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–Damn it. We lost them” Agent Justin Derrudo said.
–Find them” Gibbs said, an edge in his voice.
–Working as fast as I can, Gibbs,” Agent McGee said in his ear. Gibbs slammed his hand against the dashboard. He had promised Amy that she would be in no danger. He was wrong, and now he could not be there if anything where to happen to her, just like when Shannon and Kelly died.
Why is it that everyone I truly love dies at a time when I can not be there? He thought. That was when it hit him that he loved Amy more than he had loved Shannon. He would not let her die. –That’s not fast enough, McGee.”
–We will find her boss” Agent Tony DiNozzo said through the ear piece.
–They stopped moving, Boss.” Agent Josh Cuvares said.
–Where are they, Cuvares?” Gibbs asked.
–At 135 Eastern Drive.” McGee and Cuvares said simultaneously.
–That Bastard. They are at Amy’s place. Switch, Derrudo.” Gibbs said. Justin pulled over and they switched places. Gibbs did an illegal u turn that threw his agent against the door.
–Don’t kill me” Justin pleaded, trying to lighten the mood. Gibbs gave him a stare and he shut up.
–Hang in there, Amy.” Gibbs whispered.
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