured laugh and brings a Prussian blue box from behind his back.

'Watching that body sway to ever song I sing,
You were California beautiful, I was playing every thing but cool
I can still hear that sound of every wave, crashing down
Like the tears we dried that day we had to leave,
It was everything we wanted it to be, summer of 19 you and me,'

1990, Tony starts to hum as he hears the song what you do to me cames on. Ziva starts to sway along as he floats on his back in knee deep waters while continuing to hum.
''You look as beautiful as the Californian skies." Tony closes his eyes and tries to act cool but he is being the complete opposite.

2005, "I can still here the waves crashing down from our last day on that beach." Tony says and hands the mysterious box to the patient Israeli as she hands him her box. Each box held a piece of jewelry, Ziva had a diamond ring and Tony got down on his knee.
''Ziva David, will you bestow upon me your undying love?" Tony says from the deepest corner of his bull heart. Ziva covers her mouth to stop a sob and to hide a Texas sized smile.
''Yes." She chokes then wraps her arms around his neck and plants a strong kiss on his loving lips. ''Yes."

We had our first dance in the sand
It was one hell of a souvenir,
Tangled up, so in love so let's just stay right here.
Til the sun starts creepin, creepin up
Right then I knew, just what you thinkin', thinkin' of
When I looked at you.

2005, The pair danced to the song of the one they shared on the beach.
''Remember our first dance and our shoes got filled with sand." Ziva laughs as Tony spins her around when Gibbs walks in.
''What are you doing?" The leader asks, the dancing couple.
''Dancing." Tony smirks.
''I can see that."
''You know that favor?" Tony asks." I'm cashing it in. I asked Ziva to marry me."
''Congrats." Gibbs walks away and calls over his shoulder. ''Now we are even."
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