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Summary: Secrets are revealed when going through a difficult case.
Rated: R
Categories: Gibbs/DiNozzo Characters: Abby Sciuto, Anthony DiNozzo, Donald Mallard, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee, Ziva David
Genre: First Time, Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 27 Completed: Yes
Word count: 58379 Read: 284587
Published: 02/03/2009 Updated: 04/15/2009
Story Notes:
No money being made, just took them out to play.

1. Slipping by Hilde [Reviews - 0] (0 words)
Secrets are revealed when the team go through a difficult case.

2. chapter two by Hilde [Reviews - 3] (0 words)
Masks are slipping away as Tony and Gibbs work with the team to solve a double murder.

3. Chapter Three by Hilde [Reviews - 4] (0 words)
Tony and Gibbs have a heart to heart.

4. Chapter four by Hilde [Reviews - 5] (0 words)
Gibbs and Tony take their relationship to the next level.

5. Slipping - chapter five by Hilde [Reviews - 6] (0 words)
Gibbs is injured, leaving Tony in fear of his life.

6. Chapter six by Hilde [Reviews - 6] (0 words)
Who knows what?

7. Chapter seven by Hilde [Reviews - 4] (0 words)

8. Chapter eight by Hilde [Reviews - 4] (0 words)
Revelations abound as they prepare for Gibbs' return home.

9. Chapter nine by Hilde [Reviews - 5] (0 words)
Shepard continues to pry into the affairs of the team as Gibbs is released from hospital.

10. Chapter ten by Hilde [Reviews - 4] (0 words)
Gibbs' first day out of the hospital.

11. Chapter eleven by Hilde [Reviews - 3] (0 words)
Jenny and Gibbs have a showdown.

12. Chapter twelve by Hilde [Reviews - 3] (0 words)
Ziva tries to find some answers. Abby's making plans :)

13. Chapter Thirteen by Hilde [Reviews - 4] (0 words)
Ziva makes her choice.

14. Chapter fourteen by Hilde [Reviews - 3] (0 words)
Gibbs and Tony spend a quiet evening at home, while Ziva calls in a favor.

15. Chapter fifteen by Hilde [Reviews - 7] (0 words)
Ziva reveals the information learned in her secret file to Gibbs and Tony.

16. Chapter sixteen by Hilde [Reviews - 1] (0 words)
Ziva and Abby's girls' night in.

17. Chapter seventeen by Hilde [Reviews - 4] (0 words)
Tony and Gibbs have a heart to heart.

18. Chapter eighteen by Hilde [Reviews - 4] (0 words)
Abby and Ziva suffer the aftermath of their wine filled evening, and the makings of a plan is hatched at the dinner party at Gibbs' house.

19. Chapter nineteen by Hilde [Reviews - 4] (0 words)
Tony's doing some thinking.

20. Chapter twenty by Hilde [Reviews - 6] (0 words)
An evening in for Tony and Gibbs

21. Chapter twenty-one by Hilde [Reviews - 4] (0 words)
The contents of Shepard's file is revealed.

22. Chapter twenty-two by Hilde [Reviews - 3] (0 words)
Tony tries to come to terms with his father's betrayal.

23. Chapter twenty-three by Hilde [Reviews - 2] (0 words)
Tony meets the psychologist and Shepard awaits the results.

24. Chapter twenty-four by Hilde [Reviews - 3] (0 words)
Jenny goes head to head with Tony and Gibbs.

25. Chapter twenty-five by Hilde [Reviews - 3] (0 words)
Gibbs has a surprise for Shepard.

26. Chapter twenty-six by Hilde [Reviews - 2] (0 words)
Both sides prepare for the final confrontation.

27. Chapter twenty-seven by Hilde [Reviews - 4] (0 words)
As the situation is resolved, Tony and Gibbs look forward.