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Amy stood as Speedle’s military style memorial service started. She stood next to Gibbs and Horatio, Horatio with his arm comfortingly around her and Gibbs on her other side, their hands loosely entwined. All the cops that had come, including Gibbs, who had not even known Speedle, had a black strip over their badges. For some reason, as the guns went off, the song hero by Mariah Carey played in her head, and Amy thought back to all of the good times she had with Speedle.
When the guns stopped, everyone got in line to pay their last respect to Speedle. Amy could not help but smile when she heard Horatio say that he owed him his life. Amy walked up to the coffin and tears came to her eyes again.
“I’m sorry Speedle. I love you.” She managed. She caught up with Horatio easily, since everyone was offering him their condolences. Gibbs followed behind her. Horatio placed his arm on her back, and when Gibbs caught up with them, he entwined their hands again. By the time they made it to the exit to the cemetery, the whole team and Gibbs where linked together.
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