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The cold night air woke Tim's dazed senses up and he realised that he was led out of the club by the big dangerous man,his hand tightly gripped in a warm rough hand. Everything was happening so fast that his mind was reeling and he struggled to think clearly. His body let itself be controlled by the big man leading him to a slim,black limousine,but his mind was trying to analyse what was happening to him. On one hand he wanted to relinquish all control over to the other man,but on the other hand fear was gripping his heart,realising that he could set himself up for a very dangerous situation.

His body won and he slipped into the waiting vehicle,resting against the comfortable leather seat. He couldn't explain why he did what he did,but he expected that his intense arousal had a great part to play in his actions. Tim wasn't gay and had never before felt any attraction to another male,the intense arousal he felt now was a complete and overwhelming surprise. It was as if his body had a mind of its own and governed his actions,he needed to know where this all would lead to.

Patrick looked at the dazed young man with pity,he could see the warring emotions in the large green expressive eyes. He knew instinctively that he had found his mate,but the young human next to him didn't have the same sharp animal instincts,he had. He didn't like the small whiff of fear he smelled,the last thing he wanted was for his mate to fear him. He soothingly rubbed his thick thumb over the slim hand he was holding and pressed a soft kiss in his mates fragrant ,clean hair.

A lazy lassitude settled over Tim's body and he decided to enjoy the moment for just what it was and he rested his head against the big man's shoulder,taking in his wild earthy smell. Patrick's inner wolf was preening with pride in the trust their mate showed in them and was licking his chops in anticipation. Tim's birthday turned out very different than he ever expected and deep down in his heart he knew his loneliness and feelings of rejection from his colleagues,spurred him on in taking this risky action,so uncommon to his usual guarded and repressed way.

It was as if he was moving in a dream and he soon found himself in a big,luxurious bedroom with the largest bed he have ever seen ,dominating the room. His eyes nervously flicked over the room and kept coming back to the large bed,he felt some fear imagining what was going to happen in that enormous bed.

Patrick pulled Tim near and was relieved when the slim,lanky body came to him without resistance. He took his mates face in his big hands and softly started to worship Tim's mouth,seductively sucking,nipping and licking the soft pliant lips,taking his time to familiarise himself with its contours and its taste.

Tim gave a needy whimper and opened his mouth,demanding wordlessly that the kiss should be deepened. Patrick complied and slowly probed the warm,sweet mouth of his mate,exploring every inch. He gave a victorious groan when his mate started to slide his tongue over his and instinctively deepened the kiss,turning it into a more possessive brand. Tim’s whole body and senses where only fixed on the warm,hard lips driving him crazy,he never knew mere kissing could be this arousing and sensual. He didn't want it to stop,but at the same time he wanted so much more,needed so much more,he gave a desperate moan that was right from his soul,pleading with the big man holding his will in his hands.

Patrick pulled away and forced some air into his oxygen-starved lungs,while he looked into the green,wanton eyes of his mate. He could sense the pent up passion in his mates' soul and knew that making love to him was going to be an intense fire-filled ride. He was barely holding onto his wild inner wolf,that was fighting to be let loose,but it was too soon to let the wolf out,he still needed to win Tim's complete trust.

–I want to make love to you,to touch your body,to bring you pleasure?”,Patrick's throaty voice asked his mate. Tim shyly just nodded,to overwhelmed to use his voice. He was pulled back into the warm embrace and he could feel his own heart beating next to the big man's heart. The insistent lips claimed his mouth again and he was overpowered by the intense possession of his lips. His lips was swollen and sensitive from all the kissing and the merest brush against them,drove him mad. The big rough hands was moving over his backside and was mapping his body inch by inch. He pressed his hard cock against the hard thigh of the big man ,that was keeping his body captive and instinctively rubbed against it,stoking his own desire higher and higher.

Patrick groaned,for a virgin his mate was sure one hell of a sensual creature,he was rubbing his body against Patrick's with utter abandonment,like a sensual cat marking his territory. He moved his lips down to kiss his mate's sensitive neck and couldn't help himself,nipping the white satin soft skin. He slid his hands in front of Tim's body and started to unbutton his shirt,marvelling at the white almost hairless chest. The turgid nipples was too much of a treat not to be tasted and he sucked the left hard peak into his mouth,savouring the salty ,musky taste of his lover.

