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Author's Chapter Notes:
Ziva and Abby wait.
Abby quickly grabbed the candle from the dresser, she didn’t want to risk pissing off Gibbs. Her punishment would be far worse than whips and corner time. Though Abby craved that, she wanted attention, or even worse yet, he wouldn’t touch her for weeks. She desperately needed that beautiful, thick cock inside of her. Abby pushed the thought out of her head, jealousy had no place in this dynamic. Leroy Jethro Gibbs could do as he pleases, she knew that she was his property and that he cherished her. She knelt down, presenting the candle over her head. Wordlessly the dominant took the candle and motioned for Ziva to flip on her back.
– You’re going to love this my little toy.” He tipped the candle ever so slightly, the liquid hot wax splashing over the side of the candle and dripping against her stomach. Pooling than hardening instantly. Her stomach muscles tightened, she pulled against her bonds , moaning but wanting more. Ziva’s head swam with incoherent thoughts.
With his other hand Gibbs slid a calloused finger into her carnal cavity. Ziva moaned seemingly getting wetter, trying to force his finger deeper into her vagina.
Abby growled and glowered as she remained in position. She liked Ziva and respected her, but she was playing with HER sliver haired fox. Sure she sanctioned it, but she didn’t realize what feelings were suddenly going to arise.
Gibbs turned and stared at his slave and growled in annoyance. – Abigail. Your mouth looks best wrapped around my cock. However, I’m busy. Quiet.”
She shrank back, embarrassed for being reprimanded. – Sorry Sir.” Abby mumbled, studying Gibbs and Ziva’s tepid interaction.
Ziva shifted, cracking the wax underneath her skin, she was in a deep headspace, zoned out, sweaty with a glow about her. Her skin was hypersensitive and breathing was labored. A sexual like coma, heaven, and dripping wet.
Gibbs untied Ziva’s wrists taking them into his big hands and massaging them, allowing the blood to reticulate.
– Butterfly, you did great.” He grazed his lips oh so gently against her sweaty sex soaked skin. – How do you feel?” Gibbs asked quietly, kneeling beside the naked Israeli. Ziva mumbled incoherently.
Jethro smiled, his eyes crinkling and dancing with happiness, he unclamped the nipple clamps, Ziva hissed.
– Rest.” He ordered.
Gibbs smile vanished as he returned to face Abby, who was staring at Gibbs, salivating. Seeing the state Ziva was in made her blood rush.
– Something bothering you Abby?” Gibbs growled resulting in another moan from Ziva, she was responding well to his voice, demeanor and his general being.
Abby walked towards the former Marine and sank to her knees. T he cold concrete speeding her heart beat.
– Sir, I need to serve you. I want to be as equally as high as Ziva.” She begged, as she entwined her tall, thin body around his legs. Her hot mouth carefully positioned around his clothed but hardening cock.
He shoved Abby off his leg much to her chagrin. He wasn’t going to let her boss her around, she had to remember she was the owned not the Owner.
Ziva struggled to sit up and watch Abby and Gibbs.
– Ziva would you like to watch my girl pleasure me?” Gibbs sneered down at Abby.
Abby sat back on her heels waiting patiently and anticipating the command to play.
His hands flew in sign language allowing her to pop the button on his trousers. She pulled the zipper down and pulled out his thick, heavy and generously large cock. Her hot mouth encasing his head, sent shivers of pleasure through Jethro’s body. He grabbed Abby’s head and forced her head halfway down his hard meat pole. He held her down for twenty seconds, allowing her to fall deep and hard. Her fingers trailing around his soft, silky balls…goose bumps appeared on his naked flesh. Abby pulled off nearly breathless, her eye already glassy with lust.
– Good girl.” Gibbs purred, untying his girls pigtails, he ran a hand through her hair producing a throaty purr from her.
Ziva climbed down wanting to join in on the fun, she slid behind the gothic scientist and nipped Abby’s pale earlobe. Pulling up Abby’s shirt and unclipping her bra, Ziva captured a pert nipple in her mouth, and rolled it around with her tongue.
Gibbs moaned watching his two slaves play with each other, he pushed Abby down to the floor, and pointed at Abby then motioned Ziva to position herself accordingly. She slid above Abby’s face, instantly a flicker of the tongue inside of her had her reeling. The taste of Ziva was incredible. Sweet like candy.
Gibbs had too slipped inside of Abby, grunting with pleasure, a sea of bodies twisting with pleasure and a chorus of moans filled the night air. Gibbs smiled inwardly wondering how he was so amazingly lucky. Finding two girls who gave their all and their souls…it was pure magic.
Chapter End Notes:
I'm trying to write through writers block. Bear with me.
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