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“Horatio, did you know about any girlfriend that Tim may have had?” Alexx asked Horatio when he and Amy came down to her.
“No, should I be looking for one.” Horatio asked.
“I found semen in his boxers.” Alexx said. “It is possible that he had sex with someone hours before his death. Amy grimaced. She knew it would come down to this at some point, jut not yet. She looked up from Speedle’s body.
“He did.” Amy managed her voice barely above a whisper.
“Amy?” Horatio asked, walking over to her.
“We had sex right before we got the call.” Amy told him. She would not meet his eyes.. “I loved him, Horatio.”
“Amy” Horatio said softly, and folded her into his arms. “Why didn’t you say anything sooner?”
“Because I am pretty sure that you did not want to hear that I was sleeping with Speedle.” Amy answered as Eric walked in along with CSI Ryan Wolfe.
“You what?” Eric asked. Amy took a deep breath.
“how long has this been going on, Amy” Horatio asked.
“Every since the Everson case.” Amy answered. “I loved him. I never gathered the courage to tell him, no matter how many times he said it to me.”
“You and Speedle were together?” Eric asked. Amy nodded. Eric walked over to her and kissed her forehead. “Even though it was not supposed to happen?” Amy nodded again, and tears began to fall down her face again. “Everything will be alright Amy.
“I love you, Eric” Amy managed, and broke away from Horatio to hug him.
“Next time you are getting it on with a coworker, talk to me” Eric told her.
“Eric” Horatio warned but Amy giggled.
“I want to continue working this investigation, Horatio” Amy said.
“No. I know that there is no point in telling you to go home, but cannot be placed on this case.” Horatio told her. “Not my rules.”
“Do you want Amy to work with me, Horatio?” Ryan asked. Amy had almost forgotten that Ryan was there.
“Please, Mr. Wolfe.” Horatio said. “Hang in there, Amy”
“Thanks Horatio.” Amy said.
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