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Author's Chapter Notes:
Gibbs tells Kate the truth and why he did it.
They sat in her apartment on the couch. He did his best to explain why he did the idiotic thing he did.

–You told me you didn’t love me to save me from…yourself?” Her question was more of a statement; purely hypothetical.

Though Kate felt to be a strong, independent feminist, she couldn’t help but see the romance in his logic. He cared for her so much and worried for her safety that he took away even the possibility of hurt.

–Gibbs. I love you too.” She saw the puzzled look on his face. –Earlier, on the street, you said you loved me and I didn’t respond. I love you, too Gibbs.”

–Does this mean you forgive me?”

–Well, not exactly, I’m still pissed, but for the most part, yes.” She beamed. Then leaned into him, –But please Jethro, spare me from any more attempts to save my emotional state.”

He laughed, –I will try my best.” He cupped her head in his hand, licking his lips. He stared from her mouth back to her eyes. –I think we’re long overdo for something.”

She watched him stare at his lips, unable to remove the sight for very long, and finally, after good amount of suffering, she let her lips once again join his the way they had so many times before.

Her tongue slipped past his lips to dance with his. She pulled back, biting his bottom lip, one of Gibbs’ weakness. A technique Kate used on him whenever she wanted his complete attention.

His head leaned back trying to hold back all the feelings he had, and the urge to forcibly take her down onto her back right there. He fought the urge to lose himself inside her, mentally and physically.

He watched as her leg went over his lap, allowing her to straddle him, her abdomen pressed against his. She could feel the tension in his body, the self-control, however weak, and the focus he attempted to put into her eyes. She couldn’t help but snicker. She let her stomach push more against his, her thighs expand further to let her get even closer to him.

His body’s tension grew. He head rolled back as she pressed her midsection into him even further. Leaning back to press her lips against his neck, then leaving a light mark to show were her teeth edged him on even more.

At this point, Gibbs new she was purposely torturing him, so he decided to turn the tables on her. He put his hands under her thigh and turned her so her back was on the couch, but never changing the closeness of which she had wrapped herself around his waste.

He hovered her a minute, letting his eyes soak in her beautiful face, then leaned in. His lips close to hers, she began for a kiss, but he quickly pushed past her and teased her ear with his lips and tongue.

–Is this your own payback now, because I’m sure you don’t deserve such delight?” He could hear her smile in her words

–Nope, this is me giving you what you have been secretly wanting all this time.”

He kissed he jaw line back to her lips. She hummed lightly under him.

”So, does this mean you’ll take me back?”

She nodded, her eyes closed as he rolled his hips into her, causing her to moan lightly.

–Say it.” His hands crept around her thigh and hips, then her chest. She moaned again, nodding. –Say it.”

–Yes, Jethro, yes.”

–That’s all I needed to hear.” He leaned up and pulled his shirt over his head, and helped Kate do the same…

Kate finally had her Gibbs back, and Gibbs had is Katie, and this time, no misconception on their relationship and where it could lead would tear them apart.

Gibbs knew that Kate would get hurt from time to time, but he learned that Kate’s best answer for that pain, was actually himself, the person who he thought would actually be the illness was actually her antidote.
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