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Story Notes:
Yay, I love playing with these characters, they're not mine, they're Don P Bellasarios. There is BDSM, mentioning of it at least in this chapter...
Author's Chapter Notes:
Gibbs is dominant, it's in the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he looks at his co-workers. Ziva is interested and wants to submit to him.
Ziva was in the bullpen writing up a report on a dead forensic tech. She noticed Gibbs was looking particularly grumpy this morning. She shook it off and chalked it up to Gibbs’ being Gibbs.
– Gibbs.” Ziva had a puzzled look on her face, – This case, it jigsaws me.”
Gibbs looked up and shook his head, – Puzzled.” He momentarily distracted himself and became amused by the Israeli’s confusion of American slang. He grunted and went back to his paper work.
– Why would a lead senior field agent kill their forensic tech?” Ziva stared at Gibbs wondering what he was thinking. She admired the way he commanded his team, he was instinctively dominant, sexy and gruff. Perfect, however if she admitted her feelings; she might be teased mercilessly by Tony.
Gibbs stole another glimpse at Ziva, she was beautifully sexy, mysterious and dangerous. She needed to be broken, she wasn’t submissive by nature, a Mossad assassin . A killer. Made, cultivated into taking orders. – I’m not sure Ziva. Perhaps jealous?”
Ziva nodded – But in the manner he was killed. Bound, gagged, and collared.” She mused, trying to gage a reaction from her boss.
– Perhaps they were kinky?” Gibbs stood up, and Ziva followed suit, she persumed they were headed to Abby’s lab, she wasn’t quite sure for what, but this was a subliminal order. She had to follow.
Gibbs knew the forensic tech and the agent, it was a shame, they frequented a club that Gibbs went to. The marks and the collar shook something in him. The lifestyle was about caring, and self awareness.
Ziva followed Gibbs to the elevator obediently, like a puppy running after it’s owner, not wanting to be alone. – Gibbs, how do you know so much?” Ziva fell silent, she didn’t want to question her superior, he knew less about American pop culture than she did…so how would he know about Master/slave relations?
She didn’t need to contemplate any longer. The ding of the elevator bell and the elevator doors opening silenced her soliloquy.
– El Jefe! You shouldn’t be here! I don’t, well, I love when you - but…” Abby rambled on.
Gibbs huffed and raised his eyebrow, and Abby fell silent.
– The cuffs, the collar.” Gibbs nodded, knowingly. Jethro knew that Abby had been sleeping with Ziva. The older Marine had trained Abby in the masterful art of Dominance and Submission,. She had been dabbling in it since her early twenties, but Jethro guided her into territories that terrified her, but then grew to love. Abby loved him for it, and sometimes hated him for it, and for that she was grateful. After watching her carefully Gibbs had allowed her to conquer her own slaves.
Abby had chosen Ziva. A misguided stubborn assassin who needed , to be guided into careful sessions of control and loss of control. Abby was a tough Dominatrix, but carefully trained Ziva with a loving but firm hand.
– Ah Maestro.” Abby purred, pursing her red lips. She then sipped her caf-pow! And sat in her chair, folding her arms. – What do you need?”
Gibbs gave a mischievous smile. – It’s not me, it’s Ziva.”
The erotic, exotic beauty gasped, her head spinning, wondering how he knew. – Mistress Raven.” Ziva addressed her Dominant in her scene name, it subtly put her into a mini headspace, she had to remember to breathe. – Will you allow Gibbs to play with me?”
Chapter End Notes:
Yay, I love playing with these characters, they're not mine, they're Don P Bellasarios. There is BDSM, mentioning of it at least in this chapter...
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