Tim was so overwhelmed by the sensation of the man sucking on his nipple that he caught his head in his hands,confused if he wanted to pull it nearer or if he wanted to push it away. He was panting struggling to catch his breath,it felt as if the man was nursing on his nipples and he gave a guttural moan. He had sex with women before,but nothing ever felt as intense as this,not even sex with Abby made him feel this out of control and Abby was pretty wild and inhibited.

He almost came when the sharp teeth nipped his sensitive nipple seductively. The mouth trailed a wet line and closed over his other nipple. The intense sucking and licking liquefied his legs and he almost sagged to the ground,but the strong arms kept him upright.

Patrick lifted his head looking up into the glowing green eyes,”I love to hear your needy moans and your nipples taste heavenly”.

Tim's face burned with his blush,but at the same moment the compliment increased his arousal,he knew he was totally out of his depth. He flinched slightly when the big ,rough hands started to unbuckle his pants.

–Ssh,Timmy,I won't ever hurt you.”,Patrick gentled Tim,he was as skittish as a young colt. He pulled his mate's pants and underwear down and was delighted by the beautiful ,hard cock that sprang free,he couldn't help nuzzling his face in his mate's genitals,savouring the musky sent.

Tim gasp when he felt the warm lips brushing against his cock and the slight stubble of his lover rasping over his engorged genitals,it almost felt sinful. Patrick stood up and pushed him down on the big,comfortable bed,quickly removing his shoes and pants. He lay nervously watching the big man with eyes that showed just a little bit of apprehension.

Patrick almost ripped off his clothes in his haste to join his mate on the bed. Tim was awed by the ripped muscles that was revealed as the big man undressed,he was covered in coarse hair and Tim couldn't wait to slide his fingers through it. The impressive cock and large testes that was revealed filled him with fear and lust. His mind didn't want to think how men made love and were the big cock would fit in his body. He wasn't a complete innocent and knew that men had anal sex,but this seemed impossible and frightening at the same time.

Patrick saw the fear and understood why,”Don't worry Tim ,we don't need to have anal sex the first time,there is many ways to please each other.” Tim was relieved and at the same time a little bit regretful,he mentally scolded his traitorous libido.

Tim felt the bed depressing when the big man joined him on the bed and shyly reached out and rubbed his hands tentatively over the hard ,muscular chest. He nervously looked into the other man's eyes for approval. –That's good Tim,you can rub harder I'm not made of porcelain.”

Tim daringly increased his touch and enjoyed sliding his hands over the hard contours of the big man's chest,he insecurely pressed a quick kiss on one of the invitingly hard nipples. He was rewarded when the big man groaned deep from his throat,the groan almost sounded like an animal grunting in need. He sucked the nipple into his mouth and loved the wild,musky taste of his lover,he mimicked the sucking and licking the big man did earlier to him..

Patrick was struggling to keep still as his mate was sucking on his hard nipple,he was the dominant one and needed to be in control but he knew he had to allow his mate to explore his own sexuality. His inner wolf was fighting for domination and wanted to pin his mate down and take him forcefully. Patrick knew his mate was playing with fire,but he couldn't afford to frighten the gentle, shy man and he decided his inner wolf just had to endure the sensual torture.

After awhile Patrick moved his body and pinned his mate down on the bed,covering his body with his own. A flash of intense need coursed through his body,when his swollen manhood rubbed against his lovers wet cock. Tim arched his back,whimpering in surprise,a bolt of electricity shot through his groin and he grabbed hold of the comforter on the bed,trying to anchor his swirling senses.

Patrick grind his hard cock against his lover's genitals,revelling in the intense sensations it created. His hard sweaty body slid up and down his lover's slippery body,bringing them nearer to their climax.

Tim felt as if he was burning,the intense heat of their bodies sliding and thrusting together almost consuming him,he never knew sex could feel this mind-blowing,he had no control over his straining body and lost himself in a sea of sensations and lust. The two lovers' bodies was dancing on the bed in an age-old dance of animals mating. Small whimpers and moans slipped out of his mouth and he arched his lower body higher,desperately needing to increase the friction.

