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Abby kissed the sleeping moss ad agent, rubbing her back.
– Wake up Ziva.” Abby said, Smokey. The heavy command twisted through the heavy air.
Ziva rolled over, exposing her naked form. Perfect round breasts, hardened nipples, a smooth stomach and a hairless sex. Abby slid two fingers in Ziva and with her other hand pinched her nipples.
A chuckle and the smell of coffee, permeated the room. – Well good morning Abigail. – Gibbs stood against the door jamb, sipping a hot cup of liquid ambrosia.
Abby’s eyes lit up instantly as she saw her Owner, he looked quite adorable dressed in pajama pants, his graying hair mussed, with a bit of morning scruff on his face. She had hoped that she could speak with him in private. Abby slipped off the bed, her pale body seemingly floating towards Jethro. She knelt down, legs spread exposing her sex, wet with anticipation, need and excitement.
Jethro grinned, his tongue tracing his lips. Abby was picture perfect. – Did you have fun lat night little entertainment?”
Abby hesitated.
– Don’t hold out on me Abigail.” Gibbs said placing the empty cup on the nightstand, he knelt down, beside her, waiting.
– Yes Sir.” She replied, lifting her head momentarily.
The tall aging but still attractive dominant grabbed a chunk of her hair and growled. His blue eyes searching for truth in her statement.
– You know the rules little entertainment. No speaking until spoken to, nor eye contact unless I have given you permission. Am I clear?”
Abigail Sciuto lost her breath. When he got that tone in his voice, everything blurred. It took every brain cell to form a simple reply.
– Yes. Sir.”
Ziva leaned against the headboard, listening and admiring the naked Domme before her. Her eyes flickering between Jethro and Abby.
Abby suddenly remembered Ziva’s presence and straightened up, glowering at her property.
– Get up. You’re dismissed, slut. Get dressed.” Abby said, venom pouring from her mouth. Her back stilled turned. She smiled at Gibbs, her eyes full of spite and a wicked smile curled on her lips.
–Stay put, butterfly.” Gibbs’ tone was ice, as he stared down the forensic scientist who was now switching into Domme mode.
Abby stood up and walked back to the bed, grabbing Ziva’s wrists and flinging her towards the bathroom.
– I said get up.”
Gibbs shouted, which sounded more like a harsh animalistic growl. – Abigail. Stop!”
Abby froze, trying to sort out the order which was just given. Leroy Jethro Gibbs walked to Ziva and examined her body, – Get cleaned up.”
Ziva scurried to the bathroom, when the click of the door could be heard Abby turned to Gibbs and furiously began to sign.
– I gave a direct order. You don’t trump me Jethro!” She moved to pass the Marine with a haughty air.
He blocked her and forced her to read what he was signing with equal fervor and venom.
– You’re not allowed to walk away from me Abby. I own you. Isn’t that right my little entertainment?” He grabbed her slender arms and slammed her against the wall. He leaned in kissing her soft lips, toying with them, kissing, biting then sucking on them. He picked her up and tossed her on the bed. He crawled on top of her, pinning her wrists to the bed.
– Don’t move.” He released her wrists and slid off his boxers, revealing a hard, leaking cock. – Do you deserve this Abby?” He whispered, pressing the tip of the cock against her opening. She wriggled in response, trying to relieve the aching pressure that was building.
– Stop!” He commanded.
The bathroom door creaked open, Ziva stood, hair wet, steam enveloping her. Gibbs got off of Abby and walked to Ziva. She knelt inches from his hard cock.
– Sir if I may?” Her heavy accent now filled with lust.
Jethro gave a slight nod and gasped as her hot mouth encased his cock. He thrust -momentarily gagging the Mossad assassin. The Marine lead Ziva to his occupied bed, he was going to force Abby to watch them fuck. The perfect punishment.
Ziva climbed hastily onto her temporary Owners cock, impaling herself, filling the submissive, sexual void. She began to knead her breasts as she road the older agent, the sound of flesh meeting flesh were an orchestra of pleasure to the twosomes ears, accompanied by the symphonic tones of moaning.
After three hours, Ziva crawled off of Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ cock, exhausted, she placed his now flaccid cock in her mouth. Cleaning him, and tasting herself.
Abby growled mentally restrained with Gibbs’ orders.
Ziva was an eager submissive, who finally felt at peace with her inner turmoil. She craved the attention she gained from Gibbs when she carried out orders and loathed when a reprimand was in order. She enjoyed kneeling naked awaiting the permission from her Owner to climb into bed with him, and she enjoyed worshipping his body. Her total self belonged to Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Gibbs enjoyed testing Ziva’s limits. When she first agreed to submit to Gibbs, she had also belonged to Abby however, Abby had relinquished her ownership to the former Gunnery Sergeant and was now owned by Gibbs as well. He went from having a totally empty house to having two females living, sleeping, breathing and eating with him, twenty four seven, seven days a week. Abby didn’t mind she followed the orders doled out almost blindly, however she found herself tempted to correct Ziva, resulting in swift punishments as a reminder of her place; which was submission.
He peeked around the corner, his blue eyes resting on one of the most beautiful sights he had witnessed, Ziva was kneeling on the spare bedroom floor, eyes forward focused at the wall. Her hands firmly planted on her thighs, palms facing upward, her slim wrists adorned with thick and heavy leather cuffs with equally thick metal loops fastened through the supple leather.
