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Author's Chapter Notes:
Gibbs begins to play with Ziva. Abby is jealous.
BDSM. Not hardcore. Yet...
Abby smiled, her teeth streaked red with Caf Pow! Residue. She looked animalistic.
– You want to play with my property, Jethro?” Abby stood toe to toe with her boss and mentor. Although Abby was Gibbs slave, she was also a Domme, She didn’t classify herself as a switch, she was fully devoted to submitting to Gibbs when the time was right, even when she wasn’t in a session, she felt the connection.
Jethro growled and reached around Abby‘s throat. – You don‘t have a choice. But if you continue to act like a cunt, you‘ll be punished like one. Is that understood?” He released her throat and pushed past his property. – Test my patience again, you’ll be sorry.” Abby exhaled. She was testing his patience, perhaps under the surface, she did want to play. But she knew her limits with Gibbs, she studied his mannerisms, word choices and over all being. It’s what made him a successful agent and a successful dominant.
– Miss Abby?” Ziva said urgently – Will you allow me to play with Gibbs?”
Abby nodded, her usual pigtailed style now loose around her face, framing her pale skin and blood red lips.
– Yes, go ahead.”
They drove down into the sunny countryside to Gibbs’ house. It was quiet, serene and comfortable. Plus, the screams of pleasure and pain wouldn’t alert any neighbors.
Ziva wandered in behind Gibbs and Abby, she had been to Gibbs’ house many times before, but that was in a friendly sort of sense. Now she was giving up her rights, and emotions. She felt jittery. It was hard at first to admit that she was a submissive, she was taught to be strong, and not show her emotions. Like Gibbs, she didn’t want to feel weak, but under the strong discipline of Abigail Sciuto she felt safe, and comfortable. Ziva David was already swimming in waves of subtle submission, Gibbs’ whole demeanor changed when he went into dominant mode. His expressions became dark and a bit dangerous looking, which made her even more wet, his veins were bulging with blood, and adrenaline, the Israeli lusted after him, hard.
The trio traipsed down the steps into the basement, which did not house a boat this particular time. Abby and Ziva knew better than to ask.
– Ziva. Kneel.” Gibbs said curtly. He pointed to a corner where he expected Abby to sit and observe.
Ziva stripped off her clothing, exposing her smooth tan skin, she piled them in the corner, then she knelt, head to the floor her butt up in the air. A pure sign of submission. Her head was swimming, and her skin was buzzing, her senses heightened, waiting.
– Good girl.” Jethro praised – I’ve known you’ve wanted this for awhile. The innocent questions, the baiting…You’ve wanted me to punish you.”
Ziva drew in a breath and was some what speechless, she shouldn’t have been, Gibbs was good at his job. He was great at reading people. She cursed herself, and stole a glance up at her Boss.
– Something you want to say Butterfly?” Jethro grinned at the nickname he had bestowed on his temperamental agent. He wasn’t sure if Muhammad Ali truly floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee, but Ziva sure did. Her quick temper, nasty retorts…sometimes watching her in interrogation, Jethro had to do everything and anything not to barge in toss the suspect in another room and take her hard. She was surely enticing.
A sigh poured out of the lips of Abigail Sciuto, she was envious of Ggibbs playing with Ziva, and Ziva being on the receiving end of his power. Gibbs eyes snapped toward the girl who had stopped what she was doing and was just staring at them.
– Abby weren’t you told to busy yourself?”
Abby looked mortified, she nodded and began cleaning and inspecting each implement of ‘torture.’
–Yes Sir.”
Gibbs turned his attention back to Ziva where she was obediently still in formation, he admired her for a split second and knelt down toward her mouth. –Open” He command, as he slid the medium sized ball gag into her hot mouth, he then signaled to make sure that she was comfortable enough. She nodded.
– Would you like to see my torture you butterfly or would you rather be surprised?”
Ziva mumbled and a rumble of laughter escaped from Gibbs’ laugh. He picked up the paddle and ran the fuzzy side around her back. He then pushed her over with his toe and applied the two nipple clamps to her pert nipples. Ziva moaned and tried to twist away, but Gibbs glared at her. He got up and administered two swift swats to her perfectly plump ass. Ziva screamed in pleasure into the ball gag, which turned into sobs of pleasure as the former Gunny Sergeant finger fucked her. He alternated between the grueling ‘punishment’ to her ass and copious amounts of pleasure to her dripping pussy.
–Butterfly, you’re responding well. The training you have received is outstanding. Abby has trained you excellently.”
– Thank you Sir.” Abby replied, knowing full well that in a session, whether she was service or pleasure slave she was to be polite.
Gibbs ignored Abby and focused on Ziva. He grabbed a chunk of Ziva’s chocolate brown hair, she moaned wanting to feel more pain, or more pleasure, she wasn’t sure which. She was sure that if she didn’t get release soon, she was going to explode. She had tears running down her face, which made her mascara bleed, she needed Gibbs inside her, now.
– That’s right Ziva, suffer for me. Suffer and submit. Let everything melt away. Your body knows what it wants, if it didn’t you wouldn’t be so wet, now would you slut?” He shoved Ziva onto the ground, exposing her taut stomach.
–Abs. The candle.”
Jethro was hard, Abby was salivating at the sight of the giant bulge in his pants. What she wouldn’t do for a taste of that hard cock. The sweet nectar that was housed in those balls.
– Abby. Don’t make me ask you again. Focus.” He growled. – Remember. I will punish you too, if I see fit.”
Chapter End Notes:
I'm not sure if I like this chapter...
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