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Author's Chapter Notes:
Monday finally comes to an end.
The story hasn't been beta-ed yet, so sorry for any grammatical errors and what not. I'll fix as soon as I get the chance.

–I know her better than you do and I will talk to her how I damn well feel like it.” He pushed Gibbs away and threw a punch that hit his jaw. Gibbs threw back even stronger. Before anyone else could stop it, the two were on the floor punching and rolling, completely ruining the crime scene.

Finally, McGee and Ducky pulled them apart. They still struggled and pulled and hollered.

–You son of a bitch. You took her from me. She was the only woman I have ever truly loved and you take her.”

–She’s never wanted you.”

–Bull shit. And what were your plans? A fifth wife? Your chances are up Gibbs, you’ve ruined your own life, don’t ruin mine and hers.”

–Shut the hell up Anthony.” Kate walked in between them. –It’s not Jethro’s fault. And where our relationship goes is none of your damn business.”

Tony’s struggling stopped and McGee let him go. He put his hand on Kate’s cheek. –You and I talked about getting married. How can you go from that to cheating on me? I know I did nothing wrong. I don’t think I’ve even looked at a single woman other than you for the past five months. Kate, I’m in love with you.”

–I know Anthony, I’m just not in love with you anymore.”

Tony looked up to the ceiling to fight back his tears and walked out of the room.

Gibbs walked to her after finally being let go. –Baby.” He whispered into her hair from behind. –Give it time.” She could only nod slightly.

Gibbs stepped back and looked around the room.


–Jethro,” Ducky spoke. –I think you and your team should go back to headquarters. You can’t continue this case.”

–Yea, Duck. I know. I’ll call the director and he’ll have another team sent out.” He walked out and McGee just sighed. He would have to carry back all the equipment back on his own.

Due to Tony leaving and going home and Kate filled with worry and embarrassment from the scene they caused, Gibbs decided it was time for everyone to go home. Another NCIS team picked up their case and they really served no purpose sitting at their desks.

Gibbs followed Kate home and they were both stunned to see Tony’s car parked in front of her apartment. They parked and Gibbs rushed to her car door.

–Kate, I think it’d be best if we went to my place. You don’t need to go through anymore of this today.”

–No Gibbs. I can’t run from him.”

–Fine.” He sighed. –At least let me walk in first.” She tiredly waved him in front of her.

They entered her apartment to see a Tony sitting on the couch, a bottle of whiskey in hand.

As he saw the couple walk in he looked up and laughed.

–I should have known you would have brought him here today. I don’t know why I thought you and I would get a chance to talk.”

–Anthony, please. We can still talk.”

–No. Not with him here. You know that.”
She looked at Gibbs apologetically, –He’s right Gibbs. Can you go to my room and give us a minutes.”

He gave her a questioning look. –I’ll be fine.” She smiled back.

As Gibbs walked down the hall, Kate sat beside Tony on the couch. She reached to move to bottle out of Tony’s hand, but he pulled back and looked at her like she would receive severe punishment just from the thought of taking his newly acquired friend.

–Where do you want to start?”

He looked into her eyes. –Where did we go wrong?”

–We didn’t Anthony. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. However cliché it may seem, you haven’t done anything wrong. I just have always had these deeply hidden feelings for him and when he finally told me how he felt, I couldn’t stop myself. The feelings that I have been concealing where finally free and I just lost myself to them. That was wrong of me and I should have told you the truth before I had done anything with him.”

–The night you came home late from MTAC. You had had sex with him then hadn’t you?”

–Yes, yes I had.”

–And then you and I had sex.”

–Yes.” She said shamefully and lowered her head.

–Did you feel anything when I said I loved you afterwards? Did you not feel like what you were doing was wrong? You could have said you weren’t in the mood, and I wouldn’t have minded one bit, but you didn’t; you let me have sex with you. Honestly, Kate, that is one part I’m having the most difficulty letting go. Sex with you isn’t like the sex I’ve had with anyone else. What I share with you is filled with honesty and complete sincerity to how I feel. I have opened up to you in a way I have never opened up before, and I thought that made our connection stronger. To know that is wasn’t real, Kate… That hurts more than anything.”

Her hand reached out quickly to cup his cheek.

–But it was something Anthony. What you and I shared was strong and powerful. There is no doubt to that, I just have something even stronger for Jethro. It’s something I can’t control.”

–You’ve hurt me Caitlin.” He reached into his pocket to pull out a small box setting it in her lap. –I don’t think you have a damn clue what I’m going through right now.”

–You’re right I don’t.” She picked up the box to see a beautiful ring inside. –Anthony, I don’t know what to say.”

–I know what I want you to say, but I know there’s no chance in hell.” He laughed as he took another swig of his whiskey.

–I love Jethro, I can’t marry you and you know that. I’m sorry.”

He jumped up from the couch and threw a hand in the air.

–Kate, I love you! I’m so in love with you that it hurts! I want you more than anything, and I need you even more! You are everything to me and I want to be with you for the rest of my life! What else do you need? What more do you want than that? Gibbs can’t give you that and you know it. He’s failed at three marriages and he can’t get over any of the marriages. He doesn’t have time to treat you like you deserve. To show you the love you deserve.” Kate jumped up.

–Anthony. How else am I supposed to explain to you that I just don’t love you like that anymore? I love Jethro and nothing is going to change.”

–Yea, that’s until you decide to fuck another NCIS agent and you end up having this conversation with Gibbs. Or are you going to move onto another government agency. You’ve had secret service and NCIS, next is FBI?”

–Fuck you Tony! Get the hell out.”


–Excuse me?”

–You heard me, I’m not leaving! Kate. I love you, Gibbs doesn’t understand what love even is anymore.”

–Actually Tony, I do.” They both turned to see Gibbs standing only a few feet away. –And you have no right to yell at her anymore. What we both did was wrong, but I’m sorry, you have to get over it. If she had broken up with you first, she’s had done nothing wrong what so ever. I’m sorry for betraying you like that, but her and we love each other more than you think we do.”

–Tony. Leave.” Kate barked at him.

–Gibbs. You don’t deserve her.”

–You’re right, but I thank God that she thinks I do.”

–Tony, please leave.” Kate yelled again.

–Fine Kate. You will regret this though. Actually, this isn’t over. I’m not going to give up on you.” He grabbed his whiskey and stormed out.

–God damn it!” Kate screamed and pushed over the lamp that was next to her on the table. Gibbs grabbed her and pulled her into his arms until he felt her body relax, kissing her hair and forehead.

He smiled and looked into her eyes. –Well, at least Monday is over.”
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