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It was Saturday morning, and as she promised, she was going to call Gibbs when it was safe.

DiNozzo was dressing for his morning run.

–Hey baby. Are you going to get ready?”

She turned over under the blankets and gave Tony a warm smile. –Not today. I’m going to rest a little more than head out. Get some errands done.”

–Oh. Well, if you want, I can go with you if you can wait for me to get back and shower.”

–No. Don’t worry about.” She sat up to kiss his cheek. –I’ll see you when I get back.” Without pushing, he kissed her forehead and headed out the door.

When Kate felt it was safe, she jumped out of bed and grabbed her cell phone and dialed her boss’ number. On the second ring, the man answered. –Hello there.”

Kate couldn’t help it but feel like a naughty schoolgirl. –Hi Jethro.” Her tongue licked her lips, which were already becoming impatient for his touch.

–Can you come over?”

–Let me just shower and I’ll be right over.”

Gibbs laughed quietly, –Hmm. Maybe I should go over there and join you.”

–Yes, I would love when DiNozzo walks in an catches me in the shower with you. ‘Oh, we were just trying to conserve water.’ He’ll totally fall for it.”

Gibbs was unaware that DiNozzo was staying at her place, or vice versa, but became happier that she was back to calling him DiNozzo. That made him quite pleased.

–Just don’t take too long. Bye Katie.”

–Bye Jethro.”

Kate took off her shirt, which belong to Tony, and got in the shower. She felt so giddy and more youthful. Quite young still, but feeling like a teenager sneaking out of the house to be with her Romeo. She felt it to all be so romantic. Until reality set in and she is 30 and in a relationship with a colleague, having an affair with both her and her boyfriend’s boss.

Yet, she couldn’t hide her smile.

She got out and dried off, dried her hair, and perfected herself to the best, knowing it was all simply pointless once she got to Gibbs’ house to be ravaged once again. Still, why slack?

She grabbed her purse and walked out the door and within what felt like seconds she was in his drive way again.

With the knock on the door, Gibbs rushed up stairs from the basement. His heart was as flighty as Kate’s, so he couldn’t help but open the door with a sexy smile and eyes that bulged out at the beautiful sight of his Katie.

She replied with a smile and without even a chance to speak, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him close. She looked up into his eyes, which were exuding passion and eagerness. Kate pressed her lips to his. Their soft skin began pushing against each other seductively. Her lips parted, allowing his tongue to join hers, rubbing it and taking in the taste he had recently become addicted to.

Kate took his lip between her teeth and pulled lightly. –Do you think we should go inside?”

Gibbs looked up to see they were standing in the threshold of his house with the world to see. He could only smirk as he rubbed his hands down from Kate’s back to her ass. –What, are you worried?”

–Only for those two guys across the street.” She kept her eyes locked on his, her voice almost a purr. –If they saw you and me, they’d have high expectations that they would never have fulfilled.”

His hands grabbed her ass tighter with every word and finally, he was unable to adjourn his affection. His hands lowered more and forced her legs to wrap around his waist and quickly turned to push her back against his open door, still plain and clear for the two young men to see. –So, you think something like this could be bad for them to see? They might not be able to fill their real pleasure with the pleasure they’ll see with us?”

She leaned down to his ear as she bucked her waist hard into his, –Something like that.”

He carried her further into his house and slammed the door behind him. Her fingers searched for the bottom hem of his shirt and pulled it off of him. His hands ran down her perfectly toned thighs.

Gibbs couldn’t wait to carry her up this his room, so he lay her down on the sofa. Unbuckling his pants, a light shove let them fall to his feet. He kneeled down on the couch and left kisses on the side of her knee and worked his way up. He pushed her sundress out of his way as his lips ventured her legs. He could feel the warmth under her panties as his mouth kissed her. His tongue traced the rim of the lace by her inner thigh causing Kate’s center to buck, this time involuntarily.

The light moan from her chest made him want to tease her more. His tongue licked the other side of her crotch by her thigh, then to her center, letting his tongue linger.

–Jethro.” She called out whimpering for more. He took the waist of her panties in his mouth and dragged them down her curvy body. His hands grasped her thighs as he came back up and kissed and bit her hip.

He let his kisses fall lower on her beautiful warm body and let his tongue explore Kate’s lips. Her fingers fell down her body in search of Gibbs, where she let her fingers tangle in his hair. –Oh Gibbs.”

As her breathing got faster he stopped his cruel tease, and traveled back up her body and let his lips fall onto Kate’s. He took her in a strong hot kiss. –Katie. I love you.”

–I love you, too, Jethro.”

–I don’t want you to ever leave.” He took a soft, tender piece of her neck into his mouth, leaving his mark on her.

–I know Gibbs. I don’t want to leave you either.” She moaned more as Gibbs made his first thrust into her.

–No Katie. I want you to myself. No Tony.” He grunted as her muscles tightened around him.

–Okay.” Her eyes still closed losing herself to Gibbs. And with his response he stopped, causing her to look at him in pleading question. –What?”

