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“Amy” Lieutenant Horatio Caine said quietly, seeing his sister in law bent over Speedle. “Amy, its time to let him go”
“Horatio” Amy managed. “He tried to shoot the gun, but he couldn’t.”
“We’ll look into it, Amy” Horatio said softly. He walked the last few feet and managed to pry Amy from Speedle. “It’s all going to be ok.” He held her in his arms as she started to sob.
“H.” Eric Delko said. He walked over to the body. Amy could tell that Eric was about to break too, but was keeping it in check.
“Everything will be OK. Horatio repeated, causing more tears from Amy.
“I have to get him to autopsy Horatio” The medical examiner, Alexx Woods whispered in his ear so Amy would not overhear. Horatio nodded.
“He saved my life. It should have been me that had died, not Speedle.
“This is not you’re fault, Amy.” Horatio told her.
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