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Author's Chapter Notes:
Gibbs ruins Kate's date by arresting him.
–Gibbs, you are completely unbearable. Do you ever care about others or are you always a jackass?” She stood in front of him hand on hip. Only the large plasma screen behind Gibbs and the desk lamps on the two agents’ desk lighted the abandoned squad room.

–Special Agent Todd, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were flirting with me.” His smirk once again covered his face.

Though Kate was attracted to this man, he could not use a charming smile to get out of it. He arrested her date while at dinner with him. There was no evidence, in her opinion, that placed him at the restaurant with her, other than the trace on her cell.

–You could have gone to his home and wait, go to his work tomorrow, but instead you trace my cell? Besides, he has nothing to do with this case Jethro. Thank you so much for ruining my date.”

His smile quickly left and was replaced with authority. –Kate, how I get a suspect is not the topic of discussion here. I’m sorry about your date, but… Why were you out with him anyway? He’s a dirt bag, a dirt bag I am proud to be putting away.”

–Damn you Gibbs.” She turned away from him and walked away to the elevator, snatching her purse of her desk. Her eyes had already begun to water, but not enough to be considered tears, just physical frustration.

She pushed the button in hope the metal doors would open immediately, only to be denied. His footsteps were obvious behind hers, but she tried escaping him by continuously hitting the button with anticipation of hearing the ding of freedom.

He spun her around with the firm hand on her forearm. –I’m sorry Kate, that was out of line.”

–Leave me alone Gibbs.” She jerked away from his grip, her anger increasing more and more.

The ding of the opening metal doors set Gibbs into action. He pushed her in the small box and hit the emergency switch as soon as the doors closed behind him.

–I’m sorry Kate! How else do you want me to say it? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

One of Gibbs’ pet peeves was apologizing, yet here he was, repeating it over and over just for her.

She couldn’t speak. Bewildered eyes were her only sign of emotion. Her mouth opened, but no words.

Without reconsidering even once, he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. Eyes still in surprise and now confusion.
As the kiss became stronger, her eyes closed and her body relaxed, and she returned the kiss.

Gently pulling away, he waited for a reaction, anything to show him her thoughts.

She smiled lightly, –Wh…what was that Gibbs?”

He shrugged his shoulder, –I don’t know, an ‘I’m sorry’ kiss?” She nodded, thinking of his statement. –Did it work?”

Her head titled a little to the side and she smiled with quirkiness, –I’m not sure… How about you try again.”
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