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“Bye, Gibbs.” Amy said at the airport a week later. Gibbs pulled her into a strong hug.
“If you need anything, call me.” He whispered in her ear.
“I will, “Amy replied.
“See you, Delko,” Tony DiNozzo said. “Really soon, hopefully?”
“Don’t flatter yourself, DiNozzo” Gibbs said. He and Tony turned to leave. Suddenly Gibbs stopped. He could not leave. He may never see Amy again. For some reason, he could not deal with that.
“Gibbs, you coming” Tony asked, and turned to see Gibbs’s head turned slightly so he could see Amy out of the corner of his eye. Gibbs suddenly turned around and jogged back to Amy.
“You forgot something?” Amy asked, and their eyes met.
“Yeah,” He said quietly and keeping his eyes locked with hers he once again stepped into her personal space. “You” Amy barely had enough time to register this before his lips pressed gently against hers. Amy kissed him back just as gently, only their lips meeting. When they pulled away, their eyes locked again, and Gibbs lifted her up. Amy shrieked and then giggled until she was silenced by Gibbs’s lips again.
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