–Will you really leave Tony?”

–Yes.” He leaned down and kissed the lips that had just granted him his wish, and continued on thrusting and kissing and losing himself in her as well.

They lay on the couch, spooning. Yes, Gibbs could admit that he was never quite the ‘spooning kind of guy’, that he could never be happier than having his Katie in his arms. They were both completely bare, their bodies’ warmth all they required; all they wanted.

–What should I tell him?” Kate spoke into the sofa’s backrest.

–The truth?” He spoke into the warmth of the nape of her neck.

She turned to face him, her hand resting on his chest. –Are you sure?”


–How would we be able to work with him? I mean, I know it would be awkward, but I don’t want to lose his friendship, and I assume neither do you.”

His eyes locked in her gaze of worry sent him into worry himself. Maybe what he was doing is wrong. Maybe she should tell him that they should never do this again and to go back to Tony. He’s her age and they can live happily together forever, at the same pace. But when he looked into the brown eyes he fell in love with on AFO, ‘Alpha Foxtrot 29000’, she would correct him, he couldn’t help his selfishness.

–I can talk to him after you do. You’re right. DiNozzo is a great agent and a great friend, and not that I don’t want you, this whole situation isn’t the best.”

–I don’t want to lie to him, but I think we should wait until tomorrow to tell him. Tomorrow night. Can you come over around 7? We can tell him then and just see how he takes it.”

–Can we be sure he’ll be at your place?”

–Yes, he always stays over on weekends and he goes back to his place after work Monday.”

–Okay. Done.” He gave her temple a quick peck and came back to her gaze.

She smiled and then sighed. The sigh of regret that Gibbs knew he would be hearing eventually. –I should get going before Tony starts to worry.” She pushed herself tightly towards him kissing his collarbone. He turned on his back so she could get up.

She grabbed her dress and began searching the floors quite infuriated. Gibbs stretched out on the couch and laced his fingers together and put them behind his head. He was too pleased with himself, but Kate didn’t notice his smirk as she crawled on her hands and knees.

–What are you looking for Katie?”

–My panties.” Her face blushed slightly at the loss. –Where did you throw them?”

–I don’t remember. Somewhere over there.” He pointed her to the opposite side of the coffee table. She stood and walked over there in desperate searching. Gibbs smiled as he tucked her panties into a crack in the couch. He then sat up, admiring her body.

–I can give you a call when I find them.” His smirk was larger now and Kate looked at him with suspicion.

–What did you do?”

– Nothing.” He tossed her the pretty blue sundress and leaned back quite content.

Without losing her doubting expression, she slipped into her dress, which showed her figure perfectly. Too well almost, for Gibbs taste. He loved the dress on her, no doubt, but her wearing it for others to admire was a thought Gibbs didn’t like to apprehend. ‘Oh well’ he thought, ‘She’s all mine.’

He grabbed his boxers like he had done before, slipped them on, and walked her to her car.

He had her pinned again and was kissing her neck and exposed chest. –I can’t wait to see you again. I wish our meeting hadn’t had to have been so short.”

–I gave you three hours.” She laughed.

–Well, I could have given you more…fun…if I had all day.”

–I’ve got to go.”

Just then, a car pulled in behind hers. Tony got out and began to shout.

–What the hell are you doing Gibbs.”

Kate jumped at Tony’s familiar voice and Gibbs stepped back unsure of what to do. He knew that this wouldn’t be good.

–What are you doing here Tony?” Kate questioned him.

–I could ask you the same thing Kate.” He pulled her arm so that she stood behind him. –Now, I don’t know if you heard me or not Gibbs, but what the hell are you doing with my girlfriend?”

–Uh.” Gibbs could only scratch his head. He knew that it was to be Kate who broke the truth to him. He knew that that was how it should be.

–Listen, Tony, baby. I need to tell you the truth.” She put her hand on his shoulder and he jerked away from her, but complied and turned.



–How long has this been going on Kate?”

–Only since yesterday. We’ve only been together twice, and we were going to tell you tomorrow. I didn’t want to lie to you, but. I don’t know Tony. I’m in love with him.”

–You can’t fall in love in two days.”

–I know!” She softened her voice. –I know Tony. I’ve been slowly falling in love with Jeth…Gibbs since I first saw him, but I never thought it was mutual, so when you took me out, I. I guess I just settled.”

–Settled.” Tony looked up to the sky and laughed lightly. –Settled. Wow Kate. I would have never expected something like this from you.”

–I know. And I’m so sorry Tony. I wish things didn’t have to end like this. I hate to lose you.”

–I’m going to go to your place and get my stuff. I’ll try to be gone before you get home.”

Kate could see the beginning of tears in his now cold, green eyes. He stormed off to his car and slammed the door. The screeching sound of his tires caused Kate to jump as he sped down the street.

Gibbs rushed to Kate and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in as she cried.

–How did he know to come here?” She sobbed into his chest.

–I don’t know baby. I don’t know.”
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