– Ahh butterfly one hundred and eighty rules to be memorized and learnt. What number are you on?” Gibbs stepped into the bare room walking soundlessly to his kneeling property. He knelt down on one knee and whispered into her ear. The breathe and his voice a deadly combination for the Israeli she felt her thighs and her sex dampen almost instantly.
– Number ninety two Master.” Ziva spoke quickly and swiftly, though her accent was smoky with sex and wanton need. She didn’t move, though her body ached from the pinstriped whip marks that were on her back. Gibbs had tried a new toy on her, a single tail…and she had stuck it out for nearly an hour and a half before passing out in exhaustion and sexual insanity. Her sex drive was higher, she now been conditioned through several months of training by Gibbs’ hand to always be ready to used sexually.
– Does it make you excited little delicate butterfly? To have all of these rules in your head….knowing that you can’t ever get away?” The last few words punctuated by Gibbs gently pressing his knee into her open wounds, his hands tangled in her long hair.
– Yes Master, I am yours. Always.” Ziva said through gritted teeth, ignoring the pain and pushing onto the pleasure and the instant head rush it gave her. Gibbs smiled at his slave nodding, – Good. Get up.” He put his hand on the small of her back just in case she was unsteady on her feet. Gibbs strolled out of the spare bedroom towards the Master bedroom. – With me.” He said crooking his finger. Ziva nodded and followed dutifully.
Abigail Sciuto was laying on the monstrous bed her lily white wrists encapsulated in heavy handcuffs, a ball gag jutting out of her pouty red lips, long legs tied delicately to the posts of the end board. Her hair done up in a messy bun, her cheeks flushed with sexual anticipation. The room was permeated with a swell of sexual perfume. Gibbs turned to look at Ziva, smiling ever so slightly, his blue eyes twinkling, cock as hard as a rock.
– Kneel on the bed, your head facing Abby’s pussy. Don’t touch butterfly. Just look.” Gibbs instructed, going to the side of the bed, gently petting Abby’s head. She left out a wistful sigh. – You want to be tongue fucked don’t you Abby?” He growled into her ear, making her twist and pull against her bonds. – You want Ziva to dive her tongue so deep into your core and toy with your clit that you’re teetering on the edge of fantasy and reality, sanity and insanity. Don’t you?” He chided. A gurgle was all Abby could muster.
He took one of her pert nipples between his fingers and pinched, her eyes widened at the sensation, Gibbs chuckled. – Hmm.”
Ziva stared at him, she was still in awe at the submission that he could coax out of just about anyone, however the submission between him and Abby were years in the making.
– If I let Ziva fuck you will you be a good girl and not cum until I allow you to?” He asked, pinching her nipple till she screamed biting into the ball that was in her mouth. – I’ll take that as a yes.” Gibbs nodded in Ziva’s direction, his eyes still trained on Abby watching her reaction.
Ziva dipped her head between Abby’s creamy thighs, inhaling her woman scent. She dipped her tongue into the forensic scientists folds, teasing Abby’s clit with such expertise. Abby longed to thrust herself deeper, it felt so good. Ziva then propped herself up on her elbow and slid a slim finger into Abby’s entrance resulting in a moan.
– Such dirty girls I have.” Gibbs purred, his cock now straining against his pants, but he wanted to watch his girls.
Ziva grinned as she teased her slave sister entrance, watching her twist helplessly. – Master, may I allow her to come to orgasm?” fingers toying with the delicate clitoris, hisses and moans mixed with pleasurable agony around the rubber ball between her teeth.
Gibbs thought long and hard about allowing Abby the prize of instant release. He reviewed in his head her actions of the past week and shook his head.
– No.” He stated a mischievous grin twisting around his lips, he glanced over and saw his Girl wide eyed with disbelief.

Somehow the two needed to share Ziva.

Abby remained on the bed, legs spread open, her sex glistening the pungent perfume permeating the room, mixing with the smell of stale soap from the opened bathroom door. Abby looked at Gibbs, his crystalline blue pools had changed color, from bright to dull. Gibbs and Ziva had intertwined themselves with Ziva drawing circles with her fingertips against Jethro’s skin. Gibbs for the most part had ignored Abby leaving her extremely wet, frustrated and wanting to choke Ziva out. However Abby was owned by Gibbs, she was the alpha female, that just happened to own Ziva, but when Gibbs and Abby were in the same house Gibbs’ ownership superseded Abby’s.
–Abby.” Gibbs had finally initiated that Abby was alive and needed some attention. – I think that I want to watch you submit to Ziva.” He smiled and settled back into the pillows. He watched as his property’s eyes turned from hazel to dark brown in almost an instant. Imagine, an alpha slave submitting to beta. Abby sucked in her breath and nodded.
– Anything for you my silver haired fox.” She begrudgingly slid off the bed and knelt facing Ziva. Her legs open her head bowed.
Gibbs grinned wickedly, – We’re going to wait it out. Ziva, in the spare bedroom. Abby. Do not touch yourself until I come back.” Ziva stood, and left the faint scent of feminine perfume lingering. Gibbs chuckled to himself as he walked almost soundlessly down the hallway.
Chapter End Notes:
Writers block will be the death of me.
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