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Author's Chapter Notes:
Basied of of Bon Jovi's song Welcome to Wherever you are..Basically teh first chapter is Liz's take on cleaning her room. and a little bit of HQ.
Every new beginning

'Every new beginning is some beginnings end.' Those word echoed in the back of my mind. I looked down at the mess of my room that Tony had been yelling at me to clean up for the past two weeks. Kate at told me those words years ago before her death. She told me them when I cam home crying after my first day of sixth grade. Some boy a hit me in the head and of course it didn't dawn on me to tell him that my mom was a federal agent. This was about a year before her death. I know sat in the middle of a pile of clothes that Kate would have set in my room and yelled at me to pick up.

"ELIZABETH!" Tony yelled "ELIZABETH MARIE!" The words were drowned out by my thoughts and my music. "ELIZABETH MARIE TODD!" He yelled as he walked into my room. I paid no attention to him at all. "You have been in here all afternoon. and its still the same way it was two weeks ago. What have you been doing?" He asked as I zoned out even more absorbed in my thoughts. Tony walked out as he got mad at me.

'This is your life you've made it this far...with out being killed.' I thought as I dragged myself out of bed the next morning. Another day of having a near death experience, another long day. I hated having to get up at 4:30 am most everyday. I almost never have time to get settled each morning at HQ cause there is almost always a computer problem when Abby or McGee aren't there yet and of course I have to try and fix it. And of course today was one of those days.
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