Patrick had to grip tightly onto his lover bucking wildly beneath him ,like an untamed colt. He licked the drops of sweat from his lovers brow,before they could sting his eyes,keeping the glowing green eyes captured with his own blue peepers.

The intense orgasm ripped through Tim's body and the warm sticky essence pulsed from his body,coating his stomach and the genitals of his lover,he uttered a loud guttural scream,that vibrated through their connected bodies. Patrick gave one last thrust against his lover's overheated body,pressing his engorged cock against Tim pubic bone and came in streams of hot cum. Their bodies slumped together and the air filled with the sent of musky cum and sweat.

Tim was back in the prison,both his hands cuffed to the wall,while an angry women was threatening him with a sharpened spoon. The women's oily,dirty hair was dripping with sweat while she cursed and shouted,”This time pig ,I'm going to gut you for the animal you are. There is no way you are stepping out of this prison alive today!”

Tim was cowering terrified against the wall,struggling in vain to get free. In the corner his boss was shaking his head in disbelieve,”McGee get a grip of yourself,don't show this women any fear,if they sense how pathetic you are,they will kill you and we will never get the information we need!”

The room was filled with laughing and cheering women,taunting Tim. Two large women pushed him tightly against the wall,holding him still for the women advancing with the make-shift knife and try as he might,he couldn't get free. His frantic screams for help fell on deaf ears and his boss turned his back on him, walking out of the room leaving him behind.

Tim woke up in the dark unfamiliar bed,being held by strong arms and it took awhile before he recognised the soothing voice calming him down.”Come on wake up Tim,its only a dream,you are safe here!”

Everything came rushing back and he was glad that the room was filled with darkness and the big man couldn't see his embarrassed blush. He couldn't bear to think how wanton and uncontrolled he acted the previous night,he was horrified that he went home with a stranger. What made it worse was that Tim wasn't one to indulge in one-night stands,so he had no previous exercise on how to get out of the situation with the minimal embarrassment for both of them. He tried to disengage himself from the strong arms that held him,but his lover refused to let him slide out of his arms.

–Tell me what your nightmare was about?”
Tim said desperately,”Its nothing,its late and I have to go now.”
The man ignored his reply ,”Stay and tell me what frightened you so much?”
–I don't do one-night stands and this is all new to me,don't make it harder for me,let me go and I will call a cab.”,Tim said nervously and struggled to get free from the strong arms.

Patrick pulled his mate even nearer and tried to gentle the frightened man,”I am not planning for this to be a one-stand Tim. Now that I found you I'm planning on keeping you.”
Tim squeaked,”You plan on keeping me?”
The big hands started to stroke Tim's body,comforting him,”Yes,I don't do one-night stands. Now tell me what your nightmare was about?”

It took awhile for Tim to relax and when he started to talk all his fears slipped out for the next day. He told Patrick about the time he was held hostage in the women's prison during a riot and that one of the guards was killed. He never told the rest of the team that he sometimes still had nightmares of that harrowing day and going back there filled him with fear.

Patrick was filled with anger,he couldn't understand how Tim's boss could send him back to the prison alone after his mate's ordeal. He felt sorry for Tim when he realised that a big part of his mate's fear was that he would let his boss down. The gentle man was so filled with insecurities,that it broke his heart. He realised that his mate wasn't going to be his Beta but was a rare omega. Omegas didn't fall into the normal hierarchy of the pack,but were an unknown quantity,they were the glue that kept the pack together. They weren't dominant but also not submissive either,they kept the pack together with their loyalty and caring emotions. It didn't bother Patrick that his mate wouldn't help run the pack as his Beta ,as an Omega Tim would make just as big contribution to the pack,although his part would be played behind the scenes,keeping the pack together.

He kept on stroking his mate,comforting him with soothing words and soon Tim fell asleep again. Patrick looked his mate over in the darkness,his wolf-eyes seeing as clear as day in the dark,he marvelled at his beautiful mate's body and watched him sleeping,imprinting his image in his mind.
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