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Author's Chapter Notes:
Tony knew that he should have taken the job to Rota. But maybe it’s not too late.
Title: The D-team
Author: Uld_Ases
Chapter: 02/??
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own NCIS, unfortunately
Summary: Tony knew that he should have taken the job to Rota. But maybe it’s not too late.
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Notes: In this story, Director Shepard isn’t obsessed by René Benoit. She takes Tony out of his undercover operation with Jeanne when she learns that CIA is involved. She isn’t ill, either.
Beta(s): None
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Brent Langer was waiting. The paint-ball club will open in 10 minutes, at 0600. He was surprised when Director Shepard told him that he would be under DiNozzo orders. But he didn’t care much. He liked DiNozzo. Gibbs seemed to be a good boss but working with DiNozzo would be smoother. A woman came and looked at him before making a sign to him. She had auburn hair, and, now she was closer to him, cat-like eyes. He asked to himself if she could purr too. She made a smile and (he thought that he really needed to get his thought off his face) she purred.

“I’ve got the disguise, if you’re interested” she said to him in a smile. He took a deep breath.

“You’re a bad, bad, girl!” He smiled to her “I’m Agent Brent Langer. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Probationary Agent Amanda Kraft. Pleasure is mine.” Brent liked her. She seemed fun to mess with. Another man walked to them. He looked geeky.

“Hi! Are you my team? I’m Probationary Agent Daniel Keating.”

“Hi! Another probie! Lucky me! I’m Probationary Agent Amanda Kraft and he’s Agent Brent Langer. Well, someone knows our boss?”

“Yes! I’ve work with him once, when I was with the FBI.” And Brent began to tell them everything he knew.


Amanda Kraft was sure that she would love her new boss. After talking a little with Director Shepard, she knew that her boss would be nice but expected the best from his team. And she liked that. An iron hand in a velvet glove. She didn’t like non-sense people. She was a scientist, she needed facts. Not hocus-pocus. She saw a man, obviously a federal agent and waved to him before coming closer. She saw his face and knew what he was thinking. That what guys thought since she was teenager. And she began to purr.

“I’ve got the disguise, if you’re interested” and she knew that it will be fun to mess with him. Another agent -another probie- came and they talked. First about their boss, then about them. At 06 o’clock, she looked around, trying to see their boss. At 0615, she tried to call him.

“What?” she said when she saw the strange glance she received from her coworkers.


Daniel Keating knew he will never be a James Bond, but behind his beloved computers, he knew that he could make a difference. But that would be hypocrite to say that he didn’t want real action. That why, after years in Cybercrimes, he became a field agent. Well, he’s a Probationary Agent for now but he will do everything he could for becoming a real field agent. That’s his goal. He saw two peoples, talking, probably his teammates. He talked to them, about his boss, about him, about them. And he realized that they’re nice. Langer teased him a little but it was nice. But as an ex-FBI agent, he had to know that geeks were important too.

“What are you doing?” he asked to Amanda.

“I’m calling our boss, what else?”

“You have his number?” asked Brent.

“Duh. I asked to Director Shepard his number, just in case. Don’t you?” Daniel looked at Brent and the senior agent shrugged his shoulders. Daniel thought that they need to think about stuff like that. If anything would happen, they didn’t have any way to contact their boss directly. While she was talking with DiNozzo, Daniel talked to Brent.


Anthony DiNozzo Junior aka Tony was hiding and looked at his team. His team. That was good! Naturally, Brent was the first. Tony decided to make him his Senior Agent. Then Amanda arrived. The woman was beautiful and he could see the teasing between the two of them. He wasn’t a fan of Gibbs rule 12. Sexual tension was worse than love because it could highlight all the bad feelings. UST became frustration, frustration became anger and anger became mistakes on the field that could get your teammate killed. Well, they just met. But he will make clear that he didn’t against relationship between teammates if it couldn’t meddle with the work and the team’s safety. Then, Daniel arrived. He wasn’t just another McGee. Where McGee was unsure, Daniel was careful. He was still a geek but a little more sociable. He heard them talk and was happy. His team is already bonding. He was surprised when he learnt that only Amanda thought about having his number. But a good point for her. His cellphone vibrated and he answered. Few minutes later, he hung up, and walked to his team.


“Good Morning Team!” greeted Tony, loudly and happily.

“Good morning Boss!” he received in answer.

“Well, I’m Supervisory Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo but you can call me Tony or Boss. We have two weeks for know each other and to make this team a real team. Since Brent is already an agent and knows how everything works, he will be my Senior Field Agent. It’s all right?” The three agents nodded. “And now, you will learn one of the most important rules: be always ready. Show me your car.”

They went to Brent’s car first, then Daniel and finally Amanda. Tony was pleased by what he found. He didn’t expect less from Brent but the two probies were a pleasant surprise. After a little clarification, they went to the paint ball club for testing them. Fifteen minutes later, Tony grinned to Brent who smirked. They had two probies to found. The hunt was opened.
Chapter End Notes:
In this story, Director Shepard isn’t obsessed by René Benoit. She takes Tony out of his undercover operation with Jeanne when she learns that CIA is involved. She isn’t ill, either.
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