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“Agent Jethro Gibbs, NCIS” Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs said to Horatio. “And this is Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.”
“Lieutenant-CSI Horatio Caine; these are the CSI’s assigned to the investigation, Ryan Wolfe, and my sister in law, Amy Delko.” Horatio said. They all shook hands..
“You’re the one that lost you’re boyfriend yesterday in that shooting.” Tony DiNozzo said to Amy.
“DiNozzo” Agent Gibbs said.
“Word travels fast.” Amy said the slight smile that had been on her face disappeared.
“I’ll show you to Autopsy.” Horatio said. Ryan and Amy followed the group down to autopsy.
“How are you doing by the way?” Ryan asked in her ear.
“I am fine, Ryan.” Amy lied. The look on Ryan’s face told her that he knew that she was everything but fine, but he did not press it.
“If you say so, Amy” Ryan replied in a whisper. “It is ok to let you’re emotions out. If I did not see the way you looked in autopsy last week, I would say that you are not human